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by: Rodolfo Huel
Rodolfo Huel

GPA 3.72

George Craft

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About this Document

George Craft
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rodolfo Huel on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HRS 169 at California State University - Sacramento taught by George Craft in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/218868/hrs-169-california-state-university-sacramento in Humanities and Social Sciences at California State University - Sacramento.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
HistHRS 169 7 Course Summary LA Spring 2010 C an se Intrndllctinn un the syllaluus ayatlalule atthe cuurse weuslte wunh uurwhde tu de ne the Hullywuud Stylequot lt ms rst ueyelupeu by D w cn ath and then perfected by the studlu system between aluuut IBZEI and IB EI The Hnllywnnd Style ltls 211 lnvlslblequot lm style tn the senate uftd ngz um Hullyvmud mumes mm393quot are lled wwh h w 39 happy ales mu 3 anul um nun m l l w h V and lung shuts lntu sequmces that guess the psyuhulugjeal m39 dramatic aspeets quhe seene Wth the purpuse ufmvulvmg the endlence emuuunallyln the lm Eg luw angle uth an e suppuseu tu nuuee the style s changes ln p spemve ut lts ampulauye ameets The audlence ls drawn lntu the prugress uf the plut e Wlllretumtu thlspulntln the seeuun un D w an th stury Fan t Mm w ete eyen mmnslxezm westems whlch are mm39s mumes usually have ammanue subplut Tu lmptess themselves un the andJenEE luvers must have chemlstxy39 u etween them eustumes and aetaesses Wltty and eluuuent sueenplays amemura ule and eyueauye muslcal seute The Hullyvmud style tends m he idmlilerl The mam characta39s have a cenam rdea1 gluw ardmahhe aura Lhatrmses them sumewhat uve ecummunrunuf amty eaemrs zremurebeauuful and glamumus than eyerydayrea1 penple The nutraW realxsuc unusLhkeexeryd s eechrthatmx tbebunng ehutd catchy mayherhapspdehe Hullyvmudmumesusually havethpy Endingsrbuy g s 31 Lhepmtzgumstnses e the ehauehge the cuwbuy ndes e e aws Dr even fohe mtagunm dres he dues r nuny and e etheaawnh Dummy znd Tum in TheWizzxdufOz39 lm mdyremakers mend am ufmuneytu guud effect Aguud example ufthds Hullyvmud stylexs thalastten mmutes uf Casablznca39 1942 What fundwsrs a reyrew ufthe whede lm when by the mstxuctur szhlanm 1942 Mrehael Cum Warner Emma39s 4 n Humphrey Bugan as the eymea1 Rmk whu rs redeemed by hrs 1dye fur Ingld Bergman In d Barman as the pretematurally heauhhd d ea1 Fre h a excellentper drmah es quutanuns see beluw pre se and expressrye ElnEmatu lucal calm and atmusphere ammugr all shut m the smdrd and uvmg themes agar and Barman are unfurgettable rems as starrtrussed luvsrs they hudd stam rdmahhe chemstxy Bergman remams Eunstan but Bugm s characta39 develups hum xsulanumsL eguust whu duesn39t mamquot m xt appears dury Vrehy M t m r Mzrsallmse39 u g Rrekrsperrrtarrg a gun at hm an m H eamerarhevemerts the hdl ufbeznsquot weech the D03 ergrre stamrrg up starthrrgly m ahtue surprrse ete Rrek and Laws smdmg uff at the beglnmng quhexr beanu Al lendshlpquot ers pzmmlarly heautafm t W t Lh dd h k w mm V m heautafm fnmdshxp We39ll a1ways have Fans The pmhlerhs quhree htue penple aunt ameurrt tr a hll ufbezns m thrs erazy vm d Play rt Samquot Never Play rt agarrquot Ths haste he the xdeal Hullyvmudmuvxe Early Develnpmerrt nranies Tn Ahmrt 1910 The late 19 century was lled wnh effuns tr reeerd vrsua1rrhpressrerrs un serhe rhearurh