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Philosophies of India

by: Terry Runte

Philosophies of India PHIL 307

Terry Runte

GPA 3.9

Warren Weinstein

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About this Document

Warren Weinstein
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Terry Runte on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 307 at California State University - Long Beach taught by Warren Weinstein in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 91 views. For similar materials see /class/218781/phil-307-california-state-university-long-beach in PHIL-Philosophy at California State University - Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Philosophy Spring 2008 Course Descriptions Philosophy 307 Philosophies of India Warren Weinstein TTH 111215pm wweinstecsulbedu There is something transcending the consciousness of self to which many names are given Intuition Revelation Cosmic Consciousness and Godvision We cannot describe it adequately so we call it the superconsciousness When we now and then have glimpses of this higher form we feel that it involves a purer illumination and a wider compass As the difference between mere consciousness and selfconsciousness constitutes the wide gulf separating the animal from man so the difference between selfconsciousness and superconsciousness constitutes all the difference between man as he is and man as he ought to bequot S Radhakrishnan Indian Philosophy Vol 2 p 25 To understand that secret how superconsciousness is obscured to know how it works and to transcend if possible its cosmic spellbreaking outward through the layers of tangible and visible appearance and simultaneously inward through all the intellectual and emotional stratifications of the psychethis is the pursuit conceived by Indian philosophy to be the primary and finally undeniable human taskquot H Zimmer Philosophies oflndia p 27 quotlndian philosophy clearly recognized the possibility of man reaching here in this lifetime a state of enlightenment which mayjustifiably be so described because it completely transforms his outlook upon the world and fills with an altogether new significance the life he thereafter leads in it A necessary corollary to such a view of the goal of philosophy is the laying down of a suitable course of practical discipline for its attainment Philosophy thereby becomes a way of life not merely a way of thoughtquot M Hiriyanna Outlines of Indian Philosophy p19 This course will trace the core of Indian Philosophy from the dawn of history through the development of the orthodox and heterodox traditions to the emergence of the great medieval schools Major focus will be upon the Upanishads the Bhagavad Gita Buddhism Sankhya Yoga and Advaita Vedanta The format will combine lecture and discussion In India philosophy is notjust an intellectual exercise Rather as Radhakrishan writes quotphilosophy is for life it is to be lived It is not enough to know the truth the truth must be lived The goal of the Indian is not to know the ultimate truth but to realize it to become one with itquot In accordance with this principle each student will be expected to select and undertake some practical discipline or practice suitable to hisher temperament and life situation which will afford the student a personal experience of what Indian philosophy is about Students will write an 810 page paper explaining their practice its philosophical basis and their personal experiences with it REQUIREMENTS Regular attendance and participation in discussion Grades will be based upon the personal practice paper essay exams and attendanceparticipation Philosophy 342 Metaphysics Melvin Sanchez T 7945pm melvinsuciedu Metaphysics is the study of the ultimate nature and structure of reality and tackles questions that are not amenable to scientific investigation This course will take a topical approach to metaphysics emphasizing issues such as the following WHAT IS THE NATURE OF TIME ls time something real outside of us Many philosophers have noted the importance of time to metaphysical questions of existence Is there anything outside of space and time WHY THINGS EXIST What is the nature of existence and why does anything exist Why is there something rather than nothing Does the existence of God or a socalled quotnecessary beingquot provide an adequate answer to these questions WHAT EXISTS Some people think science tells us what exists But in describing the world our best scientific theories make repeated reference to things like atoms If we accept these theories then we appear to be committed to the existence of atoms But do these things really exist Are they much worse than other oddities that science tells us exist In addition to science many people look to religion as telling us what exists Most religious accounts agree that God exists What reasons besides faith can be offered for the existence of God FREE WILL We like to think we are capable of acting freely that there is an important sense in which our actions are quotup to usquot And holding someone morally responsible for their actions seems to require that they have free will But science teaches that everything is causally determined How can we be free if all of our actions are determined A related problem here concerns divine foreknowledge If God exists and foreknows everything that I will ever do can my actions be free The course will combine lectures with lively discussions Course requirements will include a midterm writing assignment and a final writing assignment Philosophy 351 Political