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Intro Ethics

by: Terry Runte
Terry Runte

GPA 3.9

Julie Camp

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About this Document

Julie Camp
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Terry Runte on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 160 at California State University - Long Beach taught by Julie Camp in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/218782/phil-160-california-state-university-long-beach in PHIL-Philosophy at California State University - Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Student Evaluation Comments University Teaching Evaluation Forms Introduction to Ethics PHIL 16012 Fall 2008 N 0 TE All comments are included with no editing or omissions The complete set of original forms is available for inspection She is a very wellspoken professor I really enjoyed Van Camp s class Great and likable professor Great class This class is great and well organized Ms Van Camp is a great professor Great professor Always on top of things Great class I would recommend it to anyone Great class Loved it Great professor She is a perfect prof Very smart experienced good communicator Really good teacher Very personable Good teacher Easy and fun Instructor was always very prepared for class One of the best professors I ve ever had Very interesting Great class What a passionate professor A real cool cat Excellent professor and extremely passionate about teaching It was delightful being in Professor Van Camp s class Was definitely one of my favorite classes this semester She s a very good teacher Love the class Very interested Learned new things This was a very interesting class and Dr Van Camp presented the material well Awsome Prof Fun class Great materials topics Nice class Professor Van Camp was effective in presenting the material and trying to remain unbiased My favorite part of this class was the film reports because I felt that they helped me understand the concepts and relate experiences or scenarios to the text Very interesting class The professor did not present the subject in as unbiased a way as the claimed she would but her opinions were very interesting and useful The material was manageable for the class She was very passionate about what she was teaching which made the class more enjoyable Very organized Presents info and course material clearly and effectively She needs to find a different way of presenting information Professor Van Camp provided very interesting articles that gave us a wide point of view I loved her way of applying our materials in interesting ways such as through films and court cases The best professor ever I really loved her class bc her lectures are not directly from textbooks She added recent news to help understand philosophical concepts Also she gave clear instructions on CSULB policies which I think helped freshmen a lot Not a lot of professors go over policies The class was informative but felt that the papers video reports were not necessary and feel there should be a due date The most fairest professor at CSULB Pleasure to have Gorgeous looking Responds to email quick Loved your grading system and the discussion groups Really an excellent course Learned quite a bit and still had fun Film reports and discussion groups were great Love all of the online quizzes The film reports are great Would have been nice if we had a final practice test I really enjoyed this class especially watching films and writing reports on the material covered in class Good professor She made her class interesting with all the topics she discussed Philosophy is a hard subject to comprehend but she explained it material very effectively and provided useful material with assignments such as movies and online quizzes which helped a lot along with the biweekly study groups I tend to fall asleep during lecture Make PowerPoints more interesting to keep everyone awake Film reports were fun to do I think that you should try and make the PowerPoints with a little more information from the book and less questions Overall the class was good I really liked her grading and how basically you earn your grade by doing certain assignments It was basically in your hands I was confused about the assignments You made it seem like doing the quizzes and film reports are extra credit and that doing only three was mandatory and doing the others would be considered extra pointsquot had no idea they were being counted as points going toward my grade Maybe you should be more accurate when saying extra pointsquot bc they re not A lot of busy work no extra credit The points could have been worth a little bit more for the assignments Dr Van Camp is a professor who takes more time in trying to help her students to succeed in class For this I thank you Her group meetings are really helpful Great teacher very helpful is there for you Dr Van Camp is an incredibly good teacher Her lectures were informative and very helpful She is always available if a person needs help and taught me a lot this semester Michelle was a great ta She was very helpful and a great teacher Prof Van Camp amp Michelle were veg helpful and thorough I loved this class I truly enjoyed the course and both Professor Van Camp and her assistant Michelle They were very helpful and I will miss this class Though the class at times did at times address issues I felt selfexplanatory Professor Van Camp was still able to get me to think of the other various viewpoints and arguments The TA Michelle was likewise effective in discussion groups I really enjoyed the discussion groups that Michelle put together I always looked forward to them Great way of teaching The assignments to understand better the class material is real good Review sessions or group meetings are helpful Times for group meetings often didn t work out for people with a tight schedulemultiple jobs I liked the class overall Great job Many students talked during class a little distracting I like your grading system Taking attendance was a good idea Great class Teacher was extremely knowledgeable and helpful Might have worked better in a smaller format with less students though I would have liked to have discussed guncontrol Medical marijuana should be discussed Dank sic medical marijuana should become an issue in Phil 160


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