usuauy lm The rst step was sail phutugzphy whreh heearhe cummer ally wahle m the 188m Earhest Mu hvv l V n 1 as wewea m the shert exeerpts m e1ass efhuae whrheh Wallqng up and dawn starrs ete These were hut cumma39mal Expluxtanun Meanwhrle Amerhzn cities were guwmg very rapraly under the pressure efrhausmahzataer aha lmmlgahun Ameneah ertaespameu1ar1yrrr the East and Mrawest lls up wnh mllmns efwrtuanyrurterate m Ehghsh Eum eahrrhrh errtaeea m tr pmde eheap 1aher errr at These penplew ast putann market trtarrrheht hterprrses a1errgsrae vaudevxl e pmny arcades serheht ks 1 trhraale e1assesrrrthe USA s s them as Lhreatenmg because eftherrpeverty ferergr ungn and assumanun wnh rameal rheverherrts the male e1asses were Amenmmze therrew arrwals tr deter m hem errrhe rrhrherahty and ramea1 pulmcs 1h any ease Th 39 M A h huthewas h was agemus the 51m Lhruugh the pmjemlun rheehahrsrh hs rule was less than that uf uthers reprzsm39atinn ufreahty Andr Bean39s mth uftutal eheha39rhm Even Lhehumes qumenEans decade Dr 5 uf addmunal researeh mght have resulted m a meheh premre rh txument hatw re reahsee me u and alzrger sereer As xttumed hug an m mtxepreneurs p1 e r ayarlahle technulugy e mkery hlaek aha whne and silent e and were encuurzged m keep tummg am Silent preaues hy the mstzntpm ta mhty quhe mduslxy A er 1 mahng meyres rs ahusrhess wnh erpersrye p Eductlun aha markehhg Busts aha CEOs arm39t gmng re rherease their rhyestrheh dramatically ymhem ghee shame reaseh that pressure dues Is u reeemmereral memesweemseh39sldnanscn ethat rrh h pehhy arcades 111 up med up rh husy srees m the greatAmencan mines The kmetuscupe created the ruusror of movement by echyeyrhg a ahrgrspeea shutter The pm tputemlal quhs mtenmnmentvas hth 1 elesem apeep shuwm apehhy arcade Lhzntu atxue lm expenmce and u hrmeVW The Eln matugzphej whreh they then mseeyerea cmle he used alsu as a lm pm ectur They made hmury r e The Wurd Einana39 was myehced m Pans m Lhs year pany a Bngzph we 5 pruducmgshun lmsfurpmjemun Mustufthee 1y 1 pr aueheheerhpameswer ee Eng native rth run lmmgant thxteAmmcms W K L Dmksun Themes Emseh anrh Putter and D w an th are ghee Examples Gumg m the mumes pm acted eh sereehs heearhe ah rhstah hxt m the United Stats and by the tum ufthe century Exh nmun e eprmeurs were semhg up srh 1meyre theaters hhewrr as kdndmnsrfuramckel Dr SE ahemzn rhrhmes uf mkery y f FIN39IzId Inn wherh dxd he speak Dr read Ehghsh very well The39 megaphunes and by hm placardsquot msxde yuu watched the shuwm the mdsL uf ahersy Erqu budy 1 r The 11111 enmenee They was m in the shun euenuen wan aw VmHMPr Mm thk m HM They fuund mbmun uney upmed up mure ntknlm lmns 5 that uney uwned ehams amen aruund 19m Hanna a erahuut 19m enhe sun lin system Kind 1 mrly mnvies the and m the Feature Film Befnre 1am Theamesllypeuf lms mduced remalisu39cs uma l m amvmg ma zhun wurka39s lavmga dury Shut enlmuen uney usually lasted less than a mnme uney cunsmed er ene lung shut wnh nu enung nmnehnn erpenpeenve uney am nut attempt m tell a smry me Excepuun bemg pa39haps me mwute belwem me Wm habies Mean and Bingmph nne er me must lmpunanl lm prudumun m sequences that was cunsumedby memekelndeens since seme er Lhanwere mtha39nsqu e g a vmman Blang u her street duthes Dam Famly39 me seme renn ereenmshn nnddleeless guardians ufpubhc taste and mummy m me muss begn m cunslder l One enhe shequot mies shuwed a yuung Wuman pamally undressing m frunt enhe Emma seducuvelyrsvalmg hat bare armas she mehen furha