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Week 6 Notes REL 3145

by: Annette Marin

Week 6 Notes REL 3145 REL 3145

Annette Marin
GPA 3.3
Gender and Religion
Michael McVicar

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About this Document

These are the week 6 notes for class :)
Gender and Religion
Michael McVicar
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annette Marin on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 3145 at Florida State University taught by Michael McVicar in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Gender and Religion in Religious Studies at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 10/04/15
The Peace Maker 10415 532 PM NauvooIL Nauvoo marks a period of rapid structural consolidation of LDS Smith establishes himself as a political military and religious leader Intense period of prophetic activity 0 Baptism by proxy 0 1943 Celestial Marriagequot 0 The Peace Maker 0 Controversial text attributed to Udney Hay Jacob Smith s Murder 1844 0 June 7th Nauvoo Expositor prints first and last issue critical of Smith 0 June 10th Nauvoo Expositor printing press burned by mob 0 Smith declares martial law and mobilizes the Nauvoo Legion Illinois mobilizes its militia against Saints 0 June 14 Smith surrenders to authorities and transported to Carthage 0 Charged with treason against Illinois 0 June 27 First Prophet Joseph Smith Jr assassinated by a mob age 38 Brigham Young 0 Following Smith s death Young emerges as leader of some Saints 0 Latter Day Saint movement fractures into several competing factions Brigham Young elected second President and Prophet of the LDS Many Saints remain behind following other early leaders of the Church o Initiates mass migration of the Saints to Utah Territory 0 Settle around the Great Salt Lake in 1847 o Proposes the State of Deseret Polygamy and the LDS 0 July 12 1843 0 Secret revelation by Joseph Smith of celestial or plura revealed to select members of LDS III marriage o A new and everlasting covenantquot 0 August 1852 0 Official announcement by Brigham Young of Celestial Marriagequot 0 1879 o US Supreme Court upholds the Morrill AntiBigamy Act 1862 that banned Polygamy 1890 o Woodruff Manifesto officially ends the practice in the LDS Women s Suffrage Women granted the right to vote in 1870 in Utah Territory Could vote but not hold office Designed as a check against antipolygamy legislation EdmundsTucker antipolygamy act in 1887 rescinds the right Gained again in 1895 0 Women s Exponent o Semiofficial Church publication 0 Edited by women for women readers 0 Staunch defense of polygamy women s suffrage and the Church 0000 John Humphrey Noyes 18111886 0 Born in Brattleboro Vermont in 1811 o Educated at Dartmouth College Andover Theological Seminary and Yale Theological College 0 Developed a perfectionist understanding of Christianity 0 Christian perfectionism Humans can reach a state of holiness or sanctification that progressively makes humans less sinful Long tradition of perfectionist teachings in the US 10415 532 PM 10415 532 PM


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