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Week 5 Notes Intro to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective

by: Lizzy Dawahare

Week 5 Notes Intro to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective IAFF 1005

Marketplace > George Washington University > International Studies > IAFF 1005 > Week 5 Notes Intro to International Affairs A Washington Perspective
Lizzy Dawahare
Introduction to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective
Sell, S

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About this Document

Introduction to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective
Sell, S
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizzy Dawahare on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAFF 1005 at George Washington University taught by Sell, S in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Affairs: A Washington Perspective in International Studies at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/04/15
Tuesday September 29 2015 Power and Order in the International System Three views on power and order The New Dark Aoes What if the US declines and nobody rises Niall Ferguson apolarity Structural weakness of the US 1 Dependence on foreign capital China outsources US debt 2 Reduced troop levels 3 Attention deficit when Obama was more focused on Obamacare he was less therefore focused on foreign policy Demographic trends in Europe retirement home for the elderly particularly northern Europe A Chinese bubble economy ghost cities due to boom in building financial system not sufficiently mature Fragmented Islam battles between Sunni and Shia A return to the 1920 s Economies go bad adopt strange political forms fascism national socialism A return to the 9th10th century Could usher in a period of immense global conflict Globalization of crime Arms trade Spread of disease Ebola David Loves Goliath Why is no one balancing against US power Does the US play a uniquely positive global role Is the US conducive to stability Not in Iraq but overall the US provides public goods for stability Would the US rather have partners unlike past imperial powers Not like past powers trying to enrich themselves Result of UN coalitions international law Everyone complains but nobody is willing to have the US step down or retreat Fragmented political system access points foreign governments have lobbyists who can voice their opinions on Capitol Hill AntiAmericanism can be a useful political tool Can rally support for yourself powerful mobilizing course useful political tool Continued Liberal Hedemonv lkenberry s hope Who commands and who benefits US can t always accomplish what it wants to do Free riders benefit security open trade global commerce Distinctively open and rulebased UN Public goodsrulesvoice Military pacts and security Alliances and cooperative security Relations more weblike than strictly domination Web connecting US and its partners rather than the big bootheel that we would have experienced had Hitler won the war Consent balance and coercion are all present evidence of minimalist pluralist and solidarist principles Ongoing tensions between two objectives Upholding rules of the system Unilateral use of force against enemies Drone strikes bombings etc Hegemony cannot long rest on military might alone case of the Soviet Union The World According to Kissinoer Traditional realist power is the most important thing A world of disorder Chaos threatens side by side with unprecedented interdependence Economic interdependence Need a new order that accommodates Russia China and Islam Tophat Question USA Empire Hegemon Bully Liberal Leviathan Failed Leader Empire 4 1 Hegemon 77 28 Bully 1 0 Liberal Leviathan 98 36 Failed leader 2 1 Wellintentioned but overextended leader 90 33 Midterm 1 essay choice of question 4 short answers choice identify and give the significance of Incorporate material from readings lectures and sections Friday October 2 2015 Discussion 1 Identify the questions the author is asking 2 Brief summary of the main argument 3 Possible critiques Ikenberrv s Illusions of Empire Ferguson s A World Without Power 1 What would happen if the US fell 2 Apolarity entrance into a new dark age 3 Incomplete argument David s Friend Goliath 1 Why does nobody do anything to go against the United State s power How is the United States different from an actual empire Why do countries complain so much when they willingly accept it 2 Nobody goes against them because nobody really minds Benign military intervention with the exception of Haiti Somalia and Iraq Not imperialistic The US Military provides security for other countries and prevents terrorism The US fosters trade policy big player in the IMF Smaller states have access to our government The gap between what the world says about American power and what it fails to do about it is the most striking feature of 21 st century international relations AntiAmericanism is a political tool In contrast with empires in the past however the United States does not control or aspire to control directly or indirectly the politics and economics of other societies Subliminal approval of the United States despite complaining other states are like free riders If a global plebiscite concerning America s role in the world were held by secret ballot most foreignpolicy officials in other countries would vote in favor of continuing it 3 These foreign ventures are few in number and with the exception of Iraq none has any economic value or strategic importance To be sure the US did not set out to become the world s government We believe that this is untrue trace back to Woodrow Wilson


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