ehange ufduthes men legs clad nn1y mums l peeling Tumquot was a French lmpun that depicted ahutel servant luukmg lhmugh keyhules It39s une quhe earllestlltde lms tn use sualghlfurwaed edlung tn tell a stury l The Dam Family39 ls an aenuslng vignette by Edynn s Punter shuwmg lltde amed llye l amquot damn eldlng wth The Dan chulsquot and he Dan Dug quot lle eyukes hulneu hum the lltde tableaux by uslng lnlld bad language Nuquot m dl w G h w etc the use ufldenudable stars tn draw Viewers lnlu the theata39s etc Suun lungs lmswilh edited mtsznrl a true namu39ve telling a stury beeame pupulzr 1 One very pupular genre was the f lasymage lms put nut by the very lnvenuve and un lnal Gmrgst ufFrznce Vnya tn lhe Mannquot 1502 Explmted the pupulanty ufsclence deuun llterature by aulheus sueh as Jules Veme Vuyage tn the Center quhe Eanhquot and H G Wells War quhe 139 nuts and fade instu tell a stury 7p annmg e mp the maze the eyean un d the Tatum e There ls nu n e I perneeuye wuhln the shun seenes all ufwhlch are shut ln hne cnn nllnlls 0mg Meles lung shut as lthe cama39als plaeed ln abuut lhe ZSmTqun alhealee audlenee lltde puffs ufsmuke All ls shutm the smdlu lndueusln urdertu pmylde heeeelnle melles39 fanmsy upun Tatum tn eanh etc pmylde uhel humuruus entertainment The effect ls sull quite slagy eynlhln d nlb e7 2 Rescued by Rwaquot made ln England ln IBEIS by Ceell Hepwunh en a shuesmng budget was Lassle pmtutype lndnappelv at The cuttingtn cnn nuityls paldeulaely nd the edlung Wthmthe seyeeal seenes creates an aeuun uwthat ls smuuther and mum Cummung that m Vuyage tn the Muunquot It ls Smpler ll s39 h l V M F quotWill the human arehts Wnng Lhelr hands and cullapse mte Lhelr ehatrs Reyer has te du mest efthe wurk te lead the fatherte theheyel where the hahyts hteeeh 3 By far the mest famees efthe featere unerreel memes efthts penee was 39 dwinSFm39tErln19Zr3 The eware the end twas shetmestly eeteeers eh leeataeh m the eastem USA Edwin 5 mm hut pretehemg te hem the West wtth a few mee er shets There are mstarrees ufamuvmg mma z whee seehes are shet ehtep quhemuvlng tram The t httle grl39s cuaL ete e are handr ntedtu ave the lm seme eelerhtghltghts Other meeal effeets There ts Brunchu Blllyquot played atthe ehe efthe ftlm hettthashe ergmte eermeetteh te theharrataye mm W m n aharehy epstahemg e zms F l m h w urder at W m m t mflemtaal hefere D w chf th maegerates the eermeetaeh between American meytes and American epelar eeltere rm ths ease the fulklure and myth efthe Old West Nete thatthere are he tatle eares te shew dlalugue thatthe lm hashe teehta ahle star and that the ae hg style ts stall hamlememele ramatee when shet the ytetams threw Lharhands up m the arr eleteh Lhelr hreasts 5pm areehe atleast ehee aha hall fall te the guund wtth therr arms Plckfurd whe vmrked wtth htm were dlsappulnted wtth hs fallure te feees eh aetahg aha eharaetenzataeh m hts lms 4 A nal example efearly shert lms preeeeeel afew yearslaterts The Bangv lanlice39 treated by the meemparahle Mack Sermettm 1913 Thls httle lm 15 a eltreet predecessur efthe Keystune Kupsquot lms that were The lm features an e3quotth my Mm early lm star Mahel Nermahe whe speelree hy hetse m her farm heme eallsthe pullme te reseee her The pullce are bumbllng te say Lheleastr atthe end the eemmemty vmuld pmbably he safer wttheet ths meptpehee feree The lm ts aguud police and mocked authority in all is forms It is a later more mature lm than some of its predecessors viewed so far in this