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by: Kristyn Notetaker
Kristyn Notetaker
Penn State
GPA 3.84
No professor available

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About this Document

Ch. 3 notes in class.
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristyn Notetaker on Wednesday October 22, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see PSYCH 100 in Psychlogy at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 10/22/14
P at 3 in am N Wquot391 l if 0 During REM sl 0qS3d7 I iquot39l a r llt77r HI 3 3 9 m l Jl lf 0 4 fa I 1O J1Jv sk c I Ps 3 p K H The true function of REM sleep is a mystery Sleep Deprivation 0 Causes 9 Difficulty lconclelntratilng a General irritability i A 0amp1 H573 l PM 39 o Decreases cognitive functioning o Impairs learning m 0 Lm1g term health effects Ummw 95 0 Tecknamlly Quid 08 Qla r I rwquot1l 0d o sleep may be most important REM Rebound After a period of sleep dc rivati Tn lwlbnsily J p of l 319 Mr Lvoflm Wiorzaled 7 Mplearmnl dmm l 39 LVEMCJ ib quotLl539JdJ pmlxzzd W I 1 V4 ifim grimjgah f L j Q 8 8 f zquot quotquot quotquotquot quotquot5 REM sleep and resiults in elm ll l Nf g fIrr J sf Lmm M 5 9Alcohol ampheta milies cocaine and L rebound 1 A eid Dreams T T T A dream where individual is aware of dreammg and whose eon often abmle to in uence while dreaming tent the individual is Lucid Dreams Next time you wake up during a dream try the follaowing the steps to see if F0 can engage In mud dreaming Relax Close your eyes and focus on an imaginary spot in yum fld M Vui5id 39 Focus on your intention to have a lucid dream Tell yourself that you re going to dream about whatever you want Imaginae yourself in a dream of the type you want to have Repeat the steps until you fall asleep ltfquot 5k NO 1 W want to rgteMmoberdrfamj bfwcjre 39gt t if quot39e5 r y d ed e W 1 wmordt ettv e w kt W te faf Wt37 e V 39 to W P lhterpretlng Dreams e 2 1 Freudian Interpretation T Zz 0 urmpn P x E 1v o aggressive drrm to ms be oI4m A J 000000 D an 5 swing your unagmarwrw o Manifest Content We mt mL of x 3r o rr of f e 39 Juim 3 Fq sf Iz 0 Latent Content The U d g t V i on ar J s dd t I quot m quotr af s T 5 H x 0r v M n w mhLfhJ7k39 39kE7quot hgfrtl 3 wr139quot39L39 quot l Cp 3 Wquot Jquotvquot 3quot 114 2 ProblemFocuseInterpretation T A e e T e e A quotDam Ea397 i F C3We C9 Mr fr p n Nq tm o IMP Cu A if Pr u9 mS p p quotquot Wa s d ha n so lWj3 In 3m 4 worst j In R341 H A 0 m w d New car has been E wt Ferd E 1 J 4 Pom j 3 3 4 It pMf P Fquotquotquot39 W W 39 M9iWh r5 PITRraequotd ml tnazwle j fb p k 2 e 0S 3 Activation Synthesis Hypothesis b at at t p a etrv Pa if do J A I I Vows arc 2 braid atleznpt 0 Nuzkz vris c adj35 d En g 0 mm CEIIE dung 515310 KKFM H quotquot 6 Loaic39 IrWepgt25 55 1 so b c L K 39l ypes ofIrug5 g y if PM F r H tr e mulaI1tS x1quoti 1i 39r 5 i r wir if WW r V m w quot 395 39 Iit 0 39 1 t 9 1 V p d it 49quot f Q quot fffr39iquot 0 3 quot In F4 Pf Y i 7 i j F ii ffL quotir i r is iA ii I 391 High Levels1quot rfr i a I iii39rif Hi x U u 4 h i e 7 if Wy if 1 0 v r Overdose pk 5 f1 t3r 39 iii quot T i e k Crank iivii r Common upgefs I Caffeine methi 39 e39 P 0 q t Q H i gtr 7 W7 gt7 r 39 E 9s r ps r FiJ5 g g g e a r q git q 0 r 1 M mix if e LowModerate Leveieorrlm J39r39Wi i ff 3 A F quot391 Mr Le High Levesirf3Pnf3rf1W H3 Pain 5 JVat sj r k i 53gt Overdiose two hearHifid r f f 1 39 i WW H7 j Ff g 79gt ggmmon clowngersg alcohol Valium Xanax 4 f39J394 J51 r I a P quot J i Pm r iiwer339 gt Derived from the poppy plan gt fMiimiiics the body39s endorloiiii 5 i gt Effects vary 149tame rfidured 6r iTh i Q3 Common a kiglier gt Hallu 7 opium heroine methadQnef15 fi 7 Jr31gt rig 7 f7 37 viquot Mitztiaii t39tw fquot 39 gtReactione vary sometimes pieasant sometimes not gtSome produce visual hailucinations LSP Mushrooms peyote U r gtgtIan uana does not fit neatly into a i o the Fclagses of drugs igtMlos5t coimmonly used itiicit drug in North America and Europe gtSome stimulating effects euphoria also has relaxing effect gtCan make sensations more intense psychedelic effect PTGO Much can interfere with m 0 e e or 6 a i mzes emory coordination concentration and reaction s mfur r p lwgprlolvseol Qrl fin pm ciousness A 1535ge p V 1 p relaxation 3 Associated with heightened suggestibiilyquot 5 Can have anal esic effects s A V V odleuf M BIHUj3fK kIf asir gtHprIrm395 a n391 ry v of Hypnosis 5quot U Dissociation P S ilhrj oi rm kon Clwar lS 5 gtW l Ev Social Role Playing llclw l5 and 3u5e5 h M Mediation S 5 clC snduceol gt Induced altereid consciousness gt rooted in ancient Eastern religions State of alert relaxation P Improves immune system lowers BP and cholesterol creates a general f lling of wellbeing ii quot quotJVj w r H 39u2


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