Philosophy Max Rosenkrantz TTh 330445pm mrosenkrcsulbedu This course will be concerned with two central questions in political philosophy the second emerging out of the first What is the basis for the legitimacy of the state What political and social conditions are most conducive to the realization of human freedom We will read selectively in the following texts Plato The Republic Hobbes Leviathan Rousseau Discourse on the Origin of Inequality and The Social Contract Marx Capital and The Grundrisse Philosophy 352i Philosophy of Law Amanda Trefethen MW 9301045am atrefethcsulbedu PREREQUISITES Junior standing completion of GE Foundation requirements Study of the historical development of the philosophy of law and examination of the problems in the field ranging from general theories to analysis of fundamental legal concepts and normative issues GENERAL EDUCATION This course is certified as an lClnterdisplinary Capstone course along with C2b Philosophy Philosophy majorsminors may doublecount it as lCcapstone credit and as credit in the values group of the majorminor Nonmajorsminors may doublecount it as lCcapstone credit and C2b Philosophy GE credit Philosophy 363 Ethical Theory Jason Raibley TTh 1230145pm jraibleycsulbedu This course introduces students to classic theoretical approaches to ethics including virtue theory egoism utilitarianism deontology and antirealism Readings include Aristotle39s Nicomachean Ethics Hobbes39 Leviathan Mill39s Utilitarianism Kant39s Groundwork and Nietzsche39s Geneaology of Morals Requirements attendance three 10 page papers Philosophy 382 Theory of Knowledge Charles Wallis MW 111215pm cwalliscsulbeclu All of us have posed questions such as Is my girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on me Do I know whether or not government official X is guilty Do I know that person Can I know if my employer is lying to me Do we know if evolution is responsible for life on Earth Such practical questions presuppose answers to deeper philosophical questions regarding the nature sources and extent of human knowledge This class will look important answers to these philosophical questions as given by historical and contemporary thinkers from Philosophy and Psychology Philosophy 400 Teresa Chandler Business Ethics amp Kathleen Lacey TTh 111215 teresachandleralumniwilliamsedu This interdisciplinary course will enable students to learn 1 the various types of ethical dilemmas that often take place in business organizations today and 2 the concepts and tools needed to manage these complex value conflicts for the wellbeing of individuals organizations and society By learning and applying various analytical tools from the fields of philosophy psychology organizational sciences and the emerging crossdisciplinary field of crisis leadership complex value conflicts that derive from an organization39s intertwined web of stakeholders can be clearly identified and evaluated The material is meant to facilitate the business person39s ability to make the most ethically enlightened decisions Philosophy 401 Philosophy in Education Debbie Whittaker Th 5745 teachphiloyahoocom Philosophy 401 is a service learning capstone course in which upper division and graduate students conduct weekly philosophy sessions with elementary or high school students in local classrooms This class provides an excellent opportunity to gain teaching experience as well as the rewards of helping young people explore philosophical questions In the course students will read selections on the purpose and method of doing philosophy with young people Extensive training in using innovative ways to conduct philosophy sessions occurs before students begin working in the classroom Requirements for the course also include a journal summarizing and reflecting on their experience in the classroom a scholarly submission to Questions Magazine three new lesson plans and an inclass presentation of a philosophy lesson Books required for the course are Dialogues With Children Socrates Caf and There Are Two Errors in the Title of this Book Philosophy 418518 Existensialism Jason Raibley TTh 2315pm jraibleycsulbedu This course introduces students to classic writings in the traditions of existentialism and phenomenology Authors will include Soren Kierkegaard Martin Heidegger and JeanPaul Sartre Topics will include reconceiving knowledge and morality for a secular age the nature of the self personal authenticity alienation human freedom the human predicament the nature of lived experience and the preconditions of understanding Requirements for the course will include three papers on assigned topics Philosophy 425525 Wittgenstein William Johnson W 7945pm wjohnsoncsulbedu Prerequisites Six units of philosophy to include PHIL 204 or consent of instructor Close study of the later philosophy of Wittgenstein centering on Philosophical Investigations Ludwig Wittgenstein was one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century His thought was central in the creation of not just one school of philosophy but of two very different ones His first book the only one published in his lifetime Tractatus LogicoPhilosophicus B informed the major part of the 20th centurys preoccupation with the study of logic and language as the replacement for B or the key to B metaphysics Adopted by the logical positivists it became a virtual bible for their cause Having produced in the Tractatus so he believed the final solution to the problems encountered in philosophy Wittgenstein in perfect consistency left philosophy In the late 192039s however Wittgenstein