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GEO135 - Week 7 Notes

by: Shannon Surell

GEO135 - Week 7 Notes GEO 135

Shannon Surell
GPA 3.81
World Geography
David Johnson

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About this Document

These are the notes from Week 7! David Johnson moved the test to October 13th!
World Geography
David Johnson
Class Notes
David Johnson, GEO135, Geography 135
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Surell on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 135 at Illinois State University taught by David Johnson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see World Geography in Education and Teacher Studies at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
David Johnson Geography 135 EXAM ON OCTOBER 13TH Week 7 Notes 72 Sea peoples became the Palestinians in the Levant 0 Time when most governments were on a tribal basis PBUH when speaking of a particular leader reverends they will have this after their name It means Peace Be Upon Him Muhammad married Khuwaylid o Qusayy tribal name 611AD Hegira a year on the Muslim calendar 0 AH after hegira Mecca center of Islam 632AD o Muhammad dies and creates a problem because he did not leave a will 0 lntestate don t have a will 0 Since he was both the religious and civil leader there becomes a difference in opinion in who becomes the next leader Know the definitions of Islam know difference between Shi a and Sunni llah god Al lah literally the god Could have an apostrophe or not both the same Shahadah creed of Islam what defines people as a muslim 0 there is no god but The God and Muhammad is his prophet Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca Ummah the community of believers Caliphate the successors of the prophet Muslim calendar is 354 days doesn t have a leap year because it runs by the moon and not the sun 99 Beautiful names of Allah Don t have to know look at the most common ones 0 A literal personage one s son or perhaps daughter 0 A principle 0 A traitnickname 0 Most common Ab der Rahman Spiritual diffusion How Islam movedmigrated o you talk to someone they talk to someone else and the knowledge of the thing spreads like spreading a cold began in Mecca and it functioned while they were there 0 people in a socialpolitical ladder those at top and bottom an armed force would overrun the countrytribal area and told the leader the had to convert to Islam but they could stay as the leader 0 o what was happening in India friction Hinduism and Islam were quite separate the nature of Islam started to change when it was moved into India the Muslims decided they weren t going to be very strict and they wanted to blend in with the local population which was mostly Islamic nature of India became much less pure than it was originally became Sufi Muslims Group of opposition Taliban they wanted to go back to the basics of Muslim Salafism 0 Last empire of the Muslims was the Ottoman Empire 0 Division 0 Muhammed didn t align a clear line of succession who is going to be the next leader Split between wanting someone to follow the strict beliefs of Muslims or should they have someone who is just a bloodline from Muhammed Khalif Rasul Al lah who is the successor of God Khalif single monarch Khalifat all of the monarchs and their successors Sunni successor should follow along soeone who believes in the principles traditions etc of Muhammed and those who follor him Shi at Ali Shia patricians of Ali he was sufficiently from the bloodline o Caliphat Sunni follows this order Abu Bakr rumors that he died because he was poisoned Umar Omar Uthman Ali HasanHassan he would have been the next Khalif but he was forced into retirement HusaynHussein Son of HasanHassan marker to the faith o Caliphat Shi a Ali HasanHassan HusaynHussein o Modernism vs Revivalism 0 Preferred term is revivalism returning to the belief of the pias predecessor usually means Muhammed o Democratization vs Theocracy Usually get along smoothly Ex Egypt off and on democracy 0 Al Qaeda Osama Bin Ladin Goal is to return to the principles of the pias predecessors Sunnibased Wahhabism very strict Islam ex Women cannot drive cars and have very few rights Aims to disrupt the West and eventually there will be a grand coming together and one day Muslim will take over the world 0 Hezbollah Shia group Located in Lebanon Look at a Muslim political party Owns a good chunk of Lebanon Israel is a big thorn in the side of Muslim nations they are very nonMuslim o Hamas Acronym Means zeal or someone who is zealous Sunni Located in South borders of Israel area of Gaza o The Caliphate ISISISILIS Islamic state of Iraq and Syria Abu Babkr has said he is the new leader He is the new leader of all the Muslims across the whole world Highly antiShia ISIS and ISIL describe the same thing 0 Iraq in the Islamic Levant 0 Covers the eastern end of the Mediterranean Also known as Da esh IS preferred name Islamic State 0 Gives it a global structure 0 Demographics 0 Region is made up of many young people 0 Doubling Time How long the population is going to take to double its population 37 years Comparison with US 117 years 0 Jobs are usually sought by those entering young adulthood Most jobs however are created by those who are much older Too many people looking for jobs rather than creating them Many people now cannot make money Leads to a very unstable society leads to violent revolutions


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