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Assessmt Of Special Needs

by: Elenora Haley MD

Assessmt Of Special Needs EDS 247

Elenora Haley MD

GPA 3.76

Stephen Brock

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About this Document

Stephen Brock
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elenora Haley MD on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDS 247 at California State University - Sacramento taught by Stephen Brock in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/218831/eds-247-california-state-university-sacramento in Sp Ed, Rhb, Sch Psy & Deaf Std at California State University - Sacramento.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Deaf and Hearing Impaired EDS 247 Assessment af Children wha are Deaf ar Hard af Hearing F J Stepnen E Bfockt Pn D NCSP Catrfurnra State Unwefstiy Sacvamemu w ifs twt Psychalagists Respans Possess knowiedge of psychoiogtcai and sperotogreat aspects of deafness a s owiedge afnngurstrefamors and perforrnanee rrnpneatrans of deafness Useassessrnentrnstrurnentsapprapnatefartne deaf Assess tnteiiectuai psyenasaeraf adaptive pena ion and somaiemotmftai sktHs Provide group tndtvtduai and famtiy cmmsehffg Carnrnunreate thn students tn tnerr pnrnary ianguage mam harmeMmAhwdlkwuamz FD 2am PreAssessment Considerations Understand tne Heanng L055 7T e mmv Condumve outer andof mtddie ear pfohiems Speeraftestrng accummudalmns may nut be free Occufswhen suund rs nut cunduded effrerentfy tnruugn tne uuief eaf eanaftutne eafdfum and tne imy panes pr usstcies uftne mtddie eaf Usuaiiy mvuives a 12 udtun n suund fever urtne abthiyiu nearfarnt suunds Can utten be medicaiiy pr sufgtcaiiy cuffemed Stephen E Brock PhD Deaf and Hearing Impaired EDS 247 PreAssessment Considerations Understand the Heanng L055 neanng i055 inciude Cundmuns assumaied Wyin middie gay pathuiugy adgn as uid yn the middie gayyyuyn g i syaugydygs agyudsumys media puny Eustachian meg indium gay Median Dims media pgyyuyaigd eavdmm benign iumuvs ggydyngn vcanai extevnai Dims ygSgngguyayuygydnb dy s n impacted earwax iniemmn yn the ga gg uy ynawuyynaiyun dung umgy gayy gay canaiy uvmu gay PreAssessment Considerations Undev andiheHeanng Luss Type Sensuvmeuvai ynngy gay uy addymyy nerve pmbiems Mav yeddyye nnnrvncai in vudmns odedya Wnen theve ya damaeemne ynney eay cuchiea ey mine news pathwavs neyn the ynney eay velmcnchieav in the eyayn cannm be medicaiiv ey suigicaiiv cnneded u ya a Pevmanem inss No1 nnivmvnivesa reduclinnm mundieveiymabimvin neay iainl snundSy em aisn aneds weech dndeyaandnd vabimvin neay cieaviv k PreAssessment Considerations Understand the Heanng L055 7 Sensorineural hearing loss can be caused b N drugs that are mm m the auditory system ngeneucs ndydynes nMay aiso dccdyas a resuit of Home exposure vndsee nead trauma aging and UmOrS Stephen E Brock PhD Deaf and Hearing Impaired PreAssessment Considerations Understand the Hearrng L055 e Type IMiXed both Conductive and Sensorineurai May require nunrvucai ms1mctmns in me rnner ear enemea m audituvy nerve EDS 247 PreAssessment Considerations Undev andiheHeanng Luss Degreemnaide Nurmai or no rmparrmem nrzn ea inss speeraueswrg accummndalinnsivmcaiivnm needed Speeem pimiiwmeihgibie evale mean as inss Dependingupnncommunicationabihtiesspeuaites ng accommodationsmavnntbeneeded meme have imeiiigibie speeerr Severe 6ND ea inss speeraueswrg accnmmndalinnsWmcaiivvequwed Prnrnurre am as inss speeraueswrg accnmmndalinnsWmcaiivvequwed Mne PreAssessment Considerations UnderstandmeHearing L055 Arr suedass 050 15 Mr Mely requrre nonrvocacues durmg assessmem me an unarded 50 d5 ass may have and arded ass in Me norms range Stephen E Brock PhD Deaf and Hearing Impaired EDS 247 PreAssessment Considerations 0 Other descriptors associated with hearing loss are39 e Bilateral versus unilateral b e Symmetrical versus asymmetrical Symmetllcal meansthe gegree and egrlrguralrgr gl healing luss alethe same m each ear IAsymmetllcal mearsme gegree andml egrlrguralrgr gl me luss rs grllererllgr each ear PreAssessment Considerations 0 Other descriptors associated with hearing loss e Progressive versus sudden hearing loss Pluglesslve becames mereasmglvwgrse everlrme udden has an aeule gr lapld unset and theletule geeurs quickly regurrmg rmmegrale megreal attentlun tn gelermme rls eause and tleatment e Fluctuating versus stahle hearing loss Fluctuatng healing luss lstyplcallya symptum gl