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by: Marty Lind

PortfolioTechniques AMD457

Marty Lind
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 42 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marty Lind on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMD457 at Central Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/218966/amd457-central-michigan-university in Apparel Merchandising&Design(Effective Fall09) at Central Michigan University.

Popular in Apparel Merchandising&Design(Effective Fall09)


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Date Created: 10/05/15
TABLE OF CO Philosophy Statement amp Career Goals Resume Skill Sets Internship Work Apparel Design Analysis Illustration Computer Aided Design lntro amp Advanced Garment Construction Functional Design Buying Threads Fashion Show journalism Certificates Letters ol39Recommendation References PHILOSOPHY ST I believe that Team Work is important to a su I Want to be challenged and lind opportunities to grow with my career path I Want to create innovative and exciting designs for everyday living Technology is the Way of the luture and should be embraced It39s about reaching consumers the best Way p ossi ble CAREER GOALS In two years I hope to Further my design techniques and be more detailed as it applies to CAD Be Working at an established apparel company and contributing to its mission statement Use cutting edge technology to aid in my development of lashion Am SKILL SET Design Skills garment construction use of the body scanner patternmaking and functional design Computer Skills Microsoft Office SuiteAdobe Photoshop Illustration 81 lnDesign Lectra Kaledo Style Print 81 Weave Merchandising Skills Experience with inistore and Window visual displays trend forecasting fashion buying ability to Work with customers and vendors inventory management Journalism Skills Staff writer for style section of university magazine superior communication skills photojournalism FASHION D INTERNS ltgt I completed a 3 month fashion design internship in London UK ltgt I Worked for designer Erdem Moralioglu and performed a Variety of design amp merchandising tasks on a daily basis ltgt I spent most of my time creating and reworking toiles and patterns for Erdem s SpringSummer 2009 collection ltgt I also felted beaded and stitched garments for production ltgt On the merchandising end I aided in orderin fabrics and created and sent embroidery samples to factories for price checks AUTUMN WINTER 2008 PRODUCTION Another intern and 1 fused silk satin onto felt in East London We felted 48 Pieces in about 3 hours I removed and rerbeaded Swarovski crystals onto interfaced silk SPRINGSUMMER 2009 I Afew toilesI J 1 completed in Erdem s East London studio MARKETING amp MERCHANDISING Modus Publicity bandles Erdem s publicity and PR unless we are having a sample sale in the studio which we did on June 26 St 27 I picked up Erdem s rst Cruise Collection from Modus Publicity 1 aided in pre ordering tbese garments for women who carne to the sample sale One ofthe rnany garments I delivered to Modus g M Iz 39 l 245 224222 APPAREL D ANALYS For an introductory class I studied texture color silhouette and pattern to create a style book displaying my knowledge This is an example of one page that displays color proportion and harmony I analyzed trends in fashion that helped me to create the book Color u ur s we range ufwswb e wave engfhs frum red vs spemrum mm Tm examwe shnws many rmpmianwmpunmn s a cumpmme rem unshm umsmn ces sues shapes amuyms egrees urpcws Funny examwe Me mm uperm 5 Wm M2 pm m whuie rmmwmch s 3 5 a su knuwn as MeEmden Mm Physw caWJhe umquot w wsu39auy p easing and bananas um m budy 39swape w m Me de mhun nf m wcusf rr makes her uuk39s ender as we The pmpunmns are upprupmme m m funcnuns um anecfs and sun We may dwwsmns Psychu ugwcaw hws umquot s smb e aivd exudes cun dence Psycho ugmtuJhe mm s femmme and gracefuL hy c e ensembxe bamnces am the wumun s may and the sun mmfo cuumer m s enderness APPAREL ILLUSTRATI In Milan Italy I learned firsthand from an illustrator working in the fashion industry how to freehand technical flats and traditional fashion illustrations The first images are of my inspiration boards for my designs My Spring Summer collection was based on couture ideas that were transformed into readytowear garments SPRING SUMMER COMPUTER DESIG FOR APPA This is part of an introductory CAD project I presented to Target for the young men s department I gathered information and studied trends to create a menswear line for Spring Summer 2007 using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop insqu var u p Iirl 1mm Jvuu hlmII m 39wawu cum mums W WHHU w monH m a 17171 umm COMPUTER DESIG KALEDO STYLE WEAVE ln Kaledo Style 1 was able to create a croquis and garments to map prints and weaves 1 created in