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SOC 240 week seven notes

by: Daniel Meyer

SOC 240 week seven notes Soc 240

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Sociology > Soc 240 > SOC 240 week seven notes
Daniel Meyer
GPA 3.43
People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community
Michael Dougherty

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About this Document

Hey all, hope the test went well. Here are detailed notes from week seven! -Cheers
People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community
Michael Dougherty
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Meyer on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 240 at Illinois State University taught by Michael Dougherty in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community in Sociology at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 10/04/15
Tuesday Creative Capital 0 What is Florida s argument What are his critiques of Putnam 0 Bowling Alone was a big deal it made Putnam a superstar and everyone read it 0 Florida describes the rise of the creative class 0 Calls Putnam outmoded and out of touch 0 Re eXplains community of place 0 Explores the true DNA that founds communities People move to citiesdesire city settings 0 The creative class consists of entrepreneurs entertainers and actors o Attracted to places where they can do more stuff I Nightliferecreation I Creative centers 0 Music Art 0 These places are I Politically progressive I Diverse I Tolerant I Open to gay community I Hip happening Creative people are lured to locations where they work What lures them 0 Establishments like Indian food Coffee shops Art galleries I WineCraft beer This is an orthodox to historical trends in economic development 0 Historical belief is introducing factories to communities satisfies the need for jobs 0 It is the job of cities to lure the companies who have the factories I Referred to as smoke stack chasing 0 Offer incentive to companies 0 Mostly financial taX incentives o Reductions on income and property taX Putnam s observations include people don t work up the ranks of companies anymore they bounce around between companies 0 In Florida s model the companies locate their factories where the creative people move 0 The more stuff establishments lure people who then lure jobs factories I This saves the town capital because it doesn t need to offer breaks to corporations I Jesse James argues that the recent addition of hotels and commerce to Uptown Normal has turned in into a creative center 0 The hotels bring in business people who are followed by other capital 0 Isn t Florida merely describing Putnam s generational change It is easier to develop social capital in places that are very homogenous where everyone knows each other gemeinschaft o In opposition to this the younger generation wants to be lost amidst the hustle and bustle of gesselschaft Focusing on attracting factories companies to communities of place is a dated policy because jobs can be shipped over seas globalization o This is a new development 0 The solution is creating unique communities of place because those can t be shipped over seas Thursday DudleyProblem of Community 0 Traits of Gemeinschaft 0 Location with enduring patterns of relationships 0 Anti marketanti capitalist Farming has been industrialized it is an vertical integration of fiber and food production 0 Individualism manipulates social meanings of accountability o Cautious farmers view success in terms of family continuity o Ambitious farmers view success in maximized profit and upward social mobility for younger generation The 1980 s farming crisis was caused by farmers not keeping their word to lending institutions 0 They borrowed money and used the money for different things while allowing the farm to tank 0 Farms aren t Berry s local solution 0 They are only intergenerational family projects if they make money Because farms are a business not a way of life they aren t anti marketcapitalist 0 These communities aren t ideal gemeinschaft San Cristobal Verapaz case study 0 Mountains behind town lake on the edge of the village at the base of the mountains 0 Lake is named Laguna Chichoj 0 From aerial view half of the lake is dark green I It is invasive aquatic plant life that has grown because of sewage poop and fertilizer Fertilizer is put on the mountainsides where the farms are 0 Rains come and wash the fertilizer down the mountainside o The runoff goes into Laguna Chichoj People burn trash of dump it where nobody is looking 0 No sewers in SCV o No plant to treat waste 0 No municipal trash service none in Guatemala Peasants use water from the lake to wash fish and irrigate crops and d nk A peasant led coalition determined the town government wasn t providing adequate services 0 A treatment plant wasn t a politically or financially feasible solution Local government responds with an environmental roundtable 0 Participants included I Presided over by mayor I National level political interests I NGOs Consultants I Peasant opinion but merely token feedback 0 Concluded lake to be declared a protected area I Symbolically rich I Elites don t live off the lake I It was a realistic option financially attainable cheaper What does protected area accomplish o Prevents further damage 0 Town government receives cash to manage protected area Consultants find protected area isn t feasibledesirable Village couldn t turn lake into protected area 0 The rules penalized the peasants who lived off the lake 0 Declaring the lake a protected area didn t eliminate the waste poop or runoff There are multiple conceptions of what the lake means 0 Peasants and elites have different conceptions Use value value of something based on usefulness for everyday life Exchange value how much you can get for something on the market 0 Old chair I use value is sitting on the chair it provides comfort every day I Exchange value lower you could sell the chair for a few dollars Brick of gold use value is tiny the exchange value is HUGE Pre capitalism things only had use value


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