began to have second thoughts about his success at solving in principle all the fundamental problems in philosophy He returned to philosophy and over the next twenty years worked out profoundly original ideas apparently in opposition to those for which he had become famous Between his return to philosophy and his death in 1951 he published virtually nothing and his work was known primarily through his students and their notes of his lectures which were circulated in underground unauthorized versions Nonetheless his intellectual influence B even if only by wordofmouth B was enormous After his death his remarkable quotlater philosophyquot became available in the posthumously published Philosophical Investigations The genius in that book captured attention throughout large portions of the intellectual world and excited deep admiration B and also controversy For a long time the was widely believed to be the only written material distinguished from lecture notes Wittgenstein had produced representing his Alater postTractatus thinking And it was in fact the only material that he himself thought of as nearing publishable condition But Wittgenstein was actually a prolific writer and through the years a surprising number of his attempts to put his thoughts in writing have been published by his literary executors The ideas of the Philosophical Investigations supplemented by the many succeeding pieces of his Anachlass have became central landmarks in virtually all of philosophy from the 195039s to the present This influence is apparent also in an extraordinarily wide range of other disciplines including linguistics psychology anthropology political science and mathematics Philosophy 425 and its graduate counterpart Philosophy 525 offers an introduction to Wittgenstein39s quotlater philosophyquot and to his revolutionary conception of the nature of philosophical activity TEXTS Primary Wittgenstein The Blue and Brown Books On Certainty Stern David G Wittgenstein s l39quot quot 39 39 quot quot quot an39 39 quot Supplementary Wittgenstein Tractatus LogicoPhilosophicus Monk Ray Ludwig Wittgenstein The Dug of Genius Edmonds David and John Eidinow Wittgenstein s Poker Philosophy 483583 Philosophical Psychology Wayne Wright MW 9301045am wwright2csulbedu This course familiarizes students with central issues in contemporary philosophy of mind and leading approaches to those issues The question of how the mind fits with the physical world will be of primary concern throughout the course with considerable attention paid to the puzzle of how the dull grey matter of the brain can give rise to states that feel some wayquot to their subjects Other topics addressed include eliminativism about the mental content and innateness Students are expected to give careful thought to the topics we will cover merely memorizing facts and terminology will not be sufficient to succeed in the course PHIL 489 Dr Van Camp Philosophy PreLaw Internship jvancampcsulbedu Volunteer internship with private organization or governmental agency with lawrelated focus 150 hours of volunteer service is required for three academic units an average of 10 hrsweek for 15 weeks PREREQUISITES completion of 15 upperdivision units for the Philosophy major Senior standing strongly recommended You st plan to make all final arrangements for the internship with the PreLaw Advisor before the start of classes If you are interested in the internship program for Spring 2008 please contact me by email your earliest opportunity We have arranged volunteer internships at the Orange County Public Defender s Office the Orange County Bar the LA County Government Legal Aid Society and other public service organizations We will jointly select one that is appropriate for your interests For links to these programs please see my web page httpwwwcsulbedujvancampcourseshtmlPHlL489 You are also welcome to look at the internship opportunities at the CSULB Career Development Center SSAD 250 Additional opportunities are listed on the Web sites for both Orange County Government and Los Angeles County Government If you find an opportunity either paid or volunteer which you believe would meet the goals for the Philosophy Prelaw Internship please contact me ASAP so we can discuss it Email is fastest We will jointly identify philosophical issues in the workplace especially ethical problems which you will consider during the semester and which will be the subject of your midterm and final narrative report on the internship GRADING CreditNo Credit Julie Van Camp received her BA from Mount Holyoke College her Ph D in philosophy from Temple University and her JD from Georgetown University She has been admitted to the District of Columbia Bar and the State Bar of California and is the Philosophy PreLaw Advisor Philosophy 690 Seminar Selected Topics Metaphysics Patrick Dieveney M 7945pm pdievenecsulbedu This course will explore central issues in metaphysics concerning identity ontology and ontological commitment We will address questions such as Are all identity claims relative Are there vague objects abstract objects and nonexistent objects What are our ontological commitments Philosophy 690 Seminar Selected Topics The Nature of Language Nellie Wieland T 5745 nwielandcsulbedu This course concerns theories of the nature of language We will try to answer the most general philosophical question about language What is a language In answering this question we will encounter issues in historical and contemporary philosophy and linguistics


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