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Week 1 Notes - MUS 360

by: Alex Tucker

Week 1 Notes - MUS 360 MUS 360

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > MUS 360 > Week 1 Notes MUS 360
Alex Tucker
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L

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About this Document

Included is notes for Week 1 of Prof. Kajikawa's MUS 360 class. This also includes notes from Friday's Discussion.
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L
Class Notes
MUS 360
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 360 at University of Oregon taught by Kajikawa L in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC in Music at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
MUS 360 Day 1 JayZ D evils 1996 produced by DJ Premier friends turning against each other political problems incarceration antireligious and never prayed to God I prayed to Gotti JayZ talks about his hood grafitti art background beat from Go Back Home by Allen Toussaint rap s meter is something you actually hear 2 things make up meter beat sets framework for MC for their delivery flow rhythm that MC adds to the beat 92815 New York in the 1970 s Deindustrialization amp Youth Culture 93015 quotGhetto Bros Power 1972 RampB 12 bar blues quotThis album contains a message a message to the world from the Ghetto Brothers If the Ghetto Brothers dream comes true the little people will be little people no more and make their own mark on the world New York Manhattan The Bronx Brooklyn Bronx uptown birthplace of hiphop quotA Symbol of America s Woes recession amp restructuring loss of manufacturing jobs 240000 defunding of public services white ight from urban areas NYC was on brink of bankruptcy in 1975 US as a whole was facing high unemployment amp in ation Bronx made 12 as much as other NY workers amp 40 than other Americans quotLadies amp Gentlemen the Bronx is burning TV sports announcer Howard Casse 1977 World Series More than 30000 res CrossBronx Expressway Overseen by urban planner Robert Moses Main construction 19591963 Provide means to get through the Bronx as fast as possible when driving 60000 homes destroyed 170000 relocated poorest black amp Puerto Rican residents stranded racial diversity in neighborhoods undesirable Important places Bronx River Project 1520 Sedgewick completed in 1967 important to hiphop Bronx gangs Gangs created hiphop allowed adolescents a safe place Youth Culture Pop Culture Genre Langu Community age A informed by common musical Salsa Span Latino RampB Eng African MM Lw Soul American Maribbean approach to rhythm Reggae Eng Jamaican sica organization New York in the 1970 s Deindustrialization amp Youth Culture 93015 Rhythmiccycles Groove Soul Funk James Brown Symbol of independence difference Distinct sound Relentless performer needs everything to be perfect Funky repetitive grooves Selfdetermination quotI Don t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing Open Up The Door Get It Myselfquot quotGive It Up Or Turn It Loosequot Live Video 1969 quotSay It Loudquot I m Black amp I m Proudquot Puerto Rican History US colony since 1898 PR s have US citizenship but don t have reps n government Many move to US in rst 12 of 20th Century New York Spanish Harlem in search of work Today more Puerto Rican Americans in US than PR Clave rhythmic key of song underlying rhythmic pattern around which the musicians organize amp coordinate what they play Jamaica Former British colony 1655 1962 Plantation economy w white planter class amp poor black majority African music amp culture discouraged but problack neoAfrican musical culture arises in reggae music of 1970 s Sound system group of DJ s selectors engineers amp MC s toasters playing prerecorded music Important part ofJamaican cultural history Start of clubs MUS 360 Discussion 1 10215 History Culture Aesthetics Events Tradeons beats People Stereotypes observable Movements Way of living qualities PoHUcalEsues ReHgknw rnoodtone Race n gar y language x Locatk fv n Hnne quotSame Lovequot Macklemore History Culture Aesthetics Bible happy beat Oppression intriguing intro religion forward movement rnoUvannal trunwpets n xof eeveme shnpke casualtone I Seattl Hip Hop Race gender


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