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American Revolution: Social, Political, Global

by: Mary Alexis Kerman

American Revolution: Social, Political, Global History 1100

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > History > History 1100 > American Revolution Social Political Global
Mary Alexis Kerman
GPA 3.9
Survey of United States History to 1865
Dr. Rost

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About this Document

Notes on the American Revolution for one week. Topics are Political, Global and Social.
Survey of United States History to 1865
Dr. Rost
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Alexis Kerman on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Dr. Rost in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Survey of United States History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
The American Revolution Political Revolution Key Terms Stamp Act Sons amp Daughters of Liberty Intolerable Acts Declaration of Independence Taxation and Representation being taxed as a colony and not having a say in how the Brit gov is run It s the colonies vs English government split These political leaders are supporting these new laws as a new global empire so everyone needs to pull their weight The British thought these colonist should be grateful War debts are also building up and so the gov thought the colonist needed to pay for this The Navigation Acts are also being abused by the colonists 0 Sugar Act 1764 The smuggling was occurring against the Navigation acts Admiralty courts are set up to stop this and strengthen the acts to prevent colonist from going around it A tax on the movement and shipment of sugar 0 Stamp Act 1765 This one was seen as even more worse than the sugar act It took it a step further Whenever you made a transaction in the colonies you had to buy a stamp to go on these purchases It was a way for parliament to raise money through a direct tax It s intended to reap benefits from this tax and many colonist oppose this crafting the ideas of the American Revolution no taxation without representation The British had no right to tax them in the colonies seeing the colonist didn t have representation in the House of Commons I Sons of Liberty come from the elite that started in New York They brought about a larger mobilization This regulation of commerce really hit them hard because they are merchants They convinced other common people to resist this taxation They also agree with other merchants to issue a nonimportation agreement by stopping taxation by cutting off imports to the colonies I Daughters of Liberty they take this idea of nonimportation and make home made goods to support the market At the same time being the chief consumers they use their pocket book to in uence change They just agree not to buy any British goods that may already even be in the colonies It was a way for women at the time to give their own voice I In 1766 they convince parliament to repeal the stamp act although it wasn t permanent and parliament turns around and puts the Declatroy Act rejecting claims of American government 0 Tea Act late 1760s was intended to do a few things There s the East India company in India that ties relationships with Asia and England and there is a lot of tea At this time the company is failing so the Brits say they can send these goods to the American colonies So now these colonist have to buy certain tea I Boston Tea Party Dec 16 1773 a group of colonist disguise themselves as Native Americans and throw numerous amounts of tea into the Boston Harbor So why did they dress as Native Americans What we see is the dressing of Natives was identifying as Natives being very American 0 Intolerable Acts after the Boston Tea Party Very forceful from Parliament and is a bundle of acts having an impact on the colonist 1 if you re gonna dump your tea they close Boston harbor 2 assemblies in the colonies are taken away from them which takes away the structure of who they are 3 if there will be rebellion then new military establishments are put in and they re housed in private homes 4 a new royal governor Thomas Gage is put into power closely tied to the British Continental Congress this is the colonist s reaction to the intolerable acts They convene in Philadelphia on Sept 1774 The founding fathers show up here like John Adams Samuel Adams George Washington Patrick Henry etc The only colony not here at the 1st CC is Georgia Many early congressmen call to define the rights of Englishmen They want natural rights John Lock and universal freedom They define the intolerable acts a null and void Therefore they tell the Brit gov what they can and cannot do in the colonies and the only thing they are allowed to do is regulate trade In response to this the Brit gov declare Massachusetts to be in rebellion Boston Massacre 1770 There had been military forts set up around Boston There s a confrontation between the colonist and British soldiers The colonist were throwing snowballs at the soldiers and it escaladed In the midst of this shots were fired and five colonists died One of the people who dies is Cripus Attucks He was a sailor and had a mixed ancestry Lexington and Concord the first beginnings of the American Revolution April 1775 As congress had met and said Brits can only regulate trade and they have their own rights they try to get weapons out of colonial hands So they brits send soldiers from Boston to Concord to seize these arms As the brits march there they meet lots of resistance In this mix there s shots fired at Lexington and Concord shots heard around the world Declaration of Independence 2nd continental congress is called Authorizes for the raising of and army Let s printing of money occur to pay for this Appoints George Washington as the primary military commander The DOC comes out of this in 1776 They declare the USA as an independence from the Brit colonies July 2rld they declared and July 4th the DOC was approved saying why they were doing his 39 Second Continental Congress I Thomas J efferson mainly writes it 39 Grievances brings about the issue of how the gov is controlled by its constituents It sights the king s in uence on royal gov and local judges Standing british armies in colonies Parliament and gov have cut off colonial trade All these taxes are through the consent of the governed Therefore they can abolish the gov which is the change to the Revolution Going from a monarchy to a new gov that is governed by the citizens designed around democracy The Revolutionary War the USA is def at a disadvantage at the beginning British have a great military and Germans back them up as well There are advtg for the Americans like the war being fought on their soil motivation for political independence and get support of other European nations like France October 19 1781 