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Fundamentals of Chinese

by: Julien Douglas

Fundamentals of Chinese CHIN 101

Julien Douglas

GPA 3.98

Jeffrey Winters

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About this Document

Jeffrey Winters
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julien Douglas on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHIN 101 at California State University - Long Beach taught by Jeffrey Winters in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/218774/chin-101-california-state-university-long-beach in Chinese at California State University - Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary Lessons 19 Lesson 13 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin English 1111 ni you second person pronoun it h o good excellent ne well DE ma interrogative 332 W6 me I myself fa hen very quite much IJJE ne interrogative 143 ye also classical nal particle of strong af rmation or identity 39It m ng busy pressed fortime hustling 7 bu negative pre x gig g ge elder brother older brother ill ta other another he she it didi younger brother tltlf l tamen they them ll d u all the whole metropolis capital elegant re ned Lessons 13 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin English 35E GEIbc39 a name a personal name in Practical Chinese Reader DEEIE Pal nk a name a personal name in Practical Chinese Reader Lessons 46 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin English E zhe zhei this these zE39E shi indeed yes right to be demonstrative pronoun this that HHZE p ngyou friends baba father dad daddy mama mom mama 1MP nimen you plural x95 daifu a medical doctor physician 34 de possessive adjectival suf x ch cart vehicle carry in cart gr na nei n that those na nei where which n lth ta she her E shu quot3313 na guo A r n 3E sh i ll women E i laoshT H ny book letter document writings which where how nation country nationstate man person people who whom whose anyone we us teacher instructor mentor Chinese language Lessons 46 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin English bao report tell announce t zhi paper R chi ruler a Chinese measurement foot i bi writing brush write stroke El Zhongguo China 3 D guo Germany if Faguo France M iguo America American USA SEE Mali Mali El 2i Rib n Japan Lesson 7 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin English llFjuf sh nme what til ditu map E kan look see examine scrutinize Lesson 7 Proper Names Chinese Pinyin 111 shijie OCI Zhou 355M F i Zhou xiiiill Dayang Zhou iilll Nan Mei Zhou Lesson 7 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin llgi B iang ii Shanghai English world Europe Africa Oceania South America English Beijing China Shanghai E31 Chang Ji ng i l Huang H Em Ch ngch ng Lesson 8 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin an9 HS he 4 ch 139 nin L iin Exam hu nying 3an xi xie 5i k qi ASHE xiy n Lesson 8 Proper Names Pinyin Chinese E w ng Lesson 8 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin Elana k f i Ui ii pijitl 419 niL In i SEE xi nsheng Kit taitai Lesson 9 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin Elli gui Xing E Qingw n lacEl w n EEE liuxu sh ng 12 xing quotll iiao EE w iy Lilli xu yuan The Yangtze River The Yellow River The Great Wall English ask request invite please drink shout call out tea honorific for 39you39 advance make progress enter welcome thanks to thank be polite courteous to smoke cigarettes smoking English king ruler royal surname English coffee beer milk cow39s milk Mr gentleman man wife Mrs English What39s your name May ask your name Excuse me may I ask ask about inquire alter a foreign student a student studying abroad one39s family name clan people cry shout hail greet call foreign language college EE xu sheng E E xu xi Lg xu Lesson 9 Proper Names Chinese Pinyin Te DTng Yun Lesson 9 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin 1MB xi oji ti n39C39Ishi mg t ngzhi Em Ch oxi n 3i angu student to study learning knowledge school English a name a personal name in Practical Chinese Reader English Miss young lady lady madam comrade Korea England Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary Lessons 1315 Lesson 13 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin g g mingzi a w i w i up 3 a g 7 sh ngdian a m i bi Em zhi a I i g g ji shao n n g3 dUI j Ie 7m h shuc39 Lesson 13 Proper Names Chinese Pinyin 4 52 GUbG q Zh nggu rpg g3 Pal nk T Ding Yun English name an interjection w i hello when making or receiving a phone call an interjection a oh a modal particle used at the end ofa sentence to convey admiration warning orto soften the tone of the sentence a shop store buy purchase bribe persuade writing brush write stroke paper come coming return returning to introduce male man son baron surname correct right facing opposed to nish particle of completed action particle which intensifies the preceding clause harmony peace peaceful calm to speak to say English a name a personal name in Practical Chinese Reader China a name a personal name in Practical Chinese Reader a name a personal name in Practical Chinese Reader Lesson 13 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin 9 angu 52 IE3 F gu ix 4 b nzi 15 2 y uj 15 g y upiao 31 1 ji oshbu English England France notebook exercise book post office postal stamp professor Lesson 14 New Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin 4T zuc l 4 g ngzuc TE Xiang Iiquot1 7 you Q m i i m imei 5am J39i lie aw yinh ng w A airen J shudian 3 gr haizi g i Xi 45 Xin gaosu English make work compose write act perform to work a job think speculate plan consider house home residence family have own possess exist not have not none to drown sink younger sister older sister a bank spouse lover bookstore child children kids give by for write draw sketch compose trust believe letter to tell to inform Lesson 14 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese Pinyin at E zhiyuan L 33613 g ngch ngshi i2quot J39TngIT I a g ngsT English staff employee engineer manager com pany corporation Lesson 15 New Vocabulary Chinese fs i 5mg M m 5 1 gtt t mm 3 Pinyin Zh ngw n Xi g ji ji o jiao yEIf Hanzi zi h i hu n kouyu Bu g nd ng hUXi ng XTn yu l nshi z zhi bao b n tushCIgu n nar Lesson 15 Proper Names Chinese i Pinyin w ng English Chinese language system line link connection piece general measure word also used for round objects how much how many several a few to teach to instruct grammar Chinese characters kanji letter character word also in addition more still h i return pay back hu n spokenlanguage You flatter me mutual mutually new recent fresh modern reading room magazine report tell announce root origin source basis library there English king ruler royal surname Lesson 15 Supplemental Vocabulary Chinese iii 31 3 3 E 4 E5 A LEA Pinyin ban jiaoshi shiyanshi ji sh ngci English class group grade squad job classroom laboratory to borrow to lend vocabulary new word


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