other Kaledo programs In these examples 1 had to create modify improve and color prints in Kaledo Print 1 was able to put the print in repeats to correct any imperfections ln Kaledo Weave l was able to create knits from different weaves and yarns and also apply my color palette to personalize the prints H nwmmnwm HEM admgmw midquot y E W mmo maina rm A A pawer EV wwwmogbswm nowow EHme 3 ammwm w Ems 042 V This is part ul39my linal lint cullcctiun for Ll an cul CAD The croquis and garments were made in Adobe Illustrator and the color and prints were applied in Kaledo Print and Style 4 GARMEN CONSTRUC In advanced apparel construction I became con dent in my sewing and surging skills to create basic apparel garments The following are examples of a custommade lined wool skirt and a tweed tailored jacket These fundamental garments demonstrate my knowledge of zippers lining handstitching 8L welt pockets FUNCTIONAL In functional design I had access to a thermal camera and the body scanner to get exact measurements and body temperatures for a medical prototype project The project was a functional design band made for elderly women to prevent candidiasis on their upper torso These thermal images helped me to pinpoint the area that needed the most attention on the torso It measures the amount of heat emitted from an object or person The top picture is of a woman in a tank top to reveal temperature data points The middle picture is of the final prototype The bottom set of photos is a body scanned image The body scanner collects 300000 data points in 12 seconds which results in a 3D image BUYIN I developed skill in retail competency to understan responsibility for pro ts an e1r vendor relationships Using the numbers below I completed a 6 month plan for women s apparel at a small boutique Febvuavy Mavch mm mm 6 Month Buying Plan Musuu Imngl ma hung and sum RED m m ma 5 5 My m mm W u m 33quot 11111 m m 529w am THREADS FA SHOW For the annual fashion show I created technical ats of my garments to prepare and organize Before making my final garments I created all of my own patterns from scratch HA 139 LI xx JOURNAL My journalism minor has allowed me to combine my fashion and writing skills It has also allowed me to broaden my creative horizons by experimenting with photojournalism as well I currently write for the Style and Arts amp Entertainment sections of CMU s allstudent led magazine wwwGrandCentralMagazinecom INSPIRED BY THE NATIVES While most trends come and go one trend has remained fashionable since the birth of the United States Native American inspired clothing and accessories pay homage to the original settlers of our country Ashley Karnowski studies this age old trend and suggests some simple methods for incorporating them into your wardrobe lf Pocahontas were to live in today s world I don t think she would have any problem fitting Traditional Native American clothing and other adornments have been the inspiration for many past and current trends These trends range from subtle accents like beaded earrings to obviously Native American inspired fashions such as fringed moccasins Native American style first entered mainstream fashion in the 60s during the hippie movement The headbands and beaded fringed vests worn by many young people were directly inspired by Native American tradition But even in today s fashion the image of America s first settlers can still be identified Throughout recent seasons we have seen a revival of the free spirited trends of the 3960s The image of layered maxi dresses hippie headbands peace signs and moccasins mirrors its original source Megan Conover a senior at Michigan State University has tested out this trend for fall quotI get a lot of complements on my Betsy Johnson moccasinsquot she said quotI bought them at the end of the summer They re so comfortable and go with anything in my closetquot It s easy to pick up the inspired style of Native Americans The hand made intricately beaded jewelry feathers bright colors and braided hair are beautiful and bold quotI wanted to be a Native American for Halloweenquot Central Michigan Universityjunior Ali Foster said quotI liked the fun beaded jewelry and feather accessories that are popular right now sol knew I would be able to wear those things again even after Halloweenquot But as you dip into this fashion make sure you do so in moderation and not all at once The look is eye catching but too much of it can become gaudy Since this trend has revived many designers have sent their models down the runway hoping to achieve a free spirited modern and trendy image Matthew Williamson and Anna Sui are two of the best interpreters of Native American style Williamson used free flowing silk bright colors and beads around the waist and shoulders to grab attention For fall Anna Sui designed tribal inspired couture using exotic looking