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PSY 393 Week 4 notes

by: Nicole Josephson

PSY 393 Week 4 notes PSY

Marketplace > Syracuse University > PSY > PSY 393 Week 4 notes
Nicole Josephson
GPA 3.07
Dr. Randall Jorgenson

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About this Document

Detailed notes from the second week of classes. Hope this helps you!
Dr. Randall Jorgenson
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Josephson on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY at Syracuse University taught by Dr. Randall Jorgenson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Week Four Sigmund Feud Part One HomeostasisanwL 0 Homeostasis the biological process that must occur in order for us to maintain an environment for our survival 0 Humans and animals strive towards homeostasis our personality is driven by homeostasis 0 Loss of homeostasis leads to instinctual pain which motivates us to restore homeostasis As humans we are driven by the avoidance of pain and gaining pleasure Characteristics of Instincts Source what is the body lacking bodily de cit o Aim What is the motive aim is to gratify wish ful llment lmpetus The stimulus that ful lls the need ObjectD What is associated with the grati cation 0 Can be real or fantasized external or mental representation Life Eros and Death lnstincts Freud believed that we are all driven by sex and aggression 0Life Instinct Eros Deals with life sustaining sexual instincts oThirst hunger pain avoidance reproduction pleasure oEnergy created by these instincts is called libido Libido sexual energy oDeath lnstinct We are driven towards death and self destruction oDriven towards a prelife with no tension oNo energy source related to this instinct The Mind is composed of Structures The Structural Theory The body supplies limited about of libido sexual energy to the id ego and superego which leads the psychic structures to compete for libido o Relates to the battle between the id and the superego ld Primitive drives and emotions seeks pleasure Origin of personality Abides by the quotpleasure principlequot seeking grati cation o Primitive unconscious desires Egolj Balances the id and the superego seeks reality 0 Organizes thoughts of the id enables us to ful ll urges in a realistic way Serves the id 0 Conscious SuperegoD lnternalizes social norms seeks morality 0 Our internalization of what is right and wrong internal parental values 0 Constantly strives for perfection that is not always ideal which can cause anxiety 0 Objectives Inhibit the ld persuade the ego to act morally and motivate us towards perfection 0 Two subsystems of the superego Ego ideal Rules for good behavior images of perfection that bring pleasure when followed Ego conscious Rules about bad behavior punishment and guilt which is followed by pain 0 When the superego is too unrealistic it can stunt a person s growth spontaneity and creativity leads to fear of making mistakes and failure Defense Mechanisms 0 Defense against anxiety that can be brought on by loss of control of id which leads to punishment by the superego o Blocking negative stimuli and reshaping experiences 0 Cathexis l Charge of thoughts that relate to wish ful llment o Anticathexisl Ego s defensive act to repress push down these wishes or desires Repression 0 The most basic defense pushing away our quotunacceptable desues o quotUnconscious blocking of animal urgesquot Suppression 0 The conscious blocking of animal urges a When the ego loses the ability to control the id Denial Refusing to accept or acknowledge the occurrence of a traumatic occurrence avoiding anxiety provoking stimuli H 0 Ex Refusing to believe that someone has died to avoid dealing with the pain Displacement Taking out anger and negative feelings on other objects or people that pose less of a threat 0 Shifting one s conscious aggression or fears to a safer target 0 Ex Being yelled at work coming home and yelling at your family to get the aggression out safely Projection oPlacing unwanted thoughts or feelings onto other people taking the things we do not like about ourselves and believing that other people posses those qualities 0 Ex Not liking someone but telling yourself that they do not like you being very suspicious of others Rationalization 0 Defending an unacceptable behavior or occurrence by avoiding the real reason behind the behavior 0 Sour grapes Pretending not to likewant something because you cant have it Not getting a job and saying that you wouldn t have liked working there anyway 0 Sweet lemons Pretending to want or like something that is not desirable Not getting a job and saying that you can focus on what you really want to now Guarding feelings of inadequacy to avoid unpleasant ideas and feelings Undoing 0 Similar 0CD rituals and behaviors performed to remove guilt 0 Getting rid of the guilt 0 Ex A person who committed a murder and compulsively washes their hands afterward to quotwash awayquot the guilt lntellectualization o Removing emotion from a situation to avoid pain focusing on fact and logic 0 Ex a person who is diagnosed with a terminal illness talks to the doctor about various methods of treatment Sublimation 0 Taking negative urges and desires and putting them into positive constructive things that are socially acceptable 0 Ex Playing football to relieve aggravation Reaction Formation Hiding one s true feelings by saying they believe