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Week 5

by: Notetaker
Default_profile Notetaker
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Philosophy
Cameron Bassiri

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About this Document

Week 5--> notes on reading and discussion
Introduction to Philosophy
Cameron Bassiri
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Phil 1051 at George Washington University taught by Cameron Bassiri in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Philosophy in PHIL-Philosophy at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Week 5 Books VI and V119 Education 0 Being in the cave vs Being out to the cave I Everyone is in prison and staring straight ahead and in chains The case in the allegory that philosophy starts from ignorance where as philosophical questions arise from ambiguity and the sense out of the cave re ection image of the process of learning Images can be quotvisiblequot intuitively questions political realities may not accept the images and you slowly shows the images Drag them out it is not pure wonder or pure curiosity Kicking and screaming out of the cave Everything begins to change they can begin to fall apart in the sense of philosophical knowledge and that is what education looks like everybody begins in the dark and then you go on gradually to seeing the light knowledge You evolve from making sense of the sense into more intellectual capabilities We begin by seeing things gradually become more knowledgeable Aristotle Physics 0 Student of Plato I Aristotle is holding the ethics Plato is holding the estate I Aristotle is more concrete thinking Plato is more abstract I Aristotle is trying to understand Plato he s a response to Plato individual frame and working through specific insights not physics considered more change and foundation character as opposed to mathematical physics 0 What is nature page 132 I Is more qualitative in the context of the book not so much quantitatively o 1 Forms Nature natural objects 0 2Causes are different ways of explaining things whyhow does it happen this way I motion is continuous I cyclical o Fortune luck and chance Two ways nature can be understood 0 Nature as a whole 0 Things objects nature I What makes a thing a thing I There are two types of objects 0 Things that are there Objects are by nature periodic tablej principals of motion Manufactured objects does not have the principle of motion because it is depended in what they are made of 0 House would be considered a manufactured object Some objects change on their own for each of these has in itself a sense of motion I An object of art stays the same But the material that is made of changes it can also be affected by the outside It does not hold the same thing as an outside motion An object of art is anything that is constructed produced and tecni Anything that is made is an object of art Claw statue doesn t change and the only reason the manufacturing objects change is because what they are made of changes their materials change I Constructed of natural materials do have a motion for themselves That is why things that are constructed are altered o What is a thing I Matter what it is potentially I Form 9 its designarrangementactuality I Matter and form together 9 the complete definition you know what is made of and how it is arranged 0 Contemporary scientists look at us physiologically science is the best way of doing anything 0 If you don t distinguish the differences of certain objects to understand all the different aspects of the things we experience 4 causes 0 matter I that out of which is was made What something is made out of bronze 0 form I that into which it was made That into which designs blueprint o efficient I that by which it was made Agent responsible 0 final cause I that for the sake of which it was made Purpose reason Incidental causes they cannot be controlled 0 Fortune I Only applies to humans I Unintended consequence that resorts from a rational act Only people that are rational agents can be lucky Random and good fortune I Example of the market If you go to the market and run into someone that owns you money you were lucky o Chance I Chance happens to anything They don t have to be lucky


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