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Protein Biochemistry

by: Zion Carroll

Protein Biochemistry CHEM 260

Zion Carroll

GPA 4.0

Linda Roberts

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About this Document

Linda Roberts
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zion Carroll on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 260 at California State University - Sacramento taught by Linda Roberts in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/218865/chem-260-california-state-university-sacramento in Chemistry at California State University - Sacramento.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
HelixIoop helix DNA aanaana mam camam amama mam n m N mam mama Svnnvznnx DNA binding HLH in MyoD mam mama Svnnvznnx The EF Hand 3 r 9 3x I mam mama Svnnvznnx Calcium binding determinants Innp cnnsensus DVKNADGFADiE Giycme YESidES in me name 25mm cHEMmU swmum Troponin C has 4 EF hands 25mm cHEMmU swmum Bhairpin IN 25mm cHEMmU swmum Greek Key mam mama Svnnvznnx Greek Key A Llamr mam mama Svnnvznnx Greek key 1 u mam mama Svnnvznnx Greek key example Staph nuclease maaa mama Svnnvznnx camwaap maaa mama Svnnvznnx Bioci crossovers u mamanaea gt 95 Le rhanded maaa mama Svnnvznnx SlmDe mot s mammalsm Complex motifs are built from mam mama Svnnvznnx Em m In ml 1 run m Iiu gm gm up Lin nu mg ml 22 I In 1 1m 1m 1m m1 giil in Exxs mam mama Svnnvznnx Many proteins are multidomain mam mama Svnnvznnx Protein Structure Classification Hierarchical classi cation schemes Domain classes usually included Examples CATH PF M Automatic analyseslinks with pdb les zsnnnx mama spmmx Example 1TMpdb zsnnnx SCOP details for 1TMpdb pm quotmayst mmmmmm cumquot GIIusgIluslw a m Class Alena andhela gmleins abil lu l Mamypirillelbeta sheets MMmuse ms Fold ithel l harbanell l mntamspamielbetarsh 5 snmmmmseva m wstsewn supe ammes have smrmwnmpmmg s es upevamilv Yviase has hmeisamevasefllM 51351 P nil Wisnszi Pimein lviasephamhale isnmevase 51353 Specie Chicken Gallusgallus mu 9cm 5135M zsnnnx mama spmmx Gene duplication and fusion mm mama swam Modular engineering Occurs by insemuns and deieiiuns min simace iuups B Dump 2 1 insenedmiuiuup 7 31mm F quot mini Dumami ya mum 3 i 7 39 5 L The heptad repeat mm mama swam COIIedcoHs have 35 residuesturn zsnnnx Sidechain interactions 1 If 1241 zsnnnx sznn spmmx Knobs into holes sznn spmmx zsnnnx vau wequot Snume mu Fumllwl m Greqmy A rem and Dagmar nge mth mam mama Svnnvznnx 4helix bundles 0300 a 0 4 o In 0 0 E 2 0 DNquot o a o 9 o 9 639 b mam mama Svnnvznnx 4helix bundle topologies h mam mama Svnnvznnx CMachmme assz Apahpaphann m Apahpapvmem Ea mam mama Svnnvznnx The Globin Fold mam mama Svnnvznnx mam The globin fold myoglobin 2M0rmh mama Svnnvznnx The qlobin fold cytochrome c zsnnnx sznn spmmx Ridges a mu granites C znaangles swangles zsnnnx sznn spmmx


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