the opposte 0 Ex An extremely homophobic man turns to be gay Sigmund Feud Part Two During normal development we go through ve stages ow of libido when we are stuck at a stage it is called a xation arrest of libido Fixation and Regression Trauma during a developmental stage leads to a xation which leads to a similar crisis situation later in life which leads to regression coping styles that were associated with the previous developmental stage 0 A xation cannot occur without trauma and regression cannot occur without xation 0 Greater con ict leads to a stronger xation leading to less libido energy to cope Fixation Defense Mechanism Regressionl going back to an earlier and safer time providing comfort acting in a less mature adult away 0 Ex A child with a new baby sibling will start to act like a baby again when a college student is sick and they act like children Freud39s Psychosexual Stages 0 Oral stage 0 Sexual tension reduced by sucking and drinking mother s milk 0 Mouth is the primary erogenous zone Under indulgence can lead to sadistic manipulative and domineering behavior Over indulgence can lead to a needy behavior constant need of support and encouragement overly trusting and gullible n Pollyanna Outlook people who think everything is great looking through rose colored glasses a Neurotic Love and Affection Demands need relationships so they do not feel abandoned Anal stage 0 2393 years of age issues regarding toilet training 0 Children resist their parents by either withholding not going to the bathroom or expelling waste going to the bathroom everywhere rst time child is told to obey social rules Under indulgence can lead to stingy greedy and de ant behavior neat freak personality types who are afraid of being messy or dirty Over indulgence can lead to sloppy and wasteful behavior De ant of authority in exible personality Phallic stage 0 45 years of age genitalia is the erogenous zone 0 Desire to have a sexual relationship with the opposite sex parent 0 Child gains pleasure through their genitals Boys I Have sexual feelings for their mother Oedipus complex castration anxiety identi cation with father Girls I Period where gender roles are developed a Weak superego as a result of no castration anxiety 0 Have sexual feelings for their fathers Electra complex penis envy Under indulgence can lead to viewing sexual behavior as socially acceptable Over indulgence can lead to vanity narcissism inability to love 0 Latency and genital stage 0 Latency 6 puberty years 0 Reinforcement of gender roles l boys play with boys and girls play with girls 0 Genital period ability to engage in intimate relationships Dreams Dreams serve as the ld s wish ful llment or urges and and fantasy 0 Manifest content the part of dream that is remembered conscious aspects of the dream 0 Latent content is the underlying meaning of the dream unconscious meaning Dream Treatment therapy Saying whatever comes to mind 0 Free association is used to make out the latent content of the dream 0 quotTalking curequot verbal therapy under hypnosis provides insight if accepted it decreases defensiveness and increases the use of the ego to manage con ict Carl Yung Part One Teleological Orientation o The purpose for cognition behavior and emotions have to do with o Achieving goals 0 Infusing life with meaning 0 Being balanced human beings Principles of Psychic Operation Principle of Opposites 0 Our minds are constantly going back and forth between opposing desires of the mind 0 Ex masculinity and femininity are we more masculine or feminine 0 These con icts lead to tension that creates energy libido o This energy informs us that there are things we need to work on in regard to our personality trying to balance things within ourselves that have no been resolved 0 Jung believed that if we want to understand our goodness we must know about our evil as well Principles of Equivalence Focus on one aspect of psychic function 0 When you are focusing on one aspect of your life you are not focused on other aspects of your personality Principle of Entropy o The psyche is a self regulating system that is designed to help us adapt to our inner and outer lives 0 Our overvalued part gives libido to the undervalued counterparts things that are not as focused upon 0 EnantiodramiaD because the mind is self regulated an uncharged part of the personality will eventually ememe My 0 Complexes groups of emotionally related ideas that are related to a particular theme 0 Ex Mother complex loving warmth security loving nurturing Jung created word association tests to study complexes The quotEGOquot Complex Self absorptionlj use ofl and me Develops around the age of 4 and remains throughout the l espan Can repress threatening material Weak pushed and pulled by unconscious forces Levels of Information Storage Personal Unconscious is composed of Unconscious personal experiences that are simply forgotten repressed threatening or insigni cant Our unconscious begins to form at birth Contents of the unconscious can only be accessed under certain circumstances Contains both past and future material Collective Unconscious are imbedded in our brain and nervous system and is composed of 0Latent memories archetypes universal emotional symbols and predispositions to act oThey are present at birth and are genetically passed down from our primordial ancestors


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