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by: Israel Towne

MarketandSalesForecasting MKT555

Marketplace > Central Michigan University > Marketing > MKT555 > MarketandSalesForecasting
Israel Towne
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Israel Towne on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT555 at Central Michigan University taught by J.HoltonWilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/218889/mkt555-central-michigan-university in Marketing at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Data available in the ECONDATASDB File Variable Name Periodicity Units Description 1 FM1 M Billions Money supply M1 SA 2 FZM1 M Billions Money supply M1 3 FM1 M Billions Money supply M2 SA 4 FZMS1 M Billions Money supply M2 5 FYFF M Federal funds rate 6 FYPR M Prime rate 7 FYCM M Conventional mortgage rate xed 8 FY20M M 20 municipal bondsaverage rate 9 FWAFIT M Weighted average foreign interest rate 10 EXRJAN M YenUS Exchange rateJapan 11 EXRGER M Mark US Exchange rate Germany 12 FYMCLE M Conventional mortgage rateloans closed 13 CCIOT M Mi11ions Consumer installment credit SA 14 CCIPY M Ratio Ratio consumer instal credit to personal income SA 15 FSNCOM M 12316550 NY Stock Exchange composite 16 FSPCOM M gt41 431 0 SampPs 500 composite 17 FSDJ M Ave Price Dow Jones 30 Industrials 18 FE M Billions Federal surplus or de cit 19 FEB M Billions Gross federal debt outstanding 20 HHSNTR M 266100 University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment 21 HS6P1 M 1000 Private housing startssing1e units 22 HZNS M 1000 New houses soldsing1e family 23 HNMP M 1000 Median sales priceneW homessing1e family 24 HEMP M 1000 Median sales priceexisting homessingle family 25 HMOB6 M 1000 Mobile home shipments 4cstdataWpd 1 Variable Name Periodicity Units Description 26 RTRR M Mi11ions Retail salescurrent dollars SA 27 RTR82 M Mi11ions Retail sales1982 dollars SA 28 RT525R M Mi11ions Hardware store sales SA 29 RT566R M Mi11ions Shoe store sales SA 30 RCAR6T M 1000 Total car sales 31 RCAR6D M 1000 Domestic car sales 32 RCAR6F M 1000 Foreign car sales 33 IOVRAT M SCar Average expenditurecartotal 34 IOVRAD M SCar Average expenditurecardomestic 35 IOVRAF M SCar Average expenditurecarforeign 36 RZTRU M Units Retail truck sales 37 PZUNEW M 8284100 CPLall items urban consumers 38 PZU812 M 8284100 CPLfood at home urban consumers 39 PZU19 M 8284100 CPLfood not at homeurban consumers 40 PZU21 1 M 8284100 CPLresidential renturban consumers 41 PZUHSC M 1282100 CPLhomeowners costurban consumers 42 PZU45 M 8284100 CPLnew cars urban consumers 43 PZU46 M 8284100 CPI used carsurban consumers 44 PZU471 M 8284100 CPIgasolineurban consumers 45 PZU53 M 8284100 CPI public transportationurban consumers 46 PZU63 M 8284100 CPI tobacco productsurban consumers 47 PZU671 M 8284100 CPLcollege tuitionurban consumers 48 PZUP82 M 8284100 CPLpurchasing power of the dollar 49 PCGOLD M oz Gold Price London noon x average of daily rate 50 POP M 1000 Populationincluding armed forces overseas 4c stdataWpd 2 Variable Name Periodicity Units Description 51 PM20 M 1000 Civilian noninstitutional populationmale 20 52 PF20 M 1000 Civilian noninstitutional populationfemale 20 53 LHUR M Unemployment rate SA 54 LHEMPA M Ratio Ratio civilian employment to total workingage population SA 55 LEW M 3 Gross average weekly earnings current 3 SA 56 LUINC M 1000 Initial unemployment claims SA 57 GMPY M Billions Personal incomecurrent dollars SAAR 58 GMPYQ M Billions Personal income 1992 dollars SAAR 59 GMYDPC M Disposable personal incomecapita current dollars 60 GMYDPQ M Disposable personal incomecapita1992 dollars 61 DLEAD M 1987 100 Index of 11 leading indicators SA 62 DCOINC M 1987 100 Index of 4 coincident indicators SA 63 EEGP M Centsgal Gas price US city average all types ofgas 64 EEPSG M 1000 Finished motor gasoline produced barrelsday 65 RT554R M Millions Retail trade gas and service stations SA 66 GMCNG M Billions Personal consumption expenditure gas and oilcurrent SAAR 67 GMCNGQ M Billions Personal consumption expenditure gas and oil 1992 SAAR 68 IP M 87 100 Index of industrial production US SA 69 IPOECD M 87 100 Index of industrial production OECD SA 70 IPJ P M 87 100 Index of industrial production Japan SA 71 IPWG M 87 100 Index of industrial production West Germany SA 72 IPFR M 87 100 Index of industrial production France SA 73 IPUK M 87 100 Index of industrial production UK SA 74 IPCAN M 87 100 Index of industrial production Canada SA 75 PC6JP M 8284 100 Index of consumer prices Japan 4c stdataWpd 3 Variable Name Periodicity Units Description 76 PC6WG M 8284 100 Index of consumer prices West Germany 77 PC6FR M 8284 100 Index of consumer prices France 78 PC6UK M 8284 100 Index of consumer prices U K 79 PC6CA M 8284 100 Index of consumer prices Canada 80 FMDl4 Q Millions Outstanding mortgage debt 14 family 81 IXIQ Q Billions Expenditures on new plant amp equipment 87 SAAR 82 GDP Q Billions Gross domestic product current 3 SAAR 83 GDPQ Q Billions Gross domestic product 1992 SAAR 84 GC Q Billions Personal consumption expenditure current SAAR 85 GCQ Q Billions Personal consumption expenditure 1992 SAAR 86 GPI Q Billions Gross private domestic investment current 3 SAAR 87 GPIQ Q Billions Gross private domestic investment 1992 SAAR 88 GNET Q Billions Net exports current 3 SAAR 89 GNETQ Q Billions Net exports 1992 SAAR 90 GGE Q Billions Government spending current 3 SAAR 9l GGEQ Q Billions Government spending 1992 SAAR 92 GNP Q Billions Gross national product current 3 SAAR 93 GNPQ Q Billions Gross national product 1992 SAAR 94 GPY Q Billions Personal income current 3 SAAR 95 GYD Q Billions Disposable personal income current 3 SAAR 96 GYDQ Q Billions Disposable personal income 1992 SAAR 97 GYDPCQ Q 3 Disposable personal incomecapita 1992 SAAR 98 GPSAV Q Billions Personal saving current 3 SAAR 99 GCNG Q Billions Personal consumer expenditure fuel and coal SAAR 100 GCNGQ Q Billions Personal consumer expenditure gas amp oil SAAR 4cstdataWpd 4


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