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Lecture Notes Sept. 28th - October 2nd

by: Josephine maclean

Lecture Notes Sept. 28th - October 2nd Adv 319

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Advertising > Adv 319 > Lecture Notes Sept 28th October 2nd
Josephine maclean
GPA 3.5
Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum

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About this Document

Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josephine maclean on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Adv 319 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Close-Schienbaum in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Psychology of advertising in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Psychology of Advertising Sept 28th In Class Lecture Ch4 Memory Knowledge Objectives Distinguish among sensory working longterm implicit explicit memory Explain why marketers must be aware of different types of memory Describe how schemas scripts affect consumers knowledge content Explain how why content structure of knowledge as networks categories and prototypicality are relevant to marketers Discuss what memory retrieval is how it works and how marketers try to affect it Consumer memory retrieval knowledge attitudes and memory memory retrieval and decision making knowledge content stored knowledge structure organization memory retrieval memory sensory o echoic hearing 0 iconic seeing S term gt enhancing memory L term i Retrieval gt enhancing retrieval organizations Structure of memory organization depends on EXPERIENCE Sensory Memory even smells trigger associations Shortterm working memory imagery processing discursive processing limited short lived all long term memmory comes from short term Long Term Memory Autobiographical episodic affects decision making promotes empathy identification preserving reinterpreting semantic can be wrong Enhancing memory chunking rehearsing recirculation elaboration Long term memory organizations Semantic associative networks trace strength speaking of activation Retrieval failures decay gt forcing brain to split attention reduces ability and memory interference Primacy and Recency can be used in person interview times Retrieval Errors Ch 5 attitudes high effort How can marketers apply various cognitive models to understand and influence consumers attitudes based on high effort though processes Describe some methods for using the communication source and message to favorability influence con dec lmplicitly gt everyone forms attitude about brands they know exposed to Badattude Bad attitude Dr Close made this up Brand ambassador unpaid spokesperson good WOM How do you make an attitude Why do you feel the way you do 1 attitude formation gt how did you get to base line 2 change gt persuasion Approaches to attitude form change chart High Effort central processing Low effort peripheral processing Psychology of Advertising Lecture 9 Oct 2 Unit 7 Understand consumer problem recognition and the decision making process Objectives How and why consumers conduct internal search the internal rolodex the external search research friends chat rooms social stigma categories Access challenges opportunities for marketers and advertisers face in influencing searches Process of making decisions 0 problem recognition and info search 0 finally out of psych core people make decisions everyday and you never know what s gonna happen bc of it Dr Close met husband at the gym Example of delineating idea of ideal self v actual self Dove gt 1 0 years of real beauty Unilever launched 10 years ago Sales from 25 to 4billion not always result of adv be careful of this correlation Created in Brazil Aging Well grey gorgeous Unilever v PampG Evolution and Onslaught Airbrushing issues gt evolution campaign Toronto company ogilvy and mather criticism of campaign billboard board Attractive model match up hypothesis news anchors culturally conditioned to see beautiful people Onslaught media exposure young girls talk to your daughter before the media selfie campaign gt brand new redefine beauty honest selfie mother beautyis sketches gt self fulfilling prophecy negative self talk women describe themselves to sketch artist who cannot see them then men describe the women and compare sketches Initial Reaction when 1st seen 2nd reaction gt skeptical Unilever also produces slim fast and axe gt can dove claim moral high ground Stimulating Problem recognition Don t make a problem if there isn t one ethics Based on expectations which are based on the past Create a new ideal state cultural factor Create dissatisfaction with actual state Ex tic tac ad Position as solution to problem Ex no deodorant stains white marks on LBD BAM you ve established the problem Internal Search degree of internal search overwhelmed recall v recognition kind of info recalled brands logo swoosh short name attributes Brand Recall cary in terms of size stability variety preference disposition


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