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Psychology of Learning

by: Valerie Stoltenberg

Psychology of Learning PSY 333

Valerie Stoltenberg

GPA 3.51

Diane Lee

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About this Document

Diane Lee
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valerie Stoltenberg on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 333 at California State University - Long Beach taught by Diane Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/218779/psy-333-california-state-university-long-beach in Psychlogy at California State University - Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
OUTLINE Psychology of Learning Psy 333 Course Syllabus CHAPTER 1 Introduction A Does behavior follow laws B How should we discover laws 1 Authority 2 Introspection 3 Experimental Method C Basic forms of learning 1 Habituation 2 Sensitization CHAPTER 2 Foundations of Classical Conditioning A The Re ex B Mental Associations 1 British Associationists 2 Laws of Association C Cortical Associations D Classical Conditioning Pavlov Typical Experiment a Unconditioned Stimulus US b Unconditioned Response UR c Conditioned Stimulus CS d Conditioned Response CR Extinction Other Phenomena a Second Order Conditioning b Counterconditioning c Generalization d Discrimination Control Groups What behaviors can be conditioned a Autonomic Responses b Skeletal Responses Conditioned Motivation a Hun e b Fear c Sexual Arousal Universal Process a Sensory Preconditioning b Contextual Conditioning NH 93 gt1 m 9 CHAPTER 3 Principles and Applications Laws of Association Contingenc Taste Aversion Preparedness Blocking Applications 1 Systematic Desensitization 2 Aversion Therapy 3 Behavior Therapy FPOF CHAPTER 4 Theories A Pavlov B Rescorla Wagner C What is Learned D Conditioning in Humans CHAPTER 5 Operant Conditioning Thorndike Basic Procedures Schedules of Reinforcement The Reinforcer Delay of Reinforcement Motivation Stimulus Control Shaping Fowwpow CH PTER 6 Applications of Reinforcement Behavior Modi cation Token Economies Maintaining Behavior Harmful Effects Modeling Self control wacowegt CHAPTER 7 Punishment amp Extinction A Punishment B Side Effects of Punishment C Children39s Misbehavior D Extinction CHAPTER 8 What is Learned S R Theory Cognitive Theories Intervening Variables Complex Learning 1 Space 2 Time 3 Number can CHAPTER 9 Memory amp Attention A Information Processing Model Coding Storage amp Retrieval Selective Attention Transposition amp Peak Shift Con gural Learning Retrieval HFPOF CHAPTER 10 Avoidance amp Matching A Avoidance B Miller Mower39s 2 Process Theory C Bolle39s SSDRs D Herrnstein39s Matching Law CHAPTER 11 EVOLUTION amp LEARNING A General Process Theory B Ethology amp Imprinting C Taste Aversion Learning D Misbehavior


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