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by: Miss Madison Mohr

IntermediateSpanishI SPN201

Marketplace > Central Michigan University > Spanish > SPN201 > IntermediateSpanishI
Miss Madison Mohr
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Madison Mohr on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPN201 at Central Michigan University taught by CristenVernon in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/218892/spn201-central-michigan-university in Spanish at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Ser 1 To bind the subject of a sentence with a noun or pronoun 50y e1 mayor yo el mayor El es Eduardo E1 Eduardo Somos estudiantes nosotros estudiantes 2 No se usa 3 To describe the subject in terms of its location Events La cena es a as siete La clase de espa ol es en Pearce 327 Characteristics of Spanish class It s in 327 It s at 100 it s fun it s informative etc 4 With adjectives to describe inherent characteristics of the subject of the sentence Ana es permisiva uan Carlos es gordo La casa es roja El melon es dulce Estar 1 No se usa 2 To form progressive tenses Estamos estudiando 3 Used with the location of the subject of the sentence People and places Ithaca esta a sur de Mt Pleasant La biblioteca de CMU esta cerca del UC La profesora esta enfrente de la clase 4 With adjectives to compare the state of a subject with other states it has been in or will be 1n Estoyfeliz T his is the state I am currently in whereas I was previously in a sad state or may be in an angry state later El agua esta fn a T his is the state the water is currently in whereas it may have previously been warm It does not always work to say that estar is used with temporality Example You are a student now but you will be a professional in some eld later Which of the descriptions of ser tell us that it is impossible to use estar in these contexts N J k Conflict v Pronombr39es Indirectos y Directos Quick Review Indirect Object Pronouns me te 1e les nos are used when something happens TO FOR someone Le dije la verdad a mamd Luis me did rosas amarillas Sus padres 1e compraron un coche I told the truth 9 to whom a mamd Luis gave yellow roses 9 to whom a mi His parents bought a car 9 for whom for himher Direct Object Pronouns 10 la los las are usually39used to replace things or people already mentioned in the conversation 5Comiste las fresas 5Quieres comprar e1 su ter de lana Si las comi Si voy a comprarlo Working Together Very often these two kinds of pronouns are found together in the same phrase sentence Example He bought them w esterday Me las compr ayer t J L Cor39r39ect Order A simple rule that will help you remember how to form these kind of sentences is People are more important than things 9 Indirect object pronouns always come before direct object pronouns More examples LVas a prestarme tu libro Si te lo presto ma ana N W 39 Si te la dej en la mesa 39Ledquot39st 1 d d S 1 d o 1 e aver a apap 1Xa 1J6 Whenever the indirect object pronouns LE and LES are followed by LO LA LOS LAS the indirect object pronouns must be changed to SE 5Me dejaste la tarea W This results in these combinations SE LO SE LOS The SE is always the same the direct object changes SE LA SE LAS Examples LD nde est la maleta 9 Maria se la dio a su amiga LCompraste e1 vino para mama 9 Si se lo compr ayer REPASO EXAMEN 2 SPN 201 For extra practice visit the Enfoques supersite under the tutorials link FORMAT 100 points total I Actividad de escuchar 10 puntos H Vocabulario 20 puntos 2 sections one section from Chapter 1 and one from Chapter 2 H1 Gramatica 35 puntos 4 sections study ser vs estar study the half sheet I gave you plus the quiz and don t think of ser as permanent and estar as temporary present tense unfortunately the irregulars have to be memorized writing out the endings is a good way to study Remember that the present tense expresses I do I am doing I will do near future plus the grammar from this sheet IV Lectura 10 puntos This will test you on your reading skills If you have been doing the readings for homework you will be fine You will read a passage and answer questions pertaining to what you read V Cultura 10 puntos Mexico y el cine mexicano y el toreo Los directos e indirectos juntos Don t forget to read over the explanation I gave you and to study your uiz I Things to keep in mind Who is the deer of the action verb Who is the receiver ind obj What is received dir obj I Position Lo compr para comprarlo te lo voy a comprar voy a comprartelo