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Chapter 7

by: Kelsey Carroll

Chapter 7 SOWK 201 002

Kelsey Carroll
GPA 3.46
Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare
Betsy Spriggs

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About this Document

Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare
Betsy Spriggs
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelsey Carroll on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOWK 201 002 at University of South Carolina taught by Betsy Spriggs in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare in Social Work at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
CHAPTER 7 HEALTH CARE AND HEALTH CHALLENGES Social Work and Health Care 0 Negative social interactions stigma affect health Broad range of knowledge 0 Awareness of medical practices health related resources 0 Prevention and intervention Disparities in health care access and quality 0 Multiple settings 0 Hospitals schools government agencies public health local communitybased organizations What is Health 0 World Health Organization quothealth is a state of complete physically mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmityquot Achieving good health is a matter of attending to a person s physical mental and social situation 0 Disease disability death 0 Result of interconnections between human biology lifestyle environmental and social factors Life Expectancy 2013 NIH Study 0 17 high income counties 0 US had almost highest prevalence of infant mortality heart and lung disease sexually transmitted infections adolescent pregnancies injuries homicides and disability 0 US at the bottom of the list for life expectancy Average Life Expectancy in United States 0 190047 years 0 Todayover 77 years Threats to Americans39 Health 0 Lifestyle threatens health and longevity 0 Chronic illness Lasts for more than here months controlled but not cured Social workers educate patients who are health illiterate explain complicated medical jargon used by physicians connect people 0 community resources 0 Heart disease Kills over 385000 people annually Costs the US 1089 billion each year 0 Stress Affects a person39s thoughts feelings mood and body Leads to health problems Reduces ability to think logically and reasonably Social workers help clients develops stress management Health Disparities Socioeconomic status is related to o Stressful and harmful living conditions disease lack of access to adequate health care 0 Access to fruits and vegetables vs highly processed cheap food 0 Health disparities 0 Availability and quality of health care 0 Disease rates and severity 0 Overall health Health Care Policy in the US Health insurance 0 Private insurance employer or selfpay 0 Government supported Medicare Medicaid TRICARE Children s Health Insurance Program CHIP Veterans Health Administration VA 0 Affordable Care Act 0 No denial for preexisting conditions 0 Children can stay on parent s policy up to age 26 o By 2018 preventive care no copayments deductibles Health Care Trends Continuous Quality Improvement CQI Integrative Medicine Slow Medicine Prevention and Wellness Recovery Rehabilitation and Resiliency In ammation Managed Care Electronic medical Records Health Care Social Work Services Advocating for patients and family caregivers Assessing needs Care and case management Educating and counseling Intervening to promote health prevent disease Address disparities and barriers to health care Providing information and referrals History of Health Social Work 1905 Massachusetts General Hospital 0 Dr Richard Cabot hired medical social worker Ida Cannon 0 Created the rst hospital social work department First social work specialty group 0 Effect of poverty on individual and public health outcomes 0 Humanize people39s hospital experiences 0 Coordinates community resources Public health and social concerns 0 Tuberculosis sexually transmitted infections sanitation 1935 Social Security Act 0 Social worker Grace Abbott helped write Social Workers39 Roles NAWS Standards for social workers in health settings Services across the lifespan 0 Neonatal intensive care units to long term care settings Purpose 0 Help people and families to cope with illness or injury 0 Prevent negative effects on health of emotionalsocial issues 0 Address service delivery shortcomings Roles crisis intervention grief counseling dischange planning chemical dependency evaluation mental health assessment ethical decisionmaking counseling facilitating support groups Health Care Settings Emergency Room Trauma Urgent Care Centers Hospitals and Acute Care VA Hospitals Home Health Care Longterm Care Hospice Endof Life and Palliative Care Rehabilitation Services Clinics Public Health Services Diversity and Health Care Health disparities unequal distribution of social political economic and environmental resources Social workers advocate for minimizing health disparities reducing stigma of health problems Age Race and Ethnicity Class Gender Sexual Orientation Intersections of diversity Advocacy on Behalf of People with Health Care Challenges 0 Social and economicJustice 0 Insurance 0 Hospitals 0 Outpatient services 0 Veteran39s health care system Supportive environment 0 Accessing health care can be challenging in remote areas 0 Human Needs and Rights 0 Personal choice ethical decisionmaking resources 0 Understanding and respect 0 Health disparities stigma discrimination Political Access 0 Health care related policies are political 0 Micro level access to health services health literacy Your Career and Health Care 0 Expected 25 increase in health social workers NASW 14 of social workers practice in healthrelated settings expected by 34 0 Health social workers need 0 Knowledge of medical terminology 0 Understanding of the roles of all healthcare team members 0 Understanding of the biopsychosocialcultural and spiritual aspects of illness and health Crisis intervention skills 0 Shortterm counseling skills 0 Knowledge about care culturally competent planning and discharge planning processes and community resources 0


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