egrguelrve healing luss eauseg by ear mleelrgr and mrggle eal uld but alsu plesents m Ethel cundltluns such as Me ease rrreres grs PreAssessment Considerations lggy mav sugges me plesence gl gmer handlmps e u r mrm lrauma and mgm lever are alsg assgeraleg wrm leammg grsalarlrlres ge al Onset aelgre 2 vears asmclaled WW a grealer pmgamlrlv gl language gelav e Age al lgenlrlrealrgnlnlervemrgn eu rusentalds Hearrrrgslalusglllre palents Healing impelled errrlgrerr gl geal palems are mgre likelth rrave a severe in prglgurrg rrearrrrg loser vel alme same lrme lrrev are mgre likelth rrave eslaulrsrreg a egmmurrrealrgrr svsem Stephen E Brock PhD Deaf and Hearing Impaired ManuaiEnvsh Di intev vetev e Ensure interpreters avetminediii Have may undevstandinv m duestiamduedmm mime mivtestarswevs s1udents ave mme iikeiytu be wane ave muen mme waived evaiuatiuns PrisAssessment Considerations Determine student s pvetened made utcummumcatiunoe ASL iEnvish simmnem andthe need man Tes1s given by persunswnhuut experience Wuvkmg Wnn deat Budget mme timetuvthese assessments sswnen dune weinney Make suvevisiun nss been assessed and itvequived giasses ave Wumi s EDS 247 School Record Review 0 Academic performance 0 Family information 0 Vision and hearing screening results 0 School attendance history 0 Prior assessment data Observations 0 Will help in determining 7 needed test accommodations e typicai behaviorperformance e ieaming strengtns and Weaknesses Stephen E Brock PhD Deaf and Hearing Impaired EDS 247 Communication Issues Testing conducted rn student s preferred mode or mmumcation Provide a Well irtroornthat avoids glare Minimize visual distractions aha naehgraune horse Use distinct Speech but don t exaggerate lip movemen s Remove obstructions to the examiner s face Berore beginning assessmentensure assistive irstenrng devices are warhrng am used Assessment Tools 0 Modify existing measures 0 Employ nonverbal tests 0 Use tests designed for hearing impaired 0 Unless tests are known to be valid for this population always consider the possibility that scores may be underestimates Report Language in analyzing these results rt needslu be kept rh rhrhethatthrstest Wasslandardize Em dvscribeslandzrdizminnszmple e psyehurhetrreauy were Hearing impaired ehriereh were hut heueee h h les1 stand Em samples Thustestseures H level uttuhetruhrhg h the Englishrspeakmg hearing classruum These seures can be used turhasehhe she tulluwrup measures in assess prugress relative in hearing peers Stephen E Brock PhD 6 Deaf and Hearing Impaired Intelligence Testing WechslerPerformance Scales Raven Coloured Progressive Matnees Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children TestofNonverhal intelligence Pictorial Test oflntelligence Columbia Mental Matunty Scale Verbal tests are almost always inappropriate for use l0 s tnese measures are as a measure of ones on company neanng impairments typically a reflemon artne language delays tnat ac EDS 247 Language Testing 0 Consult with LSH specialist o Wechsler Verbal Scales verbal abilitieswith neanng pee o Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test 7 Translation difficulties e Notasameasure iflO hutasaWaytocompare r5 0 Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test Social amp Emotional a giving self report items 0 Use caution when interpretin linguistic differences 0 MeadowKendall SocialEmotional o 039 concept 0 Tennessee SelfConcept Scale 9 7 Unusual responses may he uueto culturaland Assessment Inventory for Deaf Students Lale Stephen E Brock PhD Deaf and Hearing Impaired EDS 247 Behavior 0 Less dependent upon language Thus w 0 Child Behavior Checklist o Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale Resources ngyemsmyoeavanu HammHeanng Siudems emueimesvm Ouahiy swam 0052mm Nunhem oammma ksessmem oenmvmme Deaiand Ham uv Heanng Cahinvma Emmi mum neawupu Pevsnnnei Sevvices mam 3935a Gaiiaudel Duve Fvemnm amass ammmmv vmcemwmnnaoaanmx m mm MmAsssssmmmmm mm m a mm mm m mem mm a mmm u quotamMummwmWWW mum Wm m mm m is mm mm Mu mm m LEAVavsuch MM as vvavvam viacememcan iammsmden vmvvess behavmvaivvabiem deievmmaimnmmasi vwgpum made WWW an 5mmmummemnv mm mums mum mmmmm Resources a ASHA mtg wwwasha uvggubhdheavmgdisuvdevsiyges him mig wwwasha uvggubhdheanngdisuvdevs I Medime Pius mtg Wwwnim mh guvmedimegiusencyamcieAJEICiEIAA him 7 WWW Ammm I NiCHCY Disahiiity FactSheet mtg WWW mahcy uvggubsacishes ixi him Stephen E Brock