mixed prints and colors a lot of embroidery feathered headbands and all things fringed If you can t afford looks directly from the runway there are still many ways to follow this trend You can find moccasins at many different department stores Claire s has trendy jewelry with feathers and beading to add a little accent to your outfit Or if you have an eye for design create your own Native American inspired jewelry It s a cheap and simple way to have bright and unique accessories So go Native after all they were this land s first trend setters MAGAZINE sums mac Suhmam udsa amt Lagm m nlnumewwlmvum Mam wmasAvamInasmmncnmnmn summrnwDMRux Leavin London A Fashionista39s Final Farewe l to the Big Smoke r AshllyKamawsM unnummv mum Hm m and m A mesu wm 5235M runs ma 052 w an mnsrdpmre cos gu amer mm 1539quot WWWquot Ham 1 a Kacngm m Mavahogm me urrcunfathnscn 39m 4m mm t WWW calms rummqu w m 54 and ME comm mum my mm mm mam n Karrawsm s mks am mu m Hunvs sh mm W am yaw quotmg m my n 2 M75 aw humname was w m warm My mum WWW am mmng m nc m m n m mmmmmnwn msmgmrmmmwm snmmm 39139Tll ilLl39TXAZY 39 M Wm nrdm lues Ilmngslss Mummemanss mm mm as sass n y mu rmss mm 7 V W E ml 5 mmuvm M h I m m m m mm M 55 Brimpnlrmsn Putnam Imhm mom m m Imam Na My Mum Madam m EmiMMe m u Im n mmmsnrww 115mm m mmr m quotmm mm Emyrmrlmsdwmwuwu39arrmu szakmdwanm39av we wm dewnw 5 mm NKMHMLMM d 39ku39 npsm uhzmswmds irgts zsmsl a nhKuMmssudzs yrw mm mm w my My wusvmaynmum mammal waryday wn nm mm but 1mm sz my mmmm mesamp WWW Mdmvuwywcbsns My PHOTO OURNALISM 3 l I y lvquot g X v v 5quot t1 39 MARANGONI Si rilasciaa Ashley Elizabeth Karnowski I auwato a oampamne at Summer Course m Fashion Design Mme NEW 2007 Gm nn 01 Bell 53 Ssbgrwmmo xquot W 39F quotquot 5 1 Mtquot mm quotmm W 1n sapcember mm m Wham u may cancem n 7 5 on war her and have her as a pan or our eam She Is Donsclennnus anmusrasm arm menary me arm ooneagues r w w n and hnmxmh n pleasure a have m m sludm Yams lru y E eanm Brooks Pradu Deve upmem Manager I m mum numrwwmm mm rrlanr mulumkr n CMU CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Match 13 2008 TO WHOM lT MAY CONCERN l have taught Ashley Kantowski in both HEV 155 Introduction to Textiles and HEV 355 T cxtilc Analysis courses as a student The former course focused on the introduction of textiles attributes production and use in everyday life as well u for special needs The later course focused on understanding the content of textile standards performing tests and determining appropriateness for the textile s end use and serviceability The course is designed to include quiues midterm and nal exams annotated bibliography individual scienti c project and a group project The intent is to cultivate analytical communication critical thinking problemsolving and interpretive skills to be able to make informed decisions on the subject under investigation I found Ashley to be a bright hard working intelligent sincere and smart student with high leval ofselfcon dcnce Ashley was very e ective in both group and individual settings She wntn buted her strengths to the team projects and integrating skills for the individual projects She has excellent analytical skills that an necessary to resolve the problematic situations encountered in both professional and personal environments of people These skills will serve her well in the fashion merchandising setting where professionals need to pay extra attention to detail Ashley also exhibited phenomenal time management skills and selfdiscipline in both group and individual Settings She was a responsible mtdent with comprehensive understanding of appropriate selection of textiles I believe that she Will tepescut the department well in an immtional setting She is an amiable personality and willing to learn with dedication and strong commitment lfyou have any questions on this recommmdation please let me know I would place Ashley in top ten percent of iedtousandsofsu mtsdntllnvetauglnsime quot970 lwishhastwcesinherfutme pursuits of learning and ourishing as a professional Sincerely J a C L 397 aquot l 1j l I Llsha Chowdhary PhD Professor Human Environmental Studies 126 Wightman Central Michipn University Mount Pleasant Ml 48859 989 7742839 howd l udcmichudu 989 7742435 Fax CENYPJL MlCHlGAN UNIVERSI39T39 MOUNY 3 EASANT MlCHl JAN 48559 Ashley Elizabeth Karnows 42 30 Pavilion Court Fenton Ml 48430 810 444 8058 karno 1aecmich edu REFEREN Eleanor Brooks Studio Manager Erdem 35 47 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6LA 44 0 20 7739 7986 Eleanor erdem couk Nancy Schollhammer Owner of Match Maker International 1289 S Linden Road Flint MI 48501 810 750 2856 Wendy Honey Professor of Apparel Design 12 2AWightrnan Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant MI 48858 Hone 1 ws cmich edu 989 7741988


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