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Industrial Revolution Continued

by: Naida Adams

Industrial Revolution Continued hist 1031

Marketplace > East Carolina University > History > hist 1031 > Industrial Revolution Continued
Naida Adams
GPA 2.4

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About this Document

Notes on Document 2 "Inquiry into the condition of the poor"
World Civilizations Since 1500
Michael B Gross
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Naida Adams on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to hist 1031 at East Carolina University taught by Michael B Gross in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see World Civilizations Since 1500 in History at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 03/20/16
The Industrial Revolution Continued…   3/15/16  ● Document #2 “Inquiry into the Condition of the Poor”   ○ 1842, Edwin Chadwick   ○ Written for the Parliament   ○ Records the voice of the Proleteriat   ○ Thomas Brownlow was a main character   ■ skilled worker, tailor, tedious work   ■ In pain constantly because of repeated tedious work → carpo tunnel   ■ Works 13 hours a day (6am­7pm)   ■ Works in a small room with 80­100 people in the room seated elbow to  elbow, knee to knee   ■ No ac or fan, conditions of the room was 20­20 degrees hotter than  outside   ■ Stuffy, humid air because of no ventilation  ■ Air filled with germs, sweat, and stench and wax and smoke from burning  candles and iron   ■ They were called “sweat shops”   ■ People had intolerable breath   ■ To keep the workers going through the day they drank hard liquor (gin)  and snuff from the morning until they got off  ■ This caused dehydration and tampered their motor skills   ■ Although they were aware of the harmful use of drug and alcohol they  used it as a mental escape to get away from the realities of their job   ■ They already considered themselves as dead, didn't care about the toxins  they were putting into their bodies  ■ All the alcohol use made Brownlows eyesight go bad, and is dying from  not eating and abusing drugs and alcohol  ○ William and Joseph Eddy   ■ Minners   ■ Lives in a bunk house, shares a bed to 3­4 people, sleeps sitting up and  gets no good sleep   ■ Hot during the summers and ice cycles comes through the roof during the  winter   ■ 12” of stinky water on the floor. 6” of potato peels (rotten), rodents,  snakes, considered “not even fit for pigs”   ■ Couldn’t breathe well   ■ Mining was a filthy dangerous job, workers only lived up to 17   ■ Breathing in coal dust (dust of diamonds) like razor blades in the worker's  lungs [black lung disease]  ■ Mines were well ventilated compared to the bunk house   ■ Literally back breaking labor     


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