PhD Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Identifying amp Screening ACknOWIedQement Autism at Schoo Adapted from Brock S E Jimerson S R amp Han en R L in press Identifying assessing and Stephen E Brock Ph D NCSP treating autism at school New York oaiiiorhia State Umvevslty Sacvamentu springer w ii Ti Iam t w l Lecture Outline Introduction Reasonsforlncreased Vigilance o Autistic spectrum disorders are much more DIa cations and special common than previously suggested 7 EPILvisu wtgmnperiEIEEElnthegeneralpopulatlon 0 School Psychologist Roles Responsibilities 7 EDENn iric e 0 and Limitations 0 Case Findin 0 Screening and Referral rn a E go o m 5 ase in the horhoers served ohoerthe aotisrh lDEA eilglhlilty eiassirieatioh as Bahamas m e 95 orsehooi psychologists report ah iherease in the horn er or stooehts With ASD oeihg rererreo ror assessment with s Explanations for Changing ASD Increased Prevalence in Special Rates In the General Population E cl ucation lus oerammo mEducalInn znnill Changes in diagnosuc emerii TntalNumber m39StudcntClassi edasAubmc andEhgblefm SpecialEducatmn Under iDEAoyAge Gmup o Heightened public awareness of aut sm 0 Increased willingness and ability to diagnose autism 0 Availability of resources for children with autism 0 Yet to be identi ed environmental factors ii ii m i Iii Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP 1 Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Increased Prevalence in Special Education insnqarlrmmmmucaunmznnli Student ClaSl zdas Autlsilc Under IDEA as a Percentage nl39all Students will Disabilities 199m 2003 u u 0 0 u ui 0 01 0 00s 1994 1995 199d 1997 1992 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Explanations for Changing ASD Rates in Special Education o Classi cation substitution 7 iEPtearns naye become better ahieto identify students Witn autism e Autism is more acceptable in today s scnoolstnan is tne diagnosis of mental retardation e The intensiye early intervention seryces often made ayailanle to students Witn autism are not always to ered to tne c il Whose primary eligibility classification is mental retardation Increased Prevalence in Special Education insnqarlrmmmmucaunmznnli Percemag m Smdmts classi ed as Amiga m Mmtzlly Retarded Under IDEA as a P allSmdcmsmthD ablhhes 199mm 1m ms me mi mo lwy mm 2001 2002 ms Reasons for Increased Vigilance o Autism can be identi ed early in development and 0 Early intervention is an important determinant ofthe course of autism Reasons for Increased Vigilance 0 Not all cases of autism will be identi ed before school entry 7 AyerageAge ofAutistic Disorder identification is 512 years of age 7 AyerageAge orAsper er s Disorderidentification is ii years of age uuuiysiasyrmnm Reasons for Increased Vigilance 0 Most children with autism are identi ed by school resources a Only three percent of children With ASD are identified solely by riorirschooi resources a All other children are ident d by a Combination of scnool and riorirschooi resources 57 quotn or by scnool resources alone 40 vs ytmuiswusi mm Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Stephen E Reasons for Increased Vigilance I Full inclusion of Children With ASD irl general education Cl Ssrooms StudentsWitndisaoilities are increasingly placed in lullrirlclusiurl settn s e in additiun the results ot recent studies suggesting a declining School p incidence otmental retardation amongtne ASD population turtnerincreasestne likelinood tnattnese cnildre Wi e 3quot le main r eronoon 2am Case Finding Cunsequentiy tuday s educators are more ilkeiytu encounter cnildrenWitn autism duringtneir careers 0 Screening and Referral s o ducat Lecture Outline o Introduction39 ReasonsfarincreasedVigiiance Diagnostic Cla Ion E 399 sychologist Roles Responsibilities ations ssl catlons and Special llly Evolution of the Term Autism tall Fiist used by SWlss psycniatrist Eugen Eieu ri e neriyed nom tne Greek autostselt and iarnostconditionx Eieuiei used tneterm to descrioetne mncept nt iuining inward on ones and applied tto adults yytn senimpnrenia i943 Len annernrst us tn rioe a group otcnildren Wno ln eteim irllarltile autism tu desc were socially isnlaledyweie oenayiorally inflexible and Wno nad impaired communication lnitiallyyiewed as a conseguence nipuuipaienting it was until tne teams and recognition ottne tacttnat many ottnese cnildren nad epilepsy thatthe disorder began to be yiewed as naying a