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The Normal Distribution

by: Rashinda Key

The Normal Distribution 240

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Psychlogy > 240 > The Normal Distribution
Rashinda Key
GPA 3.0
Statistics in Psychology
Adrian Staub

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About this Document

Explanations, examples, pictures of graphs all included
Statistics in Psychology
Adrian Staub
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Rashinda Key on Monday October 20, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 240 at University of Massachusetts taught by Adrian Staub in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Statistics in Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 10/20/14
The Normal Distribution Wednesday October 8 2014 1008 AM It s a probabiiittg ciistribution with a speoifio shape 0 One hump in the miciciiez most probabie outeomes are in the miciciie of the range 0 Perfeetitg stjmmetriaeaiz outeomes on either side of the miciciie are equating iiieeit3 O A vaiue within 1 Stanciarci cieviation within 2 within 3 anci so on 39 Probabiiittg of an outeome between 1 sci above and beiow the mean is 62 39 2 sci s 3quot I 3 sc39t s 39 quotbasheci Too Hump Negative Kurtosis Soiidi too peaieu Positive Kurtosis o Kurtosis Deseribes cieviation roam the normai distribution shape 439 up LI3910 S ltU391 ISIS A speeifie normal distribution is eompieteis ciefineci by its mean anci sci O NuIOgt 39 Mul Mean 39 SigmaO SB when 300 sum up 01 avg Eke vaiues 0 a Larger 0 variabies Ekis sum 01 avg mitt Eemci E0 be m0rmaLi ciisEribuEec39 We use We pM0rm uMeEi0M giving iE Ekree argumeMEs 0 We vaiue we re imieresieci in 0 We mean 0 We ciisEribuEi0M 0 We sci 0 We ciisEribuEi0M Cumuia ive r0babiLiEt5 O PNOTEMQ 39 iaiue were imieresieci in 39 Mean 0 We ciisEribuEi0M 39 SD 0 Ehe ciisEribuEi0M o Qmorw 39 Pr0babiiiEt5 were imieresieci in 39 Mean 39 SD SEat ciarci39iizeci39x Was 0 Expressing eaeh vame in Eerms 0 k0 mam sEaMciarci cieviaEi0Ms is is r0m Ehe mean 0 Z se0re 39 F 0iL0ws N01 M0rma1 ciisEribuEi0M N0rmaL quotBisEribuEi0M 0 Make a hisE0gram 0 Make a m0rmai V02 using Eke mean and SD 0 Eke variabie O PME Eke VDquot OM E0p 0 We ExisE0gram o L00Ls E0 see I40 weii ii eapmres Eke shape N0rmai r0babiLiEt3 P10EQ Q Pi0E 0 Type 0 seaiier pL0E in mhieh 39 The axis has Eke ae uai vaiue 0 eaek varia Le 39 The xwvame has Elna 2wseores Ekoi acurrespczmci E0 eauak vaiues pertem iie cm Elna assump om EkaE Elna ciaEa are normally ciEsErEbuEeci 39 f2E3kE sL ewedkupmarc39k Eremci on Elm rL3kE 39 HLsEltgt3mm anal normed Pm or MBA 39Pi0u5 T s 3 inches olllllll 32 1o123 Theoretical Quantiles Bmomeai quotBLsErLbuE om o quotb sareie Probab iLE 5 DEsErEbuEEcm o quotbis r bu om of Elna of E mes om ou aome ELxaE cwaurs wi x probagb iiitg P will happen in M Eriais 39 N is cx Le xsE 10 39 NQ1V Ls cxE Le xsE 10 O Normod Approx E0 Elna B mom ai 39 N is LAQGE 39 P is wgtE very near 0 or 1 HZ 0 quot P1 29


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