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The Family

by: Ryan Watsica
Ryan Watsica

GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ryan Watsica on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 320 at California State University - Long Beach taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/218741/soc-320-california-state-university-long-beach in Sociology at California State University - Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Soc320 I Hicks Marlowe Discussion Exercise 13 Note Taker Group Members 5 ptseach The Parental System Chap11 l Deciding to become a parent involves about a 20 year commitment if you can get the kids out of the house by then a What major changes occur in a married couple s life when they have a child To what extent do you think these changes affect the relationship in a positive or negative way Elaborate b What skills are important in parenting If you were designing the ideal mother and father what qualities and abilities would each have Why would these be important to each role 1 Wherehow do males and females learn the information they need to be effective parents Do you think females get more socialization that prepares them for motherhood than men do for fatherhood Elaborate 2 In what ways if any do you plan to be a different mother or father than your mother or father was How would you like for your spouse to be different from your own opposite parent 3 Being a parent is at least as responsible an obligation as driving a car How would you feel about potential parents being required to complete a training course and get a parenting license before becoming a parent Elaborate Many people feel that a marriage is not complete without children a Why has this feeling been prevalent Do you think this attitude is changing Elaborate b What do you feel are the major advantages and disadvantages of having children How is the uncertainty reduction theomquot related to this issue Elaborate c What consistent patterns of evidence have been found regarding childless families versus families with children d What is the raking hypothesisquot and how is it related to the likelihood of divorce e If you said you didn t ever plan to become a parent do you think you would get negative reactions from others If so which others and why Teenage pregnancy is more common in the US than in other developed countries a Why is this What do you think would be the best ways to reduce this problem in the US b What main factors are associated with becoming a teenage parent c What are the main conseguences of teenage parenthood d Unwed parenthood is related to the issue of young parenthood How has the pattern of unwed parenthood in the US changed over the past 50 or so years See pp404 405 Table 111 What explanations are given for the change Many people think that it is not a good idea to have only one child a What are the main ndings of research on family size small vs large Briefly discuss the resource dilution hypothesisquot b What are common beliefs about only childrenquot and to what extent does research evidence support these beliefs Elaborate c What effect does birth order have on children How are first middle and last children different What was the baby boom of the post World War II period What were the factors responsible for it What effects has it had on other institutions of society Elaborate Medical technology has advanced considerably in the past decades For example you can know the sex of your child long before it is born and before long it will probably be possible to even affect what sex the child will be Along similar lines couples who can t have children could use arti cial insemination in vitro fertilization or a surrogate mother to host the child a Do you think these advances are totally positive If not why not What problems do you see b Would you want to know the sex of your child in advance Why or why not c What do you think would be the societal effects of being able to control the sex of your future child What advantages or problems do you see d Do you think that using a surrogate mother is a reasonable solution for childless couples Elaborate


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