neurological oasis not DSM Evolution of the Term Autism ln iQEEI inrantile autism Wasfirst included in tnetnird edition ortne Diagnostic and statistical Manual Withirithe category or erya Deyelopmental Disorders Also occurring at aoout tnis time was a groyying awareness tnat lltra also rererred to a classic autism is tne most extrem r s ectrum or autistic disorders Autistic Disorderistnec ce tne reyision or DSM S tnird edition APA use si E7 slve rlrler sautisrn erormo a ontemporary classirication Diagnastlc Class catians Brock PhD NCSP Diagnastlc Classl Icatians interaction repertoire ot actiyity and inte Asperger s Disor er Ma ed dev I Autistic Disorder Maikedi abnormal or impaired deyelopment in social and communication and a markedly restricted rests ikedi abnormal or impair lopment in social e inte action and a markedly restricted repertoire otactiyrties r and interests language abilities and cognitiyetunctioning is not attecte N Expeiience ditliculty in at leasHWu ottnetnree autistic s outdo not meet diagnostic disorder symptom cluster criteria tor any otner PDD Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 o Rett39s Disorder 7 Occurs primariiy among rernaies and invoives a u k movement foiiovvirig at iea deve oprnent pattern ornead growtn deceieration a motorskiii arid the presence ofavvkvva t 0 Childhood Disintegrative Disorder 7 Ve rare Adistinct pattern or regression st two years or norrnai ioss or rine rd gait and Special Education Eligih ty Proposed IDEIA Regula ns o IDEIA 2004 Autism Classi cation P 7 4E individuais with Disabiiities Educatiun impiuvement Act DEiA 2mm Piupused USDOE Peguialiuns iui iDEAZEIEIA i anti Eci Autism means a devel pmentadisam signi canti sweating verbal andnunvemacummumcamn and maineraaion generai1 evident be 9 age three that adversei aliens a childs education Pemmnarice Other characteristics Men associated with autism are engagement in repetitive actmties andsterentwra Mo memechange in change n aa 2 chidwmz maniieat me characteristics Nautst arm 9 could be identined as pavmo autism me cntena m paragrapp c i ionpiaseapnareaatcned Special Education E 0 CA Autism Classi cation Tilie 5 GOP manta A PUPiexhibitsm mm Mme ioipwno autistiem pep anors o as iorappropnate wmmim meme mmdrawaiorreiatmo topeop continuedirnpainn o nteraa norm marine nzuaiiac pepav ty Current California Regulations i an inapuxy to use icatiim2a i 9 inappropriatei and entms ciai pnno niancy saw command 3 an obsession to manta n same a w m DDects ornappropnate use oippecta 07mm 5 meme resistance to controls to displayspecu ar Mama and muti t Patterns 7 selrstimuatmgi pr patoryoi neaa A Special Education Eligib ity Forspeciaieducation eiigihiiitypurposes distinctions among PDDs may not pe reievarit wniietne diagnosis or Autistic Disorder reduires dirrerentiatino its symptoms rrorn otner PDDs Shriveretai i999 su gesttnatrorspeciai education eiigihiiity purposes tne rederai derinition r isrn was Written sufficientiy proa Special Education Eligi DSM liVTE Criteria egtltc Fogt et ai Quin WhiieDSMVr Reiteria are However it is iess ciear ir students Witn rniiderrorrns mm are aiways eiioipie rorspeciai education Adiudicatiue decision makers airnost neverusetne siveiy or primariiy ror deterrnining Wnetner tne cniid is eiioipie as autistic 3 T orten considered in nearingcourt decisions DEA is typicaiiy acknowiedged as tne controiiing autnority n it cornesto speciai education it is state and rederai education codes and reguiations not DSM liJR tnat drive eiigihiiity decisions Legal Information 0 For additional information o httplWiIiNiwrightslawcom nfolautismindexhtm Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 School Psychologist Roles Lecture Outline Responsibilities and Limitations 0 Introduction Reasonsforlncreased Vlgllarlce 1 School psychologists need to be more 0 Diagnostic Classi cations and Special vigilant for Symptoms ofautlsm among the Education Eligibility students that they serve and better ol dt 39 t 39 th f Scho Psychologist Roles Responsl llles mixsf ngThiis sdigiordigocesso and ta ns 39 lndlng 0 Screening and Referral School Psychologist Roles School Psychologist Roles Responsibilities and Limitations Responsibilities and Limitations 2 Case Fin in 9 llschaalpsychalogists should he expected to panici ate in case rindin l e rmltlrle 3 Screening Allschool psychologists should he prepared to participate in the beinvlbmlscreening olthe student