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MGSC 395 Week 6 notes

by: Rachel Whitbeck

MGSC 395 Week 6 notes MGSC 395

Rachel Whitbeck
GPA 4.0
Operations Management
Pearse Gaffney

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About this Document

These notes cover what we went over in class from Monday, March 14 through Wednesday, March 16. They include information about project management, the St. John's hospital problem that is on page 24...
Operations Management
Pearse Gaffney
Class Notes
Operations Management, Management Science
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Whitbeck on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MGSC 395 at University of South Carolina taught by Pearse Gaffney in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Operations Management in Business, management at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 03/20/16
MGSC 395 MW 530 Monday March 14 2016 0 Project management 0 Planning projects 0 6 p s 0 Work breakdown structure W85 0 Tree diagram does not have to be symmetric or sequential 0 Two primary scheduling methodologies 1 Activity on node diagram 0 Once you have your chart of activities predecessors and time estimates you can make this chart which is literally the name of the activity on a circle or node 0 You can calculate all the possible paths and their durations 0 We are always interested in the one that takes the longest amount of time called the critical path 0 This is called the critical path method CPM or PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique 0 Only difference between this and CPM is that you estimate the longest and shortest times for each activity and use statistical methods to know the possible variations 0 Gantt chart 1 Popular in Microsoft projects 1 Bar chart Wednesday March 15 2016 0 Hospital project 0 ES early start EF early nish 1 Forward pass see photos 0 Begin at time0 or immediately 0 Move forward 0 quotBigger number winsquot 0 Only looks at early because it shows the earliest time that each event can start and nish 0 LS late start LF late nish ot Backward pass 0 Begin at critical path duration at the end 0 Move backwards through the network diagram O O quotSmaller number winsquot 0 Only looks at late Finding slack 1 Once you ve done forward and backward passes go through either subtract early nish time from late nish time or subtract early start from late start 4 S LF EFS LS ES or You need to nd slack to know how much wiggle room you have or If something on the critical path looks like it s slipping you can move people from a noncritical activity with slack over to the critical path activity so that you don t actually lose any time Cost time tradeo minimum cost schedule or crashing the project a Go to each manager of each project and tell them to do better than the Normal Time and Normal Cost 1 They will come up with shorter times but higher costs Crash Time and Crash Cost 1 Max time reduction NT CT 1 Cost to crash per period CC NCNT CT ot Process 0 Identify the critical path 0 Find the cheapest activity from the critical path cost to crash per period 0 Crash for as much time as you can until 0 Another path becomes more critical 0 No more time can be taken 0 Savings not there 0 Go back to rst step and repeat ot First pass 0 Critical path at 69 weeks hospital example 0 Activity has the cheapest cost to crash per period at 1000 per week 0 Saves 3 weeks put this into the other possible paths to make sure none are becoming more critical than the original critical path of BDHJK Cost 3 weeks at 1000 per week 3000 0 Gross savings indirect gt 3 x 8000wk 24000 Penaltygt 3 x 20000wk 60000 Total of 84000 ot Second pass 0 Repeat what you did in the rst pass with the next cheapest activity ot Third pass 0 If you have two critical paths now because of the time you took out like now we have BDHJK as well as ACGJK you have to take time out that would in uence both paths not just the new one ot Fourth pass 0 Do B and C simultaneously two weeks out of an activity in each of the two critical paths Module Method Crashing Watch out for the word AFTER at the top for hospital problem you d put after week 65


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