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by: Evert DuBuque

PhysicalGeography GEO105

Evert DuBuque
GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 63 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evert DuBuque on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO105 at Central Michigan University taught by JamesPytko in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/218909/geo105-central-michigan-university in Geography at Central Michigan University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
D 51 Climate zones and Types n Why To simplify organize and generalize a large amount of data into an understandable system that helps us understand distribution of different climate types I Greeks were the rst Temperate Zone Torrid Zone Frigid Zone Tm II EquatorialWarmWet II Tropical HotDry II Subtropical WarmTemperate II Midlatitude CoolTemperate I High Latitude Cold W II Developed in 98 and modi ed several times until I936 II Based on average annual and monthly temperature and precipitation 13m T 1WPPENr SrEHTHartEe assi tatmm ems 1H rmprca by FAD BURN AgrnmeteorulngyGroup 199 39 aeppen s Cll39nTaTe39 Cl39a39s l tz39a tl TClass Bz Ur quotquotquotquotquotquotquotquot 39 39 by FAD BURN Agrnmetenrnlugy Group 1997 T Keeppen39e Climate Classi cation Class C Temperate by FAD SDE N AgremeieerolegyGroup199 Koeppen s Climate Classi cation Class D Cold by FAD SDRN Agmmetenmlngmeup199 KUEITP39ETI39E C mam assmmmnrcmggErpmm by FAD SDRN Agmmetenrulugy Group199 mum 8M1 1 K Jl 0mm mama Mn IE CCMA39F mm mean 039 WM has It lab 5 whiz1ng ump mahon A dry W in In em IWMCHM on m mnlu m m gamma MESUMERDML M mum Mil ampu 1 M IO th M month Dalan lHtMA n and 01332quot WTHERW Ih 51 Inn IWIWF MlblesalmO CGZ39F POUR Wynest mulesth I01wa I DR I mm minimm mm When on ur mm mm the m Hmnuno c Md mum due in mm and up warm Wmnww Dmn mume1 m WI Bfmmmion I mm Mn m 721 Ul I warm mum wow 22 71 5 8 M mm 4 mm m ID CIWD I K Mlmcsl ml 221 17639Fl but Inh I In 3 mm UCISO39H I A or can mm owes month new 33 satn m1mnumn we mrnmo craz n mm mm law re 32 I Mean mm mnpauule vmulh 181219417 I Mun annual Manama bola 18 C64 4 7 x f 41 i i iiim Temperature is shown as a line graph Precipitation is shown as a bar graph 3 Together they can be used to classify the climate of any area E39J ong the Equator mazon B asm congo Rwer Basm East coa st of centra A menca East coast and mtenor of Braz East coast of Madagascar Humid Tropical Canopy Ma ayswa ulndoneswa thppmes Iquitos Peru 350 35 g son a an 0 g 250 25E 2 20D 2n 5 a u e E 150 15 g 3 mm 10 g 1 50 5 quot JFMAMJ JASOND WWW II Temperature 1 Warm all year Small annual temperature range Small daily temperature range I Precipitation No dry season ISO to 250 cm of rain annually Many thunderstorms II Dominant Controls Latitude a lTCZ trade wind convergence 0an It Sri Lallka Ba Somhwcx Tropical Rainforest s at Southwest India tern l Fund G a la mom in and mnhczn Eruil Igladesh Mynamar Burma Alricz Frecipilaliun mm m a a Mangalore India W JFMAMJJASOND DWEGEEBE Temperaulre q Thick undergrowth Am T II Temperature Similar to Af with a slightly larger Annual Temperature Range 1 Hottest weather just before the summer monsoon II Precipitation 1 Heavy in summer Short winter dry season 1 250 500 cm annually II Dominant Controls Seasonal wind reversal associated with the lTCZ T ZWS Tropical Savanna Location 15 25 le Northern and eastern