te lo estoy regalando estoy regalandotelo I Indirect object pronoun before direct object pronoun NEVER los le or la les indirect first because people are more important than things I When Le or Les is used with 10 la los or las Le and Les change to se Contesta las siguientes preguntas usando los pronombres l 39JMe vas a comprar este libro 2 39JBebes la leche todos los dias 3 39JTe puedo pedir un favor 4 Le escribes a tu madre con frecuencia 5 Les mandan cartas a sus amigos Gustar y los verbos semejantes Don t forget to read the explanation on Blackboard and to study Cual es la actitud de Gustar requires a subject and an indirect obj ect pronoun and optionally an indirect obj ect Me gustan las peliculas a mi the article is necessary 1 I 1 1 105 2 Los norteamericanosmolestar precio del petroleo 3 J sus notas 1 4 yoencantarviaj ar 5 tucaer bientu compa ero de cuarto Los pronombres reflexivos 39JWhat are the re exive pronouns What are some verbs that are comm only re exive Translate to Spanish 1 I comb my hair 2 I comb my daughter39s hair 3 He brushes his dogs teeth 4 He brushes his teeth 5 We dry ourselves off after we take a shower 6 I dry my son39s hair Be able to talk about yours or someone else39s daily routine using re exive pronouns Make sure you can remember verbs that are comm only used with re exive pronouns A SUMMARY OF GUSTAR Y LOS VERBOS SIMILARES o iquotGustarquot no es un verbo normal iEs un verbo raro o Algunos verbos normales correr hablar vivir etc yo corro I run tu hablas you speak l vive he lives As you can see the subject agrees with the verb Yo corro I am the subject and the verb is conjugated for me with the quotoquot 0 Remember that when having a conversation using normal verbs to express me too me either I do I don t Yo tambi n Yo tampoco Yo sI39 Yo no 0 Verbos raros For the exam you should know the meaning of all of the verbs that are like quotgustarquot on pg 59 of your textbook 0 When having a conversation using these verbs to express me too me either I do don t A mI39 tambi n A mI39 tampoco A mI39 sI39 A mI39 no For qu Because these verbs require an indirect object pronoun me te le nos os les A mI39 me gustan los zoologicos A ti te encantan los conciertos A lellaUd le molesta el circo A nosotros nos caen bien nuestros compa eros de cuarto A vosotros os preocupa el toreo A ellosellasUds no les importan los deportes Just like with the indirect object pronouns that we have been learning the A mI39 A ti etc part is optional but the pronoun is necessary 0 The subject agrees with the verb in weird verb constructions as well A mI39 me interesan los videojuegos The videogames interest me Or The videogames are interesting to me quotInteresanquot is 39 39 for 39 39 because 39 39 l U j U j is the subject Literally The videogames do the work here whereas in the normal construction quotyo corroquot I do the work 0 Don39t forget the A If you want to include the indirect object mI39 ti el ella Roberto Laura etc in the sentence you need to put an A before it INCORRECT Los vegetarianos les da asco la carne CORRECT A los vegetarianos les da asco la came 0 One last thing the article In English we can say I love books But in Spanish we need the article Me encantan los libros REPASO CAPlTULO 1 PRUEBA 1 25 PUNTOS The quiz on Wednesday will consist ofthree parts I Vocabulario p 2 y 3 5 puntos 11 Gram zitica los verbos en presente ser y estar y el progresivo 15 puntos III Cultura las parej as interculturales y Carlos Mencia 5 puntos Please complete this grammar practice and bring it to class on Tuesday A Los verbos en presente Conjuguen los siguientes verbos segl39ln la persona l poder ella 2 caer yo 3 pedir t1391 4 querer nosotros 5 pensar Uds 6 ser vosotros 7 conducir yo 8 volver Ud 9 seguir e1 10 traer yo B Ser vs estar Rellenen los espacios en blanco con ser 0 estar 1 Sergio muy guapo hoy iTe pusiste un traje muy elegante 2 Los estudiantes chicos muy listos por eso listos para el examen ma ana 3 Yo profesor de matematicas pero no me gusta por eso quiero estudiar derecho para abogado 4 Ma ana el partido de 39ltbol norteamericano a las cinco de la tarde 5 Este n de semana muy enferma por eso no voy a la fiesta el sabado 6 en mi segundo a o de la escuela secundaria C Lasformas progresivas Escriban un ejemplo de cada tipo de r 39 39 that the r 39 happens in the momento I was eating yesterday at 300 right now I am eating tomorrow at 300 I will be eating pasado pres ente futuro


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