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Energy & Environ Global Perspec

by: Brooklyn Mills

Energy & Environ Global Perspec ENGR 302

Brooklyn Mills

GPA 3.88

Reza Toossi

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About this Document

Reza Toossi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brooklyn Mills on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 302 at California State University - Long Beach taught by Reza Toossi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/218778/engr-302-california-state-university-long-beach in Engineering and Tech at California State University - Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
p A N 03 4 ENGR 302 Course Outline Course Title and Number ENGR 3021 International Development of Renewable Energy Sources and their CulturalPolitical Impacts 3 Course Description including prerequisites as they will appear in the catalog Prerequisites Completion of the GE Foundation one or more Exploration courses and upperdivision standing Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources including but not limited to fossil fuels nuclear solar wind wave tides geothermal hydroelectric and biomass Available world resources market trends and technology Energy conservation and practical alternatives social cultural and economic impacts environmental aspects of power generation air pollution acid rain ozone depletion and global warming Recycling and blue print for a sustainable environment Hybrid with 50 seat time 3 hours Traditional grading only Student Based Learning Outcomes What students will know and be able to do by the end ofthe course Course Objectives Are to provide students with a thorough understanding of laws of thermodynamics energy conservation and environmental issues related to use of energy The speci c knowledge and skills the students will obtain from this course are delineated below 1 A broad knowledge of the available renewable sources of energy in the world and their implication on the political social and economic shape of the future 2 An understanding of the basic principles of energy conservation and the principal laws governing the production of energy and its use Students will be given numerous examples describing the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and the manner in which they affect our daily life 3 An understanding of the way various thermal systems operate Examples will include several types of heat engines refrigerators and heat pumps 4 An understanding of the way the present energy systems operate In particular a review of coal gas petroleum biofuel nuclear solar wind hydroelectric and geothermal sources will be made and the limitations in each technology will be discussed 5 An understanding of the practical alternatives for answering present and future energy needs 6 Familiarity with the environmental impacts of various energy alternatives The basic concepts relating to solid wastes greenhouse effects acid rain and ozone depletion are presented and practical means of reducing these adverse effects are discussed 7 Familiarity with various aspects of air pollution as they are related to health material response and vegetation 8 Familiarity with the origins and fate of air pollutants Various requirements and emission standards will be discussed and control strategies for particulate and gaseous emissions will be analyzed 9 A limited but essential knowledge of the cultural political and legal issues as related to the global energy sources and environmental regulations Major Course Topics 1 Basic concepts and de nitions Energy work and heat Units and forms Conservation of energy Order and disorder entropy the perpetual motion machines and the Carnot principle 2 Energy Forms Fossil fuels coal oil and gas nuclear energy wind energy ocean and tides Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion geothermal hydroelectric and solar 3 Environment Air and Water Pollution population growth CO NOX and HC emission from cars toxins in the atmosphere acid rain greenhouse warming ozone depletion and municipal and nuclear wastes Global and regional treaties Indoor air pollution 3 Political and Economical Impacts Oil and politics of war Middle East con icts and impact on future petroleum resources Cartels and OPEC pricing policies Economical analysis of environmental damage 5 Sustainabili De ning sustainability role of technology a blueprint for a sustainable future 5 Course Content by Week We ek Topic Energy Fundamentals Resources Energy 5000 BC until 2100 AD Energy from Fossil Fuels Petroleum Natural Gas and Coal 2393 The Gulf War The OPEC 4 Environmental Impacts Sources of Pollution and Control Strategies The Kyoto Treaty 56 Electric Power First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics Do our politicians understand the basic laws of thermodynamics 7 8 Nuclear Energy Fission and Fusion 39 Iran and North Korea Behind the headlines 9 Environmental Consequences of Nuclear Energy Radiation Yucka Yucky Mountain Is it the answer Waste Energy 10 Garbage in America Is it different Indians and the sacred cows Are they fools 11 V nd Energy Wave Energy Biomass Solar Are we losing our technological edge 12 Transportation Mass transit hybrid or fuel cell 13 Economics of Energy and Environment Can some pollution be good for you Do we need a tax reform 14 Roadmap to a Sustainable Future Do I have to answer my child 15 Review and project presentation gt1 on Required Text Toossi R Energy and the Environment Sources technologies and impacts Second Edition Verve Publishers Irvine California 2008 Accommodations Statement required statement in course outline and syllabus Students with disabilities who need reasonable modi cations special assistance or accommodations in this course should promptly direct their request to the course instructor If a student with a disability feels that modi cations special assistance or accommodations offered are inappropriate or insuf cient heshe should seek the assistance of the Director of Disabled Student Services on campus


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