Ind a mte or yanmarBurma and Indorchmese Penmsu a unorthem Austraha scum centra Afnca Mano ofVenezue a Campos of BrazH IWestem Centra Amenca scum Honda and Carxbbean Is ands 3 Dakar Senegal m m Lu El E 3mm W 25 Q I 25 2U g 2 2m a a g 15 5 i 3 mm g an I gt n n I n JFMAMJJASOND AW T W II Temperature Warm to hot all year 1 Moderate annual and daily temperature ranges I Precipitation Distinct wet and dry seasons tl 9O 80 cm annually II Dominant Controls Seasonally shifting winds ITCZ Tropical Desert Climate BWh Locat on 25 30 NIS coasm ChHe and Peru soumem Argentma oumwest Amos Arama Iran uPakxsban and Western mam uBaja Cahforma and mtenor Memo Tindouf Algeria 35 an E x g V x 25 m g 20 5 g x 15 E 3 W E m E W i 5 quot I 1 1 I I n U 4 H JFMAMJJASOND BWh Subtropical II Temperature 7 Very hot summers and mild winters Huge daily temperature range Moderate annual temperature range I Precipitation Scarce less than 30 cm annually Scarce unreliable intense I Dominant Controls 39 Subsidence from subtrOpical highs Cool ocean currents Rain shadows I atltu e esert Imate Location 25 30 le Coaxial Chile Aimmz Dexertpnd Peru SouthemArgentinz SouthWestAfn39u California and inteiior Maxim InnerAsia Gob i Desert interioif western us E c Temperature E 52 395 2 T I iiiiiii JFMAMJJASOND BWk idlatitude II Temperature Hot summers and cold winters 1w Large daily and annual temperature ranges I Precipitation Less than 25 cm annually ti Some winter snow I Dominant Controls Distance from sources of moisture Rain shadows u trop ca teppe mate Location 30 NS Penpherax to desem especmHy m Austraha morthem and southern Af ca soumwest Am Argenu na uwestem Umted States Daly Waters Australia 330 VA 25 250 20 15 5 mu 50 I 395 n quot quotI 15 JFMAMJJASOND Frecipitatian mm Temperature Q BS39h Subtropical II Temperature Similar to BWh subtropical desert but more moderate II Precipitation 71 Semiarid II Dominant Controls 397 Similar to subtropical desert Continental Steppe 35k 7 Location 40 50 le C QQEEJ HS E S Hohhot China 8 a t A N M E B E m a 8 Temperature C Preclpltat E 5 25 JFMAMJJASOND BS39k M39idlautitude II Temperature Similar to midlatitude desert but more moderate II Precipitation 11 Semiarid II Dominant Controls 71 Similar to midlatitude desert Humid Subtropical Climate Cfa Cwa Location 30 45 le Southeastem U S soumeastem South Ame ca ucoast southeast Scum Af ca eastem Austraha eastem Aswa from normem Indxa through south Chma to Japan MemphisTN any 735 E300 77 mg 250 25 3200quot 20 gm quot 7153 3100 NE a EUquot 5 J Dr H 4 JFMAMJJASOND h M Subtropieal II Temperature Summers hot and steamy winters mild to cold I Precipitation s Abundant rain 39 No dry season xi IOO 50 cm annually II Dominant Controls Prevailing westerly winds in winter Moist onshore flow in summer Mealterranean or BrfSTmmer Subtropical Climate Csa Csb Location 30 40 le ucerm39a Cahforma centra ChHe Medrterrarrearr Sea borderiands xraman ngh an s uCapetoWn area of South Afrrca o thwes tem Austraha San Francisco CA A m 35 53m an g 25u 25 g g 200 20 B 150 39 15 a quot H K a mm H l m E e 50 5 gt N Ulr39rrmarl n JFMAMJJASOND QED II Temperature Warm to hot summers 1w Mild winters II Precipitation Moderate ti 35 64 cm annually most occurring in the winter I Dominant Controls Subtropical high subsidence in summer Westerly winds and cyclonic storms in winter Mediterranean Marine West Coast Elin t 39 Location 50 N coastai