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Spectrometric Analysis

by: Lillie Prosacco

Spectrometric Analysis CHM 334

Marketplace > Canisius College > Chemistry > CHM 334 > Spectrometric Analysis
Lillie Prosacco
Canisius College
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lillie Prosacco on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 334 at Canisius College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/218875/chm-334-canisius-college in Chemistry at Canisius College.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
CHM 334 Computer Resources for Organic Spectroscopy This is a list of a few of the many computer resources that help organic chemists search for and manage data on computers Most of what is here is free and available to students in CHM 334 Spectra Databases and Search Sites SDBS The National Institute of Advanced Industrual Science and Technology Japan A large database of IR MS and NMR spectra searchable by name formula or spectral peak httl indbOl 12 mist on 39 J39 39 biquot 1quotquot t frame toucgi Colby College Organic Compounds Database A database of compound property and spectral information that is searchable by many physical properties mp bp refractive index Mass Spec or functional groups from IR data wwwcolbveduchemis u html SigmaAldrichcom The largest supplier of chemicals Many chemicals available in the online catalog also have physical data as well as NMR and often IR spectra available in the listing www i maaldrir h 39 WarchAd do 39 ax NIST WebBook The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a database of thousands of organic compounds including IR UVVis Mass Spec You can search by name formula or molecular weight httpwebbooknist govchemist ChemExper Chemical Directory Search by name get IR spectra wwwchemexper com Spectroscopy Tutorials and Problem Sets CU Boulder Spec Problems crochem onlnmdn J 39 quot 39 1 quotpct html Organic Structure Elucidation Workbook spec problems from Notre Dame U chemistry wwwndeduNsmithgrpstructure sorry no answers WebSpectra Good practice spec problems wwwchemuclaeduNwebspectra Organic Chemistry OnLine Tutorial and good practice problems wwwchemuiceduweb lOCOLIIWINSPECHTM Spectral Animations Molecules and IR spectra Click on an absorption band and see the corresponding Vibrational mode in the molecule Windows only wwwchemumasseduNnermmwSpectrairspectraindexhtm IR Tutor Great IR tutorial showing detailed IR assignments with animated Vibrational modes The CD is distributed with the Solomons Organic Chemistry textbook from CHM 2278 Also installed in the CHM334 directory on the Chem Library computers Run it and explore Spectroscopic Tools NMR IR MS tutorial and peak lookup site www chem quotmin t I M de toolsinde html Pavia et al Textbook website www 39 39 39 chemistrvid 39 J 7 0303406327gilbertlinks html SpecCompRexoumesdoc Page I of 2 Last modi ed 82608 3 54 PM DRAWING SOFTWARE For drawing and viewing 2D and 3D molecular models ISISDraw A free program for drawing chemical structures 2D Very useful if your handwriting is bad and your benzene rings look like gnomes with bad haircuts Download requires registration www mdl J 39 J J 39 J 39 39 or it is available on the Class server in the Chem Library ChemDraw The industry standard 2D chemical structure drawing program It s expensive but it does a lot including converting names structure and structures names stereochemistry predicting proton and carbon NMR Mass Spec data etc Free Demo wwwcambridgesoftcomsoftwareChemDraw Chime This is a plugin which allows a WebBrowser to view chemical structures found on web sites It can be installed on Windows computers from www mass A 39 39 cliime 39 39 htm Mercury This is a program available for many different computer types which allows visualization of 3D molecular models If you find a file whose name ends in pdb cif mol or molZ then Mercury will open it and let you spin the model around in space wwwccdccamaculdproductscsd systemmercu A FEW OTHER SITES WEB sters Organic Chemistry A lot of Ochem links Many defunct http 39 quot llnl DovWebsters html Organic Syntheses Online Complete online Organic Syntheses Reliable organic preparations that have been checked independently and work on a large scale wwworgsynorg Protein Data Bank Web repository of protein crystal structures wwwrcsbor db Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide OChem stuff wwworganicworldwidenet VSIRI Searchable MSDS database For when you really need toxicityhazard info for that chemical you just spilled and lit on fire httpwww2hazardcommsds The Carcinogenic Potency Database Any of your samples here httppotencyberkeleyeducpdbhtml Ensembl Genome Site Explore your favorite genome wwwensemblorgindeXhtml JCE Organic The Journal of Chemical Education Organic Chemistry page httpjchemedchemwisceduJCEDLibChemInfoOrganic The Orbitron A gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals from U of ShelTield http winter group shef aculdorbitron The Versatile Unit Converter wwwmypagebluewinchberthodvuc Tfmessing with organic molecules seems too much try starting off with simpler models wwwantonraves nl SpecCompRexoumesdoc Page 2 of 2 Last modi ed 82608 3 54 PM


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