who has risk lactors andor is ys warning signs olaotrsrnti e able to developmental Survelllarlce of Chlldrerl lrl the general mnduci scleeningsto deiellninethe need ioldlagnoshc assessments population to recognize risk factors and identlfy e Allschoolpsychologists shouldhe able to distinguish warning signs of atltisrn between screening and diagnosis inisWooid ineiode training generai edoeatorsto identiiytne 4 Diagnosis llsktaduls andwarning signs olaotisrn Onlytnose school psychologists With appropriate training and SupeNlSlun snoold diagnose a speeilie aotisrn speetrorn disorder School Psychologist Roles Responsibilities and Limitations Lecture Outline 5 Speclal Educatlorl Ellglblllty 0 Introduction ReasonsforlncreasedVlgllance e Allschool psycholog39stsshould he expected to o uotthe psychoeeducational eiraluationthat is a 0 DIEQHOSNC C39aSSI CENOT S arid SPECIEI pan olthe diagnostic process andthat determines Education Eligibim educational needs H c E 0 School Psychologist Roles Responsibilities rheahilitytoconduot suchassossrrentsonllraguire school psychologiss to he knowledgeahle olthe and L39m39m39ons accormiodations nocossuyto ohtain iralid 151 resins iohm womng withthe child who hasan Asn Case F g 0 Screening and Referral Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP tners py24 rndntnsc I SchoolAge Children tprmhnnllhrnugh upru modest SocialEmotional Cn Poof at initiating andor susainino actinties and friendsnips win peers piavneetirne is more isnialed rioid andor repetitive iess interactive Atypicai interests and oenaviors minparedto peer lunawafentmciaicn nsor F H b 24 m c nvetio desntmndudegi566ms 39 3 9 39quotEquot a Y Wquot 5 unawareotno ommertsoradi nscouidottendotners Faiiure td derncinstrate interest in dtner chiidfenbyZA Emss 3 8 mmquot rndntnsc we veanxieWi39ea e d p AWPiCai erndtionai emfessinn emotion sucn as distress or a edinfvi is signincantiv move or iesstnan appears appropriate inf tne situation s sum mutanmoeswm emmnmmedm is mgz eegmmmigm m or is atdmmiw me Faiiure td imitate py24 rndntnsc Any iess at any ianguage uf sdciai SW at any age p smes 39Fihvdtetai ieee mieenspsn ieee and DzonoN mm Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Case Finding LookingforWarning Signs Case Finding LookingforWarning Signs 0 SchoolAge Children preschnnllhrnugh uppergrzdesj 7 Communication Concerns EehaViwa39 C Mems Excessive isseinsiienpeiseveiaiien Win a paiiicuiaiiupic inieiesi en epieei u uiyupsetbychangesiniuutinesuiexpedatiuns uieneeneyieiiap EIHEICkW en excite i isiiessee Unusuai sensuiyiespunses ieactiunstu suund tuuch textures pain tuieiance eie Hisiuiy nibehaviuiai eeneeins inattentiun hyperactivny aggressiun anxieiy seieeine mute Puui iine sneei giuss mutui skiiis en Cuuidmaiiun mums wepmi miwimimn Meme imieeidmmwimoemm Case Finding Lookingforatypicai deveiopmerit Case Findin Looking for atypicai deveiopmerit Developmental Screening 0 Staff DeVSIOPmem Seneui psycneiegisi eiiuiisiu educate ieacneis apuuiine iisk A995 5 5 3995 Quem oma m semis and Warning signs uiAsD Wuuid aisu be cunsisieniWiin PauiH are kes P piisneis oniio Fi g iaii nsiseei7c 52m ii Chm Deveiopmem inventorieg ieacneisineiniunnaiiunineyneeoieiuekiuiAsD sucn as is E haw 8mm By E piesenieo ininiswuiksnup Wiiiiaciiiiaie caseiinoing eiiuiis 7 Parents ui Evaiuatioris of Deveiopmeritai Status Eiiswunn StVarideimeei Press Ltd Case Finding Listening to caregivers Case Finding Listening to caregivers 0 Referring Concerns That Signal the Need for 0 Referring Concerns That Signal the Need for Autism Screenin Autism Screenin 7 Communication Concerns sociai Concerns Dues nut respond in nisneinsrne Dues nut Smiie suciaiiy Cannutteii me Wnsi sne Wants Seemstu pieieiie piay siene Dues neiieiieweiieniens isveiy ineepeneeni Appears eesisiinnes as puui eye contact Se mstu near sumetimes but nut utheis is in nisneie no Dues nut puim DYWaV byerbye ITunes us nut is nut interested in Either eniieien rim 7 Aetai 1999 ineseieeninoneeimsisomsie nipei p A mi 1999 ineseieeninoneeiamswisie speeiinesmees minimum mopeoeepnenieioimpes 23 439 spam mines omeimom MdDevamemaidimder 23 439 m 454 Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Case Finding Listening to caregivers Case Finding Listening to caregivers 0 Referring Concerns That Signal the Need for 0 Referring Concerns That Signal the Need for Autism Screenin Autism Screening Behavioral concerns 7 Behavioral C0riCErriScnmmue