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General Biology III

by: Hadley Pollich

General Biology III BI 103

Hadley Pollich
Central Oregon Community College
GPA 3.7

James Moodie

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About this Document

James Moodie
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hadley Pollich on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BI 103 at Central Oregon Community College taught by James Moodie in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/218968/bi-103-central-oregon-community-college in Biology at Central Oregon Community College.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Biology 103 Community Ecology Outline Terms and Vocabulary Community Ecological Disturbance Succession Climax Community Ecological Resistance Ecological Resilience Potential Niche Realized Niche Questions What shapes a community IntegratedClosed communities or Individualistic Open communities Which type of community t best with the data When are closed communities observed How do disturbances affect communities How can disturbances be quanti ed What are some of the reasons for understanding ecological disturbances Name the two types of succession What are three ways in which biodiversity can be measured How does diversity correlate with total plant cover With plant productivity Spatial complexity Variation in temperature How does community structure relate to resistance and resilience Biology 103 Species Interactions Outline Terms and Vocabulary ConsumerResource Interaction Warning Coloration Mimicry Generalist Consumer Specialist Consumer Mutualism Coevolution Questions Name the three major types of interactions betweenwithin species What are the harms and bene ts to the interactants in these types of interactions Name the different types of ConsumerResource interactions How is the concept of coevolution involved in predatorprey interactions Give some examples of camou age Why is camou age important How else can prey avoid predators What is herbivory How does it differ from predatorprey interactions What is another type of consumerresource interaction Give some examples of mutualism How does the Principle of Exclusion relate to niche and habitat How does Competition play a role in evolution What are two ways in which interactants compete Biology 103 Conservation Biology Outline Terms and Vocabulary Biodiversity Questions What are the different types of biodiversity and how are they different Where is most of the biodiversity located Why is this What evidence is there that we have a biodiversity problem What are the major threats to biodiversity Why is biodiversity important to humans How do humans impact biodiversity How can biodiversity be maintained What are biological hotspots and where are they located Bi103 Birds amp Ecology Behavioral Ecology Finding Food Behavioral Ecology Adaptation Fitness How is behavior related to economics What is the ultimate currency of behavioral costbene t analysis What alternative currency is often used instead Why are birds limited in what they can eat Describe the digestive system of birds and compare it to mammals Why do birds specialize on seeds nectar or meat What probably in uences the shape of a bird s bill the most How does foraging behavior in uence the shape of the wings for swifts swallows and ycatchers How does foraging behavior in uence the shape of the wings for accipiters hawks and falcons Bi103 Birds amp Ecology Feathers amp Flight Lecture What are the three major types of feathers and what is the function of each How do ight feather vanes keep from separating Descibe the two hypotheses that explain the evolution of ight What recent evidence supports one of the hypotheses How are birds adapted for ight Explain how the wing generates lift How can birds reduce stalling in the air How is the wing and feather designed to reduce drag Brie y describe the power and recovery stroke of ying


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