class it has a clear star Mabel Normand who is gifted with several cute closeups at the end it also has an aggressive cutting style that matches the fast pace ofthe action Early Attempts at Censorship 7 New York 1908 In response to the sudden glut of movies dealing with bad language 39 39 39 ence 39 r movements began in eastern and Midwestern American cities The establishment classes traditional white middle class w e concerned about the impact the movies would have on the character of e ven socialize and Americanize them Certain cities particularly New York began to take measures against the nickelodeons in 1908 Since these municipal actions were often quite disruptive the lm producers under the lead of Thomas A Edison took counter measures Fatty Arbuckle amp Mabel Normand The producers distributors and exhibitors organized into a Motion Pictures Patents Company in 1908 see below and agreed to submit all their lms to the New Yorkbas ed National Board of Review of Motion Pictures for approval before they w rel sed The digni ed women in broadbrimmed owered hats and dourfaced men Sklar 31 recruited by the lm producers forbade perhaps a fth of the movies submined on the basis of obscenity foul language and incitement to crime The National Board of Review became a sort of unof cial selfcensorship organ for movies in the entire coun T e organization still exists today With the subservience ofthe lm industry to community standards the issue soon died down not to reappear until the early 1920s Edison s Grab for Monopoly the Triumph of the Independents and the Appearance of the Feature Film 190820 The lm industry is generally divided into three parts or stages 7 production making lms through personnel and specialized equipment such as cameras and lm stock cm L 1 country exhibition the exhibitors who show the lms to the public in movie theaters Between about 1900 and 1920 then the lm industry was decentralized with large numbers of different companies dealing with the different phases of lm production distribution and exhibition The business was a kind of Wild West with unrestricted competition and a penchant for mthless business practices The tendency ofthe development ofthe industry from the beginning until the 1920s was vertical integration of these three functions Vertical integration remaine strong rough the studio era until the 1950s when legal and nancial developments 4 L I Irving Berlin on the movies ntrary to much received opinion beginning in the 1920s that asserted that lm production was dominated by foreign Jews since the beginning most 0 e early owners of lm production businesses were traditional white middle class businessmen ASP White AngloSaxon Protestants who organized early production companies such as Biograph and Vitagraph Thomas A Edlsun and D w an Lh were nutntessentaal members quhls guup Atthe same tame the Jewlsh lnaepenaents were ereatang large ehans ufmckeludeuns fur theameal Exhxbmlm Suun Thmnas Edisnn muved te estabhsh munupuly eentrel ever the preauetaen and alstnbutaen ends uf the st lle seugntte eentrel the lmmdustxymdlrecdy by as the lm lndu TrIISL39 m empluyed large numbers uflzwyers wheseteb was te harass the nunrcunfunmsts legally mummy The Trust huweverhad semepreblems Ferenethlng as lllustxated by the ant thetum efthe e trust eampatgn efpreslaent Raesenelt a er entury the Amanczn lnaep enaent lm preaueers fell un femle Sml tn Amen ean puhllc eplmen gave entemnslng buslnessmen a ehanee te smke baelr Jewish