Tantiums Has unusual attachmentstu tuys e g always is hulding a ls hyperactive ei theeepeiatiieieppesitiehai certain whim e playwith tuys Lines W a Duesn t knuW hewt Duesthe same thing we and eiei Tue We ks in s up ls DVEYSEnSitiVE tei eeitaih textures eii Suunds Has nee hhgei shem budy muvement patterns Sauice Filivek V A etal teem rheseieehhiheeieehssmmstie Sauice Filivek V Aetal ieee rheseieehhiheeieehsismttstie speetitm eisaieeis Jmmilo lutum MdDeVEbpMemildim er 25 439 454 speetitmesiiees remittth MdDeVEbMertildim er 25 439 454 case Finding QUSStlonlng caregiVerS Case Finding Questioning caregivers Asking about Socializationthatprohe rarissuesthat Asking about communication that probe for WW 5 9quot mug is foran al llgm Screemng issues that would signal the need for an autism e ues s istheie screening he ui cuddle like mhei chiieiehv innk alvnu men you are talking mpiavmm or l5 there hum ntheisv smiieihiespnhsetn a sriile puint With hishihhge engage h iecipineai teashei nhpiaw mm W yes and quotD7 niavsmvieima wam w asvmrmken39i eek39a39w eiieet yetiatehtieh by hulding up ehieetstei yet in see7 shnWiiteiest ih other ehiieiehi yt mg and nut hi eh7 huwthmgstupeuple7 Sauice Filivek V Aetal ieee rheseieehhiheeieehsismttstie Sauice riiipeh V A etal teem rheseieehhiheeieehssmmstie speetitmesiiees remittth MdDeVEbMertildim er 25 439 454 Case Finding Questioning caregivers case Finding QUSStlonlng caregiVerS 0 Asking about communication that probe for 0 Asking about behavior that probe for issues that issues that would signal the need for an autism WOUId Signal the quot99 for 3quot amism screening screening continue 7 Does she or is there ES 5 e i Ihave repetitive ereutyped uiudd meteihehaweiv Md 3quot 3M WW haw have pieuccupatiuns eii a quotWWW iahge etihteiests7 W mms mm mmm m mm mm m attend muietu pans etehieets e g the Wheels utatuy cay7 tummy have limited uiabsent pietend play imitate uthevpeuple s aetieihsv or lSthere use inte iepetitive eii echulalic speech7 memuiize stiihgs utwuies ui sciipts7 I View mys mm same exaciway each WW satiee Filivek V A etei 1999 iheseieehihv eheeieehesis eteiitstie I simnaiy attach in a SPEC unusual DWEWSV speeitmesiiees remittth meoeveememieimme 23439 ri t e i 454 Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP 8 Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Adaptation of Filpek et al s 1999 Algorithm Lecture Outline for the Process of Diagnosing Autism cm o Introduction Reasonsforlncreased vigilance mquot 0 Diagnostic Classi cations and Special suemolmmwm Education Eligibility i won WIquot Hm ma xme Case Flndln Screen g and Referral 53 mademu mm 0 School Psychologist Roles Responsibilities and Limitations Screening and Referral Behavioral Screening for ASD 0 Screening is designed to help determine the Schooldpsvcnol need for additional diagnostic assessments 7 5 o In addition to the behavioral screening which Several screening tools are available at school should ty ically be provided by the lflltlally rnost oftnese tools focused on the school psychologist screening s ould identification of ASD among infants and include medical testing lead screening and We We I e audiolo ical evaluauon I Recently screening tools useful for the ldefltlflcatlofl a comp e g 39 of school aged Ehlldfefl WHO have highfunctioning autism orAsperger s Disorder have been developed oglsts are exceptionally well qualified ct the penaviorai screening of students suspected to have an ASD Behavioral Screening of Infants Behavioral Screening of Infants and Preschoolers and Preschoolers CHeckist lorAutism in Toddlers CHAT CHeckist lorAutism in Toddlers CHAT aaion helliSiAllefliJiiEGlllbelgiC i992 Canaullslfllze r BalmiG icnaiman f Eainannnen S Cnx A Swmlennam detectedatiainontnsv lneneedle lnenavsiad andlnecHAl liWneelwthSiaDvewiA mun Ascveenindinsliuinemtni mmWWmWWW W 8397 auli attamonihsotaoe ABrveaiInllnwupsmdv inomaior ii ma Ad mid dAdl tPhth aaioncdnen com aim G vaeItennaml NigMing ei soii ilf m W a quot5quot 9quot 39 N i airtio i i is malkelsinlnedeledinnnta i al A Cnannanil i996 Psvcnoiodicai ulisin Entlsh Journaloff39sycmat yi lea Ealnannnen S vvneeiwvidnt s Cnx A Earth 6 Cnaima i ininlancvlnalaloepnnulailnn r swetlennain liniew A coeniin P mun Eale 158463 identiicalion otauiisin ovlne CHecKlisl toi Autism in roddieis CHAT Journalofthe novasumo of Medicine 93 szi 7525 Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Behavioral Screening of