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Honors Mentor Experience

by: Terrell Collins

Honors Mentor Experience HON 321M

Marketplace > Central Michigan University > Honors > HON 321M > Honors Mentor Experience
Terrell Collins
GPA 3.92


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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Terrell Collins on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HON 321M at Central Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/218905/hon-321m-central-michigan-university in Honors at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
10808 Humans and pre industrial climate Humans and climate early stages of human evolution and history 51 millions years ago climate might have played an important role in shaping the early evolution of our species As much as 10000 years ago the human species might have started to affect the climate on the planet through its activities Human evolution In general human evolution is marked by five major steps Appearance of early human ancestors Walking upright Use of stone tools Appearance of the genus Homo Evolution of the brain and its size Early ancestors Genus Australopithecus separated from common ancestors with modern apes around 64 million years ago Our best current evidence comes from DNA The DNA molecular clock Mitochondrial DNA Walking upright Fossil evidence puts that at around 43 million years ago Why did early hominids evolve To exploit food resources on the savanna between forest patches To stand on the ground and reach up for fruits and nuts Walking upright 10808 Stone tools Appearance of the genus Homo First evidence we have is dated at about 25 Evidence still argued widely puts the million years ago divergence of Homo around 252 million What were stone tools used for years 390 05 3 Butcher animals and get access to rich protein sources othenvise unavailable m Dig roots etc 2 3 E v 3 n lt Brain size 400500 cm3 Genus Australopimems I mmmmmm Flt Divergence from primitive a as 6 4 million years ago Could climate have influenced human Evolution of the brain evolution Brain in early hominids was about 400500 Climate and human evolution hypotheses cm3 look for temporal patterns in human evolution and climate change Early Homo representatives such as Homo erectus had around 8001000 cm3 The savanna hypothesis Modern man has about 11001500 cm3 The variability selection hypothesis These humans appeared about 200000 years ago There is ample evidence for the drying of The savanna hypotheSIs Africa Human evolution might have been driven by Because Africa has dried so much longterm drying of the African continent desertification much of the evidence has eroded but a good record exists in ocean sediments that were deposited by blowing winds Increase in dust deposition Changes in pollen from trees to grasses Changes in the 13C values of organic remains indicate switch from C3 vegetation trees to C4 vegetation grasses As the continent dried forest was replaced by grassland and early hominids had to adapt to that open space lifestyle Hominid records don t quite agree with the savanna hypothesis Early hominid remains are found not only in savannas but also in forests along rivers etc 10808 Variability selection hypothesis The idea is that humans have evolved in response to climatic variability Recall that 50 million years ago Earth was a greenhouse world What that means is there was not much variation in the climate Forthe last 5030 million years and especially in the last 3 million years we have had the cooling effect and the ice ages climate is much more variable The effect of climate on human evolution is still largely a mystery The reason forthat is our very fragmented fossil record of human evolution Has climate affected human activities for example agriculture Agriculture seems to have first appeared around 12000 years ago in the Middle East As people could grow and store food they did not have to migrate seasonally to follow animals and hunt so they started living in permanent dwellings This period 12000 years ago coincides with the last deglaciation period Climate change and human culture Aegean Sea low sea IeVel A Last glaciation B Deglacial Flood 7600 years ago Early impact of humans on the planet When did we start to alter our planet on a global scale


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