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by: Kristyn Notetaker
Kristyn Notetaker
Penn State
GPA 3.84
No professor available

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About this Document

Ch. 7 notes taken in class
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristyn Notetaker on Wednesday October 22, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see PSYCH 100 in Psychlogy at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 10/22/14
7 Sim r VV39 g p at H H J r learni g 9 K to 0Q 0w 739 1C dtioning G ow 1 wves e391lt Classlca 011 l n 39L d n o 0 z j 0 p inlearmng tl11B0139Y lihaus f now calllesdtClussrc u1Cf 39quotd quot quot Ur it J lt L s L P Q Z M t quotquot i It y E ii 5 i i t 2 i in lc ri an an ransom A l f7f5M I a39iN Chapter 7 quoti39 1 if A t r t T t l i e i a T r1 nquotquoti l t g i p If p j P gl ioutr z quoti 739 E 739 r 2 it pG P2 to C0 dz 39 iEdREtpUH iVE Clyz E licjl d tax at L73 41 aiwmaal T Definitior1 a fonn of learning in which a previously neutral stimulus CS is paired with unconditioned stimulus UCS to elicit a icosnditioned response CR that is identical to or very similar to the unconditioned response U CR Classical Conditioning Cont Little Albelftj expperiment John Watson paired a white rat with a frightening noise a uni the baby was conditioned to be afraid of the white rat on site after 7 pairings Whats the Uneonditioned Stimulus T g Loud noise What stl1eUnconditioaned Response Ato Whafs L Clonditioned Stimulus to We m 39 Whats Conditioined Response l 39onia39Vnz zess of wears K h f M 0 01 2 l Ailbert i we might p rat with cookies until he isnofglgngge gfiaid tstliVJ p hi magi 0 I g P g to s to g 9 as g G t l eratuH I H L r v K I 39 v A 1 w 4 e u V Y l 0 Bm ura streamed tlml pctmle learn hy watching tvtiwr l tl W W 1537 3 E1313 rh 53 W behuvicr tn mtcur zamli hc rcsirulhrced 391 Think n f huw many mmiul hrzhavioru are learned thrrruxgjx rrmdciing M Babe do I An adult beating up thc dull An adult being nice tn the dull prusmia behavior 3 Nmhing Children modelcd whatthey s dull quotqua Pe P nQ A I A A an 0 is far more powerf91 what yoyVSAY aw beat up tlhc dull were nice to the dull or Vwere mlltrul In time lt quotmsIIIansoa s1 aquot nae5 1 I W413 P F in 411 12k gr rig p6 m A Omr I Maki 0u U Q SP YIN gquot W pL 9quot Tywo YELLA1N3quotm wkae yell W A Pz snack No hitting mQ15 5 K A toddler is having a temper p P i You feed your cat with an teieminc canopener Now regardless of what you 1 otpc ililw F quotquot A toddler is having a stamp Chapter 7 Class Activity Theories of Learning nu 39 s G For each of te examples listed s A Identify what type of Iearninngp has occurred itB CC OCR M d 3 If CC identify the UCS UCR CS and CR A If DC identify whether it is positive reinfoocement H9235 39quot i r 39 iquotim M positive punishment or negative punishment and explain why it is SIM If Modeling what has been odeled A 8 are mm wt mhwW i The mother wmgs over and hugs the child to snmho l1intquotiwr N a result the child seems to have more temper 0 j helshe used to OC 4 Vast ram W111 lii t Hit cat hears the csn opener she somes 0 lookig for food ri7300 t coanvMt CC i pp x His mother makes him stand in the isomer until its is quiet As 1 result the boy has less freq K AA v in P T comerccn v c 39639quot A teenage met a boy had her rst E with him at an arcade near her school These mssms made her feel giddy and happy Now every time she walks by the arcade or sees snytihiim sssuwiawvd with an arcade she feels giddy b happy C A p ucs o A Ptr5 i39 km C 3 arcade 0quot um Q5 gdgtjz La py C Qel ysdaJ wgiiy A toddler is having a temper tantrum because her father is asking her to clean her mmn lhumsr Iln A p sib r s R P eI mg no o puq at is he can stand the father stops asking her to clean her room As as result that sum to have more temper taxmums than she used to OCH r i19 39T v vL m5 charts away 3 W5 3681113 p iiliittgivvatchesanolder sibling untaf n tb 11 Th f L V v pQ n p already lmows how to hold the mfbau mgclzoi m kicek ittrst tum the t IUI1gCl hltm 1ttt it


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