Infants and Preschoolers CHecinst for Autism in Toddlers I CHEMis fUrAuIiSm in Tamiers CHAT Designed In ieeniiiy risk eiauiism amung iErmunthruIds kes 5m in ininuiesie adminismv Cunsists mi 9 euesiiens asked eiine paieni and 5 iieins mm 312 eeinpieiee bythe seieenei s eiieei ubservatiun ei ine eniie 5 neins aYE cuneieeieeie be key iieins inese keyitems assessieini aneniien and pieiene piay iia eniieiaiis aiiine ennese iieinsiney aYE cuneieeieeie be at nign viskluv deveiupmg autism CHecinst for Autism in Toddlers CHecinst for Autism in Toddlers httg Wwwau lS lcsocie nrganiclelSG html Behavioral Screening of Infants Behavioral Screening of Infants and Preschoolers I and Preschoo ers I Ac i fried Checkis fUrAuIiSm in Tamiers Mr Modified Checkis fUrAuIism in Todders MVCHAT e RobinsiD Lr in D Ba ri M LXQGreErLJ ZEIEM Tne modified checkiistforautism iniaaaieis Ari Initiai study investigating me eariy neiemian of e i ei au ervasive deveiopmen ai ism ers r awaddinunaiitemsizarimmmai JournaUfAuiism and DevelopmentsDisorders 31 gigggga iggxm 9 M39CHATWEHD WWE mews akesuseula N iieSignee In seieen iei autism at 24 meninseiage iieie sensitivetu ine bvuadEY autism spemuin iisesineaiieins ieinine igmaICHAT as Its basis E i Ves e mmat euesiiennaiie esNu answers 312 cunvevted In passIaii vespunses by t eseieenei eniie iaiisine checkiist wnen 2 eiineie em eniieai IEmS aieiaiiee mwnen anyiniee iieins aYE iaiiee t ubseweine eniie i Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP 10 Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Behavioral Screening of Infants Modi ed Checklist for Autism in and Preschoolers Toddlers We WWW M we r Mn 12iuumwn Ma a 3 m o Modi ed Checklist forAutism in Toddlers MVCHAT 7 The MVCHATWaS usedto Screen 1293 187m SUV maritimin cmidren SE Were referred for a diagnostiddeveiopmentai evaiuatmn 39 Were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder Robins et ai ZEIEI 7 Wm resuit in raise pasmves 7 Data regarding raise negative i5 not currentiy avaiiahie but roiiowrup research to obtain such is currentiy underway iiilri eaeaeeeeae El Autism in Toddlers MCllusxomhmmm Ada1mqu mum um mdms mu uum mm m m mu we we menwmsslhurswnss mum mark munmum nth m mm M cm Euuwmml m m cnmm m Wm m uu mum sperm Nutmdmnmmtmw mmwnuumm nmu mm rum chrlmdm nk mm mum eunuqu nnsuum Mmdmxdwemmdmhmmmhupum nu u nu nu n nu mm H nu 2n Emmet10W Behavioral Screening of Infants and Preschoolers Modi ed Checklist for Autism in o ers o Pervasive Developmental httplme rstsignsorgldownloadslmchatPDF DiSO39de s Screening 795 PDDST ll e Sieger B 2mm Avaiiahie rrurn PsychCorp Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Behavioral Screening of Infants Behavioral Screening of Infants and Preschoolers and Preschoolers l l Pervasive Developmental Disorders Screening Test 7 H Pervasive Developmental Disorders Screening Test 7 H PDDS HI PDDS HI The can numbered ciiticai euestiuhs are DrdErEd byage ih DYdEY 39 W 705739 SW 25 9quot 2 WW quot a Wquot quotWri fiifiilii hml Zililhaaiaa iahssmiataasitia antiia Bil 5W W WW 39 39 3quot AS here add hchaeiec items scaiee Positive ah the upper hair at each 7 Designed tn be cumpleted by parerrts se mm more strnrr l nsitivethe screerr 7 Shuuldtake rru mure tharr minutes 7 Evert numbered items signi cantly dittererrtiate ASDrreterred in children rum thuse with mild develupmerrtal disurders These items are also are aiceiec lav ace in nicer rah hiehee to lowest Predictive valid v Hasthiee stages itthiee ur mure citthe pee numbered items are checked as being VES UsuallyTrue theh the result is EDnSldEYEd a pusltlve evaiuatlun iheictee Behavioral Screening of School Behavioral Screening of Infants Age Children and Preschoolers o Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire A880 7 Ehiersis thlherg G XaWtrrg L t999 A Screening que tiohhaire forAspergersyndrome and other high runetipmhg autism spectrum disorders In school age E ii rerr UurnaUfAultSrn and Developmental Disorders 29 1297141 Behavioral Screening of School A h d Behavioral Screening of School A h d ge C H ren geC iI ren I Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire ASSO I Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire ASSO e The 27 items rated an a 34ml scaie e Twu separate sets etcutcittscciies are suggested ratai 5cm rahgariam magi Parerrts 1lleadwers 11 muall lmpalredcnlldren Items address SDElai interactiuri cummuriicatiuri 39 itquot 39 quot V MS J m5 225 