Oregon Washington Bnush Coiumbwa and southern Aias a Southern ChHe mtenor South Africa soumeastAustraHa and New Zeaiand Inorthwest Europe London England Vancouver British Columbia n z E 300 an g E an o gzan 25 g g 25 E g 2m 20 g 2n 3 g win 15 a g 15 Emu m E 395 m 5 E an 5 E 5 E n n III U JMAMJJASOVD JFMAMJeASORD WW II Temperature Mild year round 339 Moderate annual temperature range I Precipitation Moderate to heavy Most in winter Heavy clouds II Dominant Controls Westerly winds 3 Oceanic influence year round md39mm mm H H 1 id r H andoumau x 9 x mew um i mmmm m ont nenta mate um Location 40 50 N Warm Summer Subtype igg eme a dweste U 5 quot0 quot At m c C05 0 Hot humid summers ocuxionzl winter old waves east center Europe Large znnml tempemtum mnges morthem China Weather variability unorthem Korea Cool Summer Su btype Moderate summers long cold winters INew Engiand Great Lakes region Large znnml tempemture mnge Isoum and cen a Canada Variable weziher 39SCWWV EJ eastern Europa 55 s Less pretipitz on dun warm summer Subtype Chicaga Illinois 350 35 E 3 25 Q 1 26B E mar v 5 T 15m 5 a mn E 5 5n 391 395 gt3 III 45 JFMAMJJASJND H Continental II Occur only in the northern hemisphere II Temperature 1 Warm to hot summers n Cold winters Large annual temperature range I Precipitation i Moderate to Abundant 50 25 cm annually II Dominant Controls Westerly winds Midlatitude cyclones 39HiJmid Contine ntaal Subarctic Climate ch Dfd Location 50 60 N Normem N Amenca from Newfound and to as a Normem Euraswa from Scandmawa through most of smena ArtuaHy nonesttent m me Southern Hem sphere mm Frecipi39atinn mEGERE Bananas Yakutsk Russia 35 15 Q E 75 5 E as 415 quot391quot l re JFMAMJ JASOND II Northern hemisphere only II Temperature 5 Long dark cold winters 4 Brief mild summers 9 Huge annual temperature range I Precipitation Small amounts 39 IO 50 cm annually II Dominant Controls Continental location Westerly winds Cyclonic storms alternating with anticyclones Subarctic taiga Tundra Climate ET Locatien 60 75 N Arctc ocean border mm of North Amenca Green and and Euraswa Antarctc Penmu as some po ar s ands Freti tadnn mm Barrow Alaska 3m 25 0 250 15 E 2130 5 g 15m 5 mu 45 3 an 25 n I I III IYI JFMAMJJASDND GET II Temperature 1 Long dark cold winter Brief cool summer Large annual temperature range 1 Small daily temperature range I Precipitation Little less than 25 cm annually mostly as snow I Dominant Controls Latitude a Distance from sources of heat and moisture v Seasonal contrasts Tundra Location 75 NS Pole Ice Cap Climate EF uAnbirCtiCa interior Greeniand peimanentiy fr n 0 associated isia d zen portions of the Arctic Ocean arid s Frecipl mm mm McMurdo Antarctica 150 quot 130 25 me V is 3339 5 50 395 3D 45 m 25 M 35 JFMAMJJASOND Tampemlure q Characteristics summeriess aH monms beiow freezing WOrid s coidest temperatures Extremeiy smaH amount of precipitation windy Cap II Temperature E Long dark bitterly cold winters l Very cold windy summers r Large annual temperature range 1 Small daily temperature range I Precipitation Ll Very sparse all snow J Less than l5 cm annually II Dominant Controls Latitude Seasonal contrasts Polar anticyclones H a ighlands II Climate influenced by altitude II Altitude is more signi cant than latitude II Exposure is high I Low annual temperature range but extreme daily temperature range


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