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Survey Of Musical Theatre Notes Test 4 (1970s) week 1

by: Shelby Harris

Survey Of Musical Theatre Notes Test 4 (1970s) week 1 THEA 11013

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Theatre > THEA 11013 > Survey Of Musical Theatre Notes Test 4 1970s week 1
Shelby Harris

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About this Document

These notes cover the first week of notes for test 4. The bold blue text is what he said would definitely be on the test.
Survey Of Musical Theatre
Dr. Michael James
Class Notes
Survey, Of, musical, theatre, exam, 4, test, notes, 1970s, broadway, sondheim
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shelby Harris on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 11013 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Michael James in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Survey Of Musical Theatre in Theatre at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 03/20/16
1970s Musicals 03/18/2016 ▯ The Street ▯ 1970s Broadway  Capitalization reaches $1 million/show by the end of the decade  Ticket prices continue to rise  Attendance continues to drop  Number of flops increases o but there will be more memorable shows- mostly short-lived  times Square- ranked first in total felony complaints  between 1969-1971: 40% drop in Tourism  “two things are absolutely certain: the speed of light and the imminent death of the New York Theatre”  Monday night performances exchanged for Wednesday matinee  Day-of-show discount tickets  All Broadway box offices started taking credit cards  Move curtain call from 8:30 to 7:30 o so people could get out earlier and get home safely  1968- Theatre development fund founded to help save broadway theatre ▯ Duffy Square  Opens 1973  Tkts  Major tourist attraction now ▯ 1970s- Decade of:  rock musicals (some good- mostly bad- Hair’s success was unique)  Return of Successful Black musicals- soul, R&B, and gospel  Revivals0 and more revivals  Concept musicals- the age of Sondheim  Faint beginning of the British Invasion ▯ Taxi Driver  1976 ▯ The Me nobody knows  Gave voice to sentiments of ghetto youth  No plot  Real stories taken from writings of 200 NYC kids ages 7 to 18  Praised for its candidness on drugs, poverty, oppression, rat- infested tenements and being raw and tough ▯ Two Gentlemen of Verona  1971  Same composer as Hair  Tony- best musical  Rock music  Only 614 performances ▯ Grease  1972  Topples hello, dolly and fiddler on the roof  Longest running record for 7 years  3,388 performances  Original very raw and raunchy  Revivals sanitized ▯ Dude  1972  Flops  Musical and lyrics by same team as hair  Good v. evil- a circus in a primeval forest  Floor covered in dirt  Lost $1 million ▯ Via galactica  Original title- up!  Hair composer  Outcasts living on asteroid  8 performances  Lost $1 million  Entire show done on trampolines ▯ Rockaby Hamlet ▯ The Lieutenant  1975  7 performances  About the massacre of Vietnamese citizens ▯ ▯ ▯ Successful black musicals “Purlie”  1970  New fangled preacher man  Heavy gospel music influence  That influence pervades Broadway today Raisin  1973  Tony- best musical  Faithful adaptation of A raisin in the sun o True-ish story  Chicago 1951- family trying to step up in the world  “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” ▯ “Don’t bother me, I can’t cope”  1972  Good humored look at social problems blacks faced in 70s  Mixed gospel, rock, calypso, and folk music  Ran 2.5 years ▯ “The wiz”  1975  All black version of wizard of  “Ease on down the road”  Closing notice posted opening night  Saved by 20 century fox o Audience members  Great reviews and word of mouth  Ran for 4 years- 1,675  Aired live on NBC last December  Revival 2017 ▯ “Ain’t misbehavin’”  Wins best musical  1978  Ran 4 years  Jukebox musical- no plot!  Theme- tribute to black musicians of 20s and 30s  Flavor of Harlem nightclub ▯ 1970s = Age of Sondheim  “…the greatest and perhaps best-known artist in the musical theatre.”  Shows: o The frogs o A funny thing o Passion o Assassins  Dark themes  Everyone was in awe of him  Criticism o Lyrics too intellectual o Music too difficult o Characters too unpleasant o Worldview too cynical o Relationships (especially marriage) never last o Shows always lose $$ on Broadway  Only one made money  Wrote lyrics to west side story and gypsy  A funny thing happened on the way to the forum o First hit as both composer and lyricist o Based on the 21 extant plays of Roman comedy playwright Plautus o Title derived from old vaudeville setup to a joke o First of only 2 comedies ▯ Sondheim and prince  Most influential daring team of 1970s Broadway  Began with company  6 shows together ▯ Harold Prince  63 bdwy shows directed and/or produced  Directed the Phantom of the Opera o Longest running musical o British Company  1970  Groundbreaking  Truth of life and sex in 1970s  Series of short stories not meant to go together  Intellectual  Adult & pessimistic  Audience forced to face ugly reality of real, everyday life  Unhappy marriage/relationships  Characters more important than plot  There is no plot only theme  No resolved ending  Set/story/costuming all confused audiences  Music- dense, restless, and difficult  A metaphysical birthday party  Was there really a party  Or bobby imagining IF  Robert (bobby) connects the story  Inside his memories reflecting back on his life?  Expression of turmoil  Psychologically asking self, “why am I like I am?”  Characters do/don’t know one another  Reframed the narrative o Characters can appear, speak, and sing together  But in different places and/or act like the others aren’t there ▯ Concept musical  Nontraditional stagecraft: o Scenic design  Scenes don’t necessarily change o Odd costuming  As much importance on unique manner of presentation as on content o Overture-5 minutes in o Often no allowance for applause  Played with time and place  Deconstructed script- non-linear vignettes  More about a situation or idea than a plot  Character study  Restless- prompts you to ask questions ▯ What were Sondheim’s first two shows? ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯


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