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by: Mrs. Davion Lesch

SocialResearchMethodologies SOC350

Marketplace > Central Michigan University > Sociology > SOC350 > SocialResearchMethodologies
Mrs. Davion Lesch
GPA 3.53


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Davion Lesch on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC350 at Central Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/218896/soc350-central-michigan-university in Sociology at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Gino Aquino Journal Review In the article The Health Pro le of Incarcerated Male Youths by Christopher Forrest and Ellen Tambor was to classify the health needs of adolescent males incarcerated in a juvenile justice facility and to compare their health pro les with those of male adolescents in the community Some of the main steps I used in order to nd this article were by using the library in the iCentral I searched for an article that dealt with criminal justice eld because it is my major and it is something I am familiar with Finally I chosen this article because of the abstract and crosssectional survey seemed quite interesting The survey was conducted by having two groups being compared to classify the health needs of adolescent males incarcerated in a juvenile justice facility and to compare their health pro les with those of male adolescents in the community A Crosssectional survey was conducted of 202 incarcerated youth admitted to a detention center in Maryland The comparison group was selected from two schools in Northern Baltimore the sample size was with 877 respondents However because the consistent age range of the incarcerated youth was 1219 years old only 379 respondents were chosen from the two schools in Northern Incarcerated male youths had signi cantly worse health status compared to the two youth in the Baltimore schools As demonstrated incarcerated youth had signi cantly low selfesteem physical discomfort acute disorders chronic disorders psychosocial disorders family involvement physical activity risk behaviors and academic performance Analysesalso indicated that incarcerated boys had signi cantly lower interpersonal problemsolving ability compared with the Northern Baltimore school sample The results also found that twothirds of the incarcerated youth de ned by the High Risks High Risks Low Resilience and quotWorst Healt quot have remarkable disparity in their health compared with youths in the school sample The data shows thatonly 64 of the delinquent youth have good or excellent health Onethird of incarcerated youths diagnosed with depression developed the condition during their stay in the correctional facility One way to separate the effect of incarceration on health status would be to assess delinquent youth who receive different dispositions including probation communitybased programs and incarceration The crosssectional survey was done to show that poor health is overwhelmed in detention centers Ibelieve this is very true There is a huge lack of rehabilitation in the juvenile justice system for juveniles with a mental illness It is ethical for a proper rehabilitation and treatment to be part of the youth life in order to increase their mental health With the lack of rehabilitation a strong relation of poor mental health will be a burden in the juvenile detention centers httpO webebscohostcomcatalocibcmich quot 39 quot quot vid lamphid10quot quot M quot quot f808 42caa758 8f05153734ed4r 39 11 0I 39 JandGU9ZWth 30thl77f quot 39 quot 39 quot 39 39 quotAN2731640


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