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Chapter 12, Lesson 2

by: Hailey Notetaker

Chapter 12, Lesson 2 French 103

Hailey Notetaker
GPA 3.97
Elementary French
Dr. Ginger Farrell

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About this Document

Bonjour! Here is all the material you need to know from Chapter 12, lesson 2!:)
Elementary French
Dr. Ginger Farrell
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hailey Notetaker on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to French 103 at University of Washington taught by Dr. Ginger Farrell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Elementary French in French at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
L imparfait How to Form it Chapitre 12 Lecon 2 Hailey Pettit French 103 October 4 2015 1 take the nous form of the present tense o prendre nous prenons 2 add the imparfait endings Je pren Ais Tu pren Ais Ilelleon pren Ait Nous pren Ions Vous pren Iez selles pren aient More Examples 0 Present nous buvons o je buvais tu buvais etc Present nous faison o je faisais tu faisais etc Only Once Exception o Etre J tais Nous tions Tu tais Vous tiez Ilelleon tait selles taient Watch for Verbs in ger and in cer Verbs such as manger nager voyager etc will add an e when the g is followed by an a Je mangeais Nous mangions Tu mangeais Vous mangiez Ilelleon mangeait selles mangeaie nt Verbs such as commencer will add a c dille when the c is followed by an a Je commencais Nous commencions Tu commencais Vous commenciez Ilelle commencait selles commenca ient Le Verbe tudier J tudiais Nous tudiions Tu tudiais Vous tudiiez Ilelleon tudiait selles tudiaient Les Couleurs Rouge Red Bleu Blue Vert Green Jaune yellow Noir Black blanc white Descriptions Physiques taille moyenne average size chauve bald barbe beard Les V tements un pantalon pants un jean jeans une veste coat un blouson jacket un pull longsleeve shirt une chemise shirt buttonup une cravate tie Pass Compose ou Imparfait Le Pass Compos marron brown rose pink Gris gray Orange orange violet purple raides straight roux red hair un oeil an eye singular une robe dress une jupe skirt une casquette cap un chapeau hat des lunettes glasses des chaussures shoes des chaussettes socks This past tense is used to relate an actionevent or a series of actionsevents completed in the past they are finished examples 0 hier soir je suis all e au cin ma 0 le weekend dernier nous avons vu nos amis 0 Ce matin j ai lu toute la journ e L imparfait imperfect This past tense is used to relate actions without indicating any beginning or end it is mostly used to describe people weather feelings circumstances and to talk about actions in progress examples 0 il faisait froid hier matin o Hier Henri tait fatigu et il se sentait un peu malade Actions vs Descriptions o In a story you will generally use the pass compos to relate to events and actions while you will use the imparfait for descriptions o examples 0 une femme est entr e action dans le magasin Elle tait description grande et tres mince o je dormais description quand le t l phone a sonn action HabitualRepetitive Actions 0 anything that is repetitive or that indicates habits in the past will be expressed with the imparfait 0 Example 0 quand j tais petite mon pere me racontait une histoire tous les soirs pour m endormir I if it was quotone day my father told me a story the pass compos would be used


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