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8/26-8/28 Lecture Notes

by: Layla Courtney

8/26-8/28 Lecture Notes Life 102

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Life 102 > 8 26 8 28 Lecture Notes
Layla Courtney
Attributes of Living Systems
Stephen Stack

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About this Document

The first week of notes for Life 102. This includes the levels of life and what matter is made of.
Attributes of Living Systems
Stephen Stack
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Layla Courtney on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Life 102 at Colorado State University taught by Stephen Stack in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
826 Notes Monday August 3 2015 340 PM Biology scienti c study of life Science is based on data4 o Datasensesgtreasoning based on data gtunderstanding De nition of Life 0 There are 7 characteristics that all living systems have Evolutionary adaptationadapted for environment amp to pass on genes Ordershows orderarrangement Regulation homeostasis things inside organism stay the same Energy processingenergy ingtprocessed for work chemical bonds etc Growthprotoplasm living stuff Reproduction produce new individuals of the same type Respond to environmentexternal stimulus Emergent properties come from moving up in life and emergent properties are putting pieces together and seeing capabilities as complexities increase Levels of life smallest to largest 0 Atom Nucleus protons and neutrons Electrons number and position varies Con be seen in electron microscope o Molecules Multiple atoms held together by chemical bonds Has emergent properties that the single atoms did nothave Can be seen using atomic force microscopy 0 Organelles Structures inside cells Made of molecules Seen in electron microscope and light microscope Emergent property ie Photosynthesis conversion of light energy to food Cells 0 Emergent property of life Show all characteristics of life Smallest unit of life Measured in micrometers Have to be viewed by microscope Cells adapt to do one cellular function in a multicellular organism 0 Tissue Made of cells same cells Contiguous cells touch each other All cells of a tissue are specialized to do the same thing Invisible to the naked eye Measured in millimeters and micrometers o Organs Part of a multicellular organism that has one funcUon Made of 2 or more tissues Measured in cm and mm o Organism Individual living thing Can be a single cell Multicellular multiple cells and tissues 0 Species Different life forms on life Organisms of the same type 0 Population All members of one species living in close proximity 0 Community All populations living in the same area 0 Ecosystem Community inorganic parts of it non living parts 0 Biosphere All ecosystems in an area Habitable part of the earth Approaches in science o Reductionism Have to go to the smallest parts possible to understand how the bigger stuff works 0 Systems biology Phenomenon like photosynthesis make models of how things work based on information from reductionism Cells 0 All cells are surrounded by a membrane 0 All cells have deoxyribonucleic acid DNA 0 All cells grow and reproduce via cell division 0 Two cell Types Eukaryotic Prokaryotic DNA in nucleus No DNA no nucleus Membrane 10x smaller than bound eukaryotes organelles Uni or No organelles multicellular o Taxonomy The attempt to organize species based on similarities and dissimilarities Attempts to organize the diversity of life 18 million species identi ed 1 28 IlN ites iwiEaIrisiw Elf Iiiii e iE uliutinn W Edmesd am EEptEmbEi E EMS 1412 niiiii I 3 minimums an life Bucmni pnnmw fas Amhamj pmknwn resj E Iwkuwn auknwmesj I F39hylaganei39ic I39Ili EE namalia Kingdoms Most inclusive Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus FEh E Pr is39lis ll uninelliuliar Euiiuzal Planta I BiatiintigigiI is mam quotthan H I f dis nna fa i39 E wliui39i wn is The nyamr39ching Theme emf hit I Emliw39i39inn sense mf binning I E wiu nn invalivas inherited Wits wii g mnfinn quotin giE E Ti i Scien i ifit Evidence shnws That I39il gi i wminns nil uncesmir39s Emliu 39i zn t t F lli simiilariw ind dim Least inclusive Species most speci c hq p r r Ehami ml E HTEX IT f life I M Wife is made mF m E ur mnyfhing that has mass and 1ka ME spam is mm The 53mg weighweigh M an bled2139s u mmhin r quotthe newer M The mr39 h is ma a F MEIms rearm ma mama mf laments I E Il man r wam mda frmrn n expilsi n kmwn w EUPET HEF I 215 Ellaman l39s gt Ei 397quoti l fair human I We 21 nf wing amu 39 nr I EH Hydmgen I gym I W Nri39l39mgsen I EC Emmi L sf I uilc um I SP Phnsph rus I EH mesliium I 5 Sulfur I ENE Endium I EH Eall ijum I EMQ Magnesium Man has ffmae EJEJMEI39WSI bFLII I39 dn nu lr maxi m Lknnw whu 39 They are Hume rmlyw Charge I Pramn pf 1 M THE mquot 1 EllIran Mantra n E 3 1H war 1 El n Ellactimz Equot 1 133E Dmlfn mn39l39 incll udand in n Miami ma a


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