Immigrants slngle mckeludeun suun te be Expanded lnte a ehatn tn ethe New Yurk Dr chteage Suchw Carl Laenmle whu began asthemanager efaelethtng stereln as Oshkush WlSEEInSm lle tela the stery that he ms lmpressea by the pupulznty quhe melreleaeens un abuyrng mp te chleage tn IBUS Even watehtng the bux eeun leh l g s quot H teh s wtthlnashert tamehe wned nuf em lleseenwentl dlsmbuuunbusmess p ducuun aggssl quheIndepend t uppenents quheTmsL anathen memngte Lus Angeles Callfumla he renamed lt Universal Studinsin 1514 He bullt hls imam Unlversal Clty ln the San Femandu whleh ufcuursels snllhappenng l mml f Lemrleequot mmtmttv r l WhEn hemmed zl Mr fenndeequot geed humur Hewas alsu very suppemve uffelluwlswswhu ed Nan cennany m the was wPr deLh deunng 1ndustzy eune attenan m fashan trends requmte m the eleunng busness put them perhaps m a 4 geed pesmen m understand the Entertainment preferenees quhe Annenean z 39 puhhc mdyeu avetubealmshxmmxgzntfumertubesuccessfulmthe dlnnbusnessv The Indepmdens as ne mght suwecL fuught backvxgumusly agans me ned Lumiere lm stuck seen France dsd seme pruduchun m 4 Ed a awy mnved 39nmtheEastCuasttu alifnrniawherethegd n eTmstvasnut as strung une Feder stmd Cuun quppeals m Cahfumxa at that time was reluctant m enfurce seme patent elanns The urban legmd that they meved m Cahfurmafurqmnkes eacmsstheMaxxcanburda39xfrmdedbythepulxcexs apucryphal Lus Angelesxs me far 39nm Mesnee runnnee Laweense d m quotMum m The anng nfthe Middle Classes the theaters r was engnanng the star systan Whth me mamstxeam pruduca s had been resxsnng Carl Lasmmle hu39ed Amenea39s rst lm sLar nnsense Lawmse we Naquot 3 L39e away seen Blugaph and men staged a fake dean furha39 m urdertu publicize nss eeup When mu anneuneed m anewsp 3 ad that Lawrence a1we and well fans mubbed he m annedsa appeaanee m 5 Laws teanng thebuttuns 39nm hercua Lhammmmgs seen hump and the hat 39nm her headquot tht eld ms He alsu need and publxnze Mary Piekmd she became an enm39muus star ezmmg 1 Luna awe Wurkmg ur First Nauunal The star syst gave mure puwer and muney m en the sap as but asmzrkenngtuuls dwas su effemvethatxtmurethan made up fur the added Expense p v s V me Independems led by Adulph ZLLkEIr alsu began aeend tuwd lungs ppm 395 mm mare dramatic and mum taritu d gmd rumsdnaz wede app ea1 m kw wwhhnr I r1 adnmssmn pnees and they vmuld quit persecunngquot the mumes wmn the nnpenauen ufelaburately Quu Vadss39 1913 befure me pruduchun uf Blrth ufa Nanun39 ln 1915 It was huwever unly underthe alcenlcn uf D w Gn ith that natural clnecnanc language ms fully mcurpumted mm lms r uvmu F nunwlwmn fumlshed wth myal splendmquot By abuut IBZEI gmng tn the mums became an lmpunant cultural acnmy w fur all classes qumencan sunety 39nm me lmmlgznt masses U y male classes by that date he mumergmng expenence was a far cry 39nm he may stare 39nnts the Spartan accumm and me lcke nglmages quhe earl makeludeuns Cf mp xruads mrgnlzeduCAFFALACH fur adlscussun qumencan Plcture palaces Vicmy nthe Independents when the us Supmne Cum dlssulved the Trustm 1915 Mutual Film Cm39pmztinn denslnn as m remamt uftxade it lnluinr nra 2ns Piclun chce l pm andnmple unwanted and canahctedfmpm mm by rewrded we hmc 01me afthe quot capable elemquot a v u A u s it fur the time belng The de smn was nutreversed unnl me lmpunznt Mirzcld de smn uf19522 er 1952 lthasbeen dlf culttu censurmuvles shuan the USA 98 m the USA were Amencan pruduced


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