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Numerical Analysis

by: Manuela Boyer PhD

Numerical Analysis EEE 244

Manuela Boyer PhD

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Manuela Boyer PhD on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EEE 244 at California State University - Sacramento taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/218828/eee-244-california-state-university-sacramento in Electrical Engineering at California State University - Sacramento.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
EEE 102 Review of Sinusoidal Steady State SSS Circuit Analysis Sinusoidal Steady State SSS analysis of electric circuits is based upon the concept introduced by Baron Fourier in the 18 h century that all time varying voltages and currents can be constructed from an additive sequence a superposition of sinusoidal components having appropriate amplitudes frequencies and relative phases Therefore it is fundamental to the analysis of an electric circuit to determine how it behaves when given a sinusoidal signal input In large circuits composed of resistors capacitors inductors and dependent current and voltage sources the direct solution of the differential equations that arise from the analysis of the circuit with sinusoidal sources is often very difficult and cumbersome To make this analysis much easier electrical engineers developed a method known as the phasor circuit approach As you will see this approach results in circuit equations which are simple linear equations rather than differential equations The linear equations are much easier to solve for the unknown voltages and currents This phasor circuit approach requires the use of a mathematical postulate called Euler s Formula and complex numbers The following pages will illustrate the use of these mathematical tools in the development of the methods of phasor circuit analysis Pp i i A kw wyw q u a muampl if k x l m k 3 Kit NMVWOLJ xlkvwo lmthi kild9d4 Qu lym J FJ h i i 11 A HQVLWN x k it rtrix w E W A k k W 1 m0 A WMHWWCV n quotE M u ERR Asia Hm E 2 m Jw ti anKLmURanl LIEbL uhr t 1amp1 A 9 A 0 a i it k k w 31w m g E wa i x aluvw xDO ul U s 4 70L 3amp3 wkan U M 3 32 3amp3er 3 E 3 9pm QxWWu QSMWNEHTMrULwUtt hk AVU UWUWWdM UJ ai pus e an We 70 altwe 217732 5amp4 youCourwa wag Qlfowiu QC c 1ch wrzrrf 4 R h c 5 f f U 6 A r r Eggaac 39fr qauy a J r lt udgt Le 7 344 s a 242 s19 4595 pWHs P equot K 7 be V w r m vimt H J MJL Now v5 ltgt Fe REL5 lt3 j FEM aquot MQJFQH gapO Casca agu gmcwia Qa Iwase mwy js V07 ceSC wfw I A Vt V anga e f 39J absy39uHv Phase cu reVH3 cud wolfaeg f N V V fquot V 1409 A WQEVCP 413 C151 TM39AFJW e w V 53 reg gimmeJ 2 i1 WW 7 r I JQ quot33W Iiiwh39di quot quotIquot quotquotI 391 39 739 S i w j 39 an I c 7N 757 m VD e 74 mm 7m Ei 39 quot quot y 339 2 40 r W 777 W V IL 7 Mg r quot77777 I 7 W EFE 3902 J USQPM owvwfj39cuy v Hove ave Sow L sC4 chMJuW fo 39JOWM Polwf I CQ quot 5M a comuwa39eus FFM cobwlex ultgtv391fes rr l jreJ z e390 I EtJTr v e Vt TTZ jI 39 J v 397 an SLM w E a e zee 71 J v e t W5 PM WWW WWW m wre S Cwusowlqp Sau wges 4057 lo 39mwt 4CosW 7 P Zejwt My 9 yoga Use FDMN PD Pw s 3 WMP39quotC 4IVDV 0M0 oh39ufsfom am X E zew Immew ew pangJew is 9 62 lt9 e e a 2 6 i z Use fc c 39bwjulaw tccwwg w adoywou owd gvmvmcxhow av33919 CC 414 Qua Jbfolgt QW Mr ranch01gt


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