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Week 6

by: Hannah Mathews

Week 6 RLST 203

Hannah Mathews
Buddhist Traditions

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About this Document

Buddhist Traditions
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah Mathews on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RLST 203 at Montana State University taught by Grether in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Any society any family which cannot share or take seriously the pain of its children and views that pain as something normal or to be Mahayana Buddhism 0 Theravada Early Buddhism 500 BCE o Mahayana Buddhism 200 BCE o Vajrayana Buddhism Tantric branch of Mahayana Theravada Buddhism earlv o missed 0 missed Mahayana Buddhism 0 In much lay practice develops into devotional tradition emphasis on worship of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas 0 Variety of rites seek to transform practitioner into a BuddhaBodhisattvas o missed Pure Land 0 missed Mahayana Literature 0 Texts include a wide variety of sutras and tantras written in Sanskrit but sometimesd only preserved in the Chinese or Tibetan translations 0 Thousands of Mahayan missed 0 missed Some New Mahayana Doctrines o Sunyata emptiness o Goes beyond anatman o No existing self prof Theres no I that exists 0 Inherent emptiness of everything 0 sunyata an epistemological tool used to unfreeze the fixed notions of our minds 0 Emphasizes emptiness of all things but at the same time relational aspect of existence 0 It is pratityasamutpada that we call sunyata Everything exists but not how we think they do prof o Bodhisattva o In Theravada Bodhisattva usually refers to the Buddha and his previous lives I Theravada believes there is only ONE Buddha o Mahayana gives a radical new interpretation I Bodhisattva used for anyone who motivated by compassion aspires to achieve Bodhicitta o Bodhicitta mind that strives for perfection of wisdom out of compassion FOR SAKE OF ALL SENTIENT BEINGS O 0 Buddha Nature 0 All sentient beings possess inherently pure nature just like the Buddhas o All can become a Buddha 0 Nirvana isn t the attainment of something its the removal of something Prof 0 Buddha nature that which allows one to become a Buddha o Variously referred missed 0 Perfection Paramita o Wisdom can be perfected by all beings o 6 practices in perfections I 1 Dana generosity giving of oneself 2 Sila Morality proper conduct 3 Patience Tolerance acceptance endurance 4 Vigor Energy effort diligence 5 Meditation onepointed concentrationcontemplation 6 Prajna wisdom insight I Later add upaya method vow power and knowledge 0 Compassion karuna o Considered to be a prime attribute of Buddha motivated Siddhartha o In Mahayana coupled with wisdom prajna to describe chief attributes of a bodhisattva Avalokitesvara BOdhisattva of compassion Don t get hung up on the fact that you re empty and nothing because once you realize you are empty you re supposed to gain compassion and realize you re empty because you39re connected to everything and that s important Prof o Dalai Lama incarnation Things to think about What does long live emptiness mean to you Upaya skillful megmethod 0 One of the perfections Upaya how to apply wisdom Upaya allows teacher to find precisely the method needed by the student discourse debate meditation slap etc o Upaya also refers to the method of Mahayana o What distinguished the method most from Theravada Curona or compassion Buddhists don t necessarily believe there are really 6 realms but it39s a way of learning Prof YabYum Tantric symbol common in Buddhist art Vajrayana Represents male deity in sexual union with his female Missed Upside down triangle is feminine Prof Right side up triangle is maschinen Prof female represents wisdom Prof male represents compassion Prof Pure land 2nd Centurv CE China Most similar to Christianity One of the most popularfast growing sects of Buddhism in E Asia One of oldest branches of Mahayana 2nd century Focus on Amitabha savior figure who expounds his dharma Missed Offers easier path than the meditative traditions Many branches of Mahayana incorporated some Pure Land practices into their own Recite name Amitabha multiple times Namo Amita Buddha Contemplate his qualities Visualize his form and the pure land This way you re always thinking about Amitabha and his qualities instead of facebook or anything else prof Desc p ons o Described as resplendent with all manner ofjewels and precious things Gold streets Towers of gemstones Palaces of Jade Flowers fruits fragrances everywhere Pools of the freshest Missed Sounds very much like heaven Prof Apocalyptic Narrative in Pure Land a feature shared by 0000000 0 missed 0 missed 0 missed amp so on Parallels with Revelations because of The Silk Road adhvamika Middle ng Buddhim Nagarjuna 150250 Ce missed missed Indian school founded by Nagarjuna 2nd C Nagarjuna philosopher famous for logical discourses included in parjnaparimita Sunyata major doctrine no svabhava Known for a negative dialectic reducto ad absurdum approach o Strict application of sunyata as tool used to avoid the assumption that any building block of reality can have fixed permanent independent being 0 5 meditations of sunyata madhyamika technique 0 1 Sunyatize beings and objects 5 skandhas I Coming to realize that everything is codependent on other things prof o 2 Sunyatize dharmas I Empty of inherent existence prof o 3 Sunyatize samsara I Everything we experience is empty of any reality prof I Moods ideas thoughts etc o 4 Sunyatize distinction between samsara and nirvana I The only difference between samsara and nirvana is our perception prof I Not living for a different life prof I When we are no longer obsessing about other things and we are simply existing that s nirvana prof I Everything in life is nirvana as long as we re living in the moment prof I The gratification comes from attending to each moment prof I Nagarjuna insists on their identity two forms of same reality 0 5 Sunyatize sunyata I Don t think that everything is empty It is not a doctrine Emptiness and sunyata is just a tool If you latch onto them you have missed the point prof Naga unacont o Credited with Parjnaaramita sutras recovered from the naga people 0 Often depicted with snake and human characteristics 0 Teachinos on relativitv 0 Determination of thing or object only possible in relation to other things and objects 0 Relationship of ideas of good and bad light and dark etc NOT due to intrinsic nature There s no one cause to anything prof Nirvana is properly neither existence nor nonexistence They re both incorrect perceptions Prof 0 You can t say that the Buddha exists after Nirvana but you also cannot say that he does not exist after Nirvana Prof o The limits of Nirvana are the limits of Samsara 0 Stop wondering and break out of the dualistic ideas that we have Prof o Raga is the desire to get things Prof o Yacakata underterminables things that don t have a truth questions that cannot be answered Two Truths Doctrine o Samvrti satya o Superficial reality described with language 0 Polarities existence nonexistence 0 Conventional view of the world constructed by mind and projected onto ultimate reality 0 Paramartha satya 0 Ultimate absolute truth 0 In China comes to denote direct experience devoid of an overly of conceptualization Yogacara school 0 Literally translates to one who practices yoga Influential school of Buddhist philosophy and psychology Began in India in 3rd and 4th centuries Yogacara seeks to explain how existence is constructed by mind only mind exists Find Yogacara elements in both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism Cittamatra thoughtonlv representation onlv o Consciousness vijnana is real but objects are constructions and unreal o The content of consciousness is produced by the inner modifications of consciousness itself NOT by external objects Eight consciousnesses Theory as a way to explain the process What my consciousness takes in is the only thing that is real to me prof all that s real to us is the thing we re focused on way of saying perception is reality prof Things to think about Change is inevitable so it s senseless to grieve over it prof If there is no bad how can there be good prof The two are interdependent Good wouldn t mean anything without bad and it would be a boring life without both of them You become lazy and complacent when you aren t given trials ls permanence our idea of paradise


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