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by: Bella Predovic

RealEstateP&P REALM6000

Bella Predovic

GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bella Predovic on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REALM6000 at Capital Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/218880/realm6000-capital-community-college in Real Estate at Capital Community College.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
FACULTYNOTES The LTAs and Spinoffs are designed so that each professor can implement them in a way that is consistent with hisher teaching style and course objectives This may range from using the materials as out of class projects with minimal in class guidance to doing most of the work in class The LTAs and Spinoffs are amenable to small group cooperative work and typically benefit from the use of some leaming technology Since the objective of the LTAs and Spinoffs is to support the specific academic goals you have set for your students the Faculty Notes are not intended to be prescriptive The purpose of the Faculty Notes is to provide information that assists you to take full advantage of the LTAs and Spinoffs This includes suggestions for instruction as well as answers for the exercises FACULTY NOTES LTA 13 It Ain t Heavy It s My Crawler Background Information Math Subject Area Volume Unit Conversion Math Prerequisites Basic understanding of volume manipulation of formulae and unit conversion ATESupported Engineering Technology Fields Civil Engineering Learning Technology Suggested Scienti c Calculator Approximate Class Time required for LTA One class period plus homework How Much Do We Need 1 Describe the steps you will follow to calculate the amount of Flowable Fill needed to ll in the empty space in the tunnel The students should realize that they need to convert all units to a common unit perhaps feet so they can calculate volumes They will need to nd the volume of the rectangular prism tunnels and then subtract the volume of the cylindrical pipes For example We will need to calculate the volume of the two tunnels and then subtract the volume of the pipes The tunnels are boxes with volume lengthwidthheight The pipes are cylinders with volume nrzh The length of the tunnels is 3795 ft The width is 45 ft for the left tunnel and 4 ft for the right tunnel The height of both tunnels is 65 ft The height ofthe pipes is 3795 ft The 14 small pipes have radius 16 ft One big pipe has radius 34 ft The biggest pipe has radius 1 ft NASA AMATYC NSF 2 Carry out the steps you outlined in Exercise 1 to determine the volume of Flowable Fill needed to ll in the empty space in the tunnel Volume of tunnels Left side 45 ft65 ft3795 ft 11100375 ft3 Right side 4 ft65 ft3795 ft 9 867000 ft3 20967375 ft3 Volume of pipes 24 inch pipe 11 1 ml 3795 ft 18 inch pipe 11075ft2 3795ft 1192234 ft3 670632 ft3 1 2 4 inch pipes l4n g ft 3795ft 463647 ft3 2326513 ft3 Volume of Flowable Fill needed 20967375 ft3 2326513 ft3 18640862 ft3 or 3221140954 in3 or 690402 yd3 How much will it cost The current price for Flowable Fill is 4lyd3 3 Describe the steps that you will follow to calculate the cost of lling the tunnel Hint Be careful with your units If the student has not already converted to cubic yards it will need to be done now since the cost was given per cubic yard We will take the number of cubic yards of Flowable Fill needed and multiply by 4lyd3 Carry out the steps you outlined in Exercise 3 to determine how much it will cost to ll the tunnel Note The cost of the Flowable Fill is just a small part of the total 700000 cost of the project Cost to ll tunnel 690402 yd3 4lyd3 2830648 NASA AMATYC NSF 5 Did the contractor do the job correctly Determine whether or not the contractor has lled the tunnel Be sure to show work to clearly explain your answer Ifa discrepancy exists give a reallife example of something that would have approximately the same amount of volume as the discrepancy to illustrate its size a shoebox a house If we take the number of truckloads of Fill and multiply by the number of cubic yards per truckload we will get the total cubic yards used by the contractor 71 truckloads 9 yd truckload 639 yd3 of Flowable Fill We needed 690402 yd3 to ll the empty space in the tunnel The contractor is approximately 51 yd3 short of the required amount One reallife example The amount of Flowable Fill that the contractor was short would ll a small bedroom from oor to ceiling Assume that all of the Flowable Fill from the 71 truckloads settles to the bottom so that there is an air pocket at the top Also assume that the ll is divided between the two sides of the tunnel in such a way that the height of ll in each tunnel is the same Approximate the amount of space left empty at the top of the tunnel Would there be enough space for a rat to run through a person to crawl through 51 yd3 51 27 1377ft3 3795 ft 85 ft height of space 1377 ft3 So height 1377 ft3 3795 ft 85 ft 0427 ft or approximately 5 inches and a rat would t through this space comfortably Note If the space for the top four pipes is taken into account this would add on only a little over a half inch to the depth of the air space NASA AMATYC NSF


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