D restrictedrepetitive behaviur and meteiciumsihess and ether NMg mjnfm7m53v myjp39Jfbj m assuciated sympturns accrues cataihasspseaies attris iecei 7 W Mammy mdymimdi im Imeyamids e pseatasticestmtaieehaiiaihasadiachastcassessmeht whie rrat imam indicated shauld matte itiea act 39 SWPIE NEEquot W355 SD2 393 Parentle TeameYS z immediate ASD diagnostic reterral 9 e9 Asperger rnearrWasZE 2 so in 3 7 raisepasihe iateiai parents hateaeiec mu m Avalda mquot WW 3 Elm WP r it WWW a 55L iawtiatiaattaaitwiaaaiatic iaai mAssn ASSQtu be a reliable and valid paieht ahe teacherscreenlng Wittmm m fnlgnfundlunlng autism spectrum disurders in a 7 lncreasesthe risk muse hecathes iristittmeht e ciihicai setting Ehlers Gliiber XthnE 19939 tag t n Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP 12 Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Behavioral Screening of School Age Children Autism Spectrum Screening naire Question ChldhoodAspergerSyndrome Test CAST Seen s i i The CAST Childhuud Aspevgev Syndmme Tesl M 5m 5 97 1 A Eavuanuhen s Eullun P ampEvayn2 0 2mm A n A sueemng my mamsueam mlmawgvade ages 6 lnmuqn M Veavs cmldven Has 37 nems win 31 Kev items cnnmbmmg in me cmld slmal some The a survival nems assess geneval development IWllH almalpnsslble smvemat aem unsmvenma vespnnses was mum in cunele memw a7 5 7 am m a mine eases m autism wedmm dlsnvdevs Rate nuaisepnsnwes lSSEWu Rale m lalse negatives l5 nm available Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test I mswnad mm 27 hmswnad mm1 27 2x Behavioral Screening of School Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test Age Children httg VWWV autismresearchcentre umtestscast test asg Aug zl sa scale f A5P9 99 5 Syndmme e GarnettampAtthud 1998 e ParemTeaeher rating scale 7 24 questmns LE se i A i i39s a e e in behavlural haramens ucs yesnu SYNDROME l 5a 2qu h uwmes1 ues1un 12 Ha malumy ulqueshuns ave yes IThen diagnushc velenal is indicated Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Australian Scale forAsperger39s Syndrome ASAS http WWW mindrstegs ComaSSESSmentSassessmerit mm Behavioral Screening of School Age Children 0 Social Communication Questionnaire SCQ a BEWWEHLS Ki Line i oro c PickleS A Xt ailey A i999 Aotismsereeningooestionnaire Diagnostic Validity British ioomai of Psychiatry 1754447451 e Rutter M i iL oteur A XtLord m3 Sociai Communica Questionnaire LosAngeiesi CA Western Psychological SelVi Behavioral Screening of School Age Child ren Behavioral Screening of School Age Children SodaCommunicain Questionnaire SCQ SociaiCommonieation Questionnaire see 7 Wm Dims u t 2 SCQ a Lifetime and a CM 7 2 uCunentaskqueainnsabnutthechiid sbeha mm ask mi stinris a out the child s entiie oe histnlv ano plnvides data osetui in oeienninino itt tor a oiaonosiie assessine n v s rentionn nor in the pas 37 inon hsi ano is sueeesieo tn piohoe data heiptoi in r 39 onoeisanoine a child s eveivdav imne smeiienues ano evaluating tieatmerit ano eooeaiionai plansquot 7 v a u velnpmentai here isneed t e Nu questiuris asked oiihe parent 7 oiihis questiuririaiie ducumentsthe child s abilitytu speak and is oseo tn oeiennine which itEmSWiii he oseo in calculatingthe tutal seoie Behavioral Screening of School Age Child ren 0 Social Communication Questionnaire SCQ 7 ii Au Behavioral Screening of School A toScore protocol converts the parents ge Children YesN0 responses to Sociai Communication Questionn re see vvhiie it is nut paiiieoiaiiy attentive at distinguishing amung m i thevaiiuusASDs it has been tuuridtu have guud disciimiriativevalidit b e The mean SCQscore ofchildren With aotism inciudmwmmy was 24 Z Whereasme general popoiation mean was 5 2 e The thresho etween autism arid uthei disuideis in mild Ell mudeiat m ta aidatiuri The SEQ authuis acknuwledge that leE data is neededtu dEtEiminE the iieooeney oiiaise negatives R uttei ei al ZEUS rthreshoio might pe appropriate it c ors e g the child peing screened is the sipiing ora personwith ASD are present io rerieeting the neeo ror oiagnostie assessment is is e A Slightly iovve otherrishra t This SCQiS availabletium Westein Psychulugical Services Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP Identifying and Screening Autism at School EDS 247 Next Week 0 Read Brock el al Chapters 57 0 Recommended Reading 7 Thomas amp Gnmes Chapter 94 o Autism group projectlecture due Stephen E Brock PhD NCSP 15


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