Cornwallace surrenders at Yorktown Support for the revolution declines in the British government bringing about a victory Treaty of Paris 1781 Americans send to Paris a delegation of John Adams George W and John J Several things occur 1 usa receives independce from the brit gov 2 usa gains control of continent as Mississippi River to Atlantic Ocean and Canada as a northern border 3 usa gets fishing rights in Canada and 4 agrees not to persecute loyalist during the revolution They ll return all property loyalist lost The American Revolution Social Revolution Key Terms Common Sense Lord Dunmore s Proclamation Gradual Abolition Abigail Adams Common Sense everyone is gaining new rights and opportunities Written in 1776 in the midst of the ravel of Revolution before the DOC Goal to reach the masses with this document He simplifies words so that everyone can understand it Addressed to the American colonist On design of government on what English government is thoughts on monarchy thoughts on what s happening in the USA and what the ability of the US is going forward into the rev are topics 0 Thomas Paine British immigrant Enlightens colonist by showing how the king is supporting bad policies like the Sugar Act He suggests that there s a membership to the British Empire is a burden He says the cause that is going on in the Americas will have positive impacts for every man around the world and a new Nation will occur afterwards Revolution of the Common Man opportunities are presented for the common man The new government was a Republic so authority rests on the consent of the governed The democratization was quite dramatic In Pennsylvania the state abolishes the office of the governor suspends office voting and provides low cost schools in every county advocate for free speech and religious liberty 0 Rights for voting 0 Religion the practice of an established state church is stopped I Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom 1786 By Thomas Jefferson Presented in the state of Virginia Eliminates requirements for voting You don t have to be a certain religion to hold an office Prevents forcing of religious practices among citizens Women and the Revolution these are kinda the common women They played a good role in the Revolution by performing military service boycott merchants raise funds for soldiers making uniforms for the army and serving as spies 0 Abigail Adams husband John Adams and son is John Quincy Adams Really connects the cause of women to the cause of the Revolution Supports legislation to remove the legally dead status on women like Feme Covert 0 Republican Motherhood role to be the teachers of future citizens They train daughters to be future republican mothers and sons to be future leaders of the country They are to be educated in business and religion Benjamin Rush promotes educational opportunities for these women African Americans amp The Revolution 0 Lord Dunmore s Proclamation he strengthens British army and impacts the southern economy by offering freedom to any slave that escapes go to the British lines and take up arms for the British Around 100000 slaves desert their owners to ee to the lines It impacts by offering freedom to slave people and forces the American military to act in the same manner Around 5000 enlist with colonial forces and there are certain abilities to gain freedom because of this service 0 Gradual Abolition Sierre Lione A settlement by the English for emancipated or free slaves Some are sent back to the West Indies though so we see a backlash For the Americans some northern states support this idea of gradual abolition African Americans were demanding for their freedom especially due to what the DOC says Owners sometimes would emancipate their slaves Between 1777 1804 most states took action toward emancipation There s the idea of freeing slaves yet there are restrictions Most laws don t free living slaves but it s meant for their children The Flights of the Loyalists those who fought for the British during the Revolution are called the loyalist About 2025 of the population of free men Most numerous in NY Penn and back country regions of the CarolinasGeorgia Because of their support for England backlashes are seen People would attack them Tar and feathering Confiscation of land Denial of rights like voting Banishment from the state that they live in about 50000 loyalist at the end of the war leave the US and 15000 leave with them The loyalist that did stay experienced a state of persecution and those in standing return to status after this period but many don t get their land back The American Revolution Global Revolution Key Terms Neolin Estates General Haitian Revolution Revolution in the British Empire before the American Revolution they are pro French but then during the American Revolution they are proBritish all because of building relationships At the end of the war though the British totally disband from the Natives O Pontiac39s Rebellion Native American revolution around l763l780s a closer relationship between French and Natives When the French and Indian war ends the French are pretty much gone from N America which really affects the Natives They had to make new relationships I Pontiac member of the Ottawa Tribe Wanting this revolt to occur in order to bring back French control So maybe if the Natives can beat the Brits They attack forts in Detroit Great Lakes Indiana and Ohio They have success in the early revolution Over a series of years the Brits counter attack and peace is slowly brought about in the middle ground Indian reserve area Pontiac is the military leader for Natives at this time I Neolin he s the ideological religious prophet Delaware tribe His words and ideas inspire Pontiac s military actions making him the root of this revolution He talks about insights he has of the world and how it should be by rejecting European ideology and culture and moving back to the Native culture He told them to drive the British out of the land Speaks the message of Pan Indian Identity instead of being tribes they are one people and to be successful they have to unite for mutual cooperation 0 Ireland those early boycotts in the colonies impacted trade with other places like Ireland They support British movement in American Revolution They do this because they wanted more rights and responsibilities after In the midst of this Rev they restore rights to Ireland s Parliament It was a short lived peace and by 1798 they rebel and side with the French In turn the Brits abolish their parliament Con ict in the Spanish Empire in the western hemisphere the Spanish empire are also having turmoil and political revolution People are protesting trader forms that were supposed to boost trade and tax revenue for the mother country This leads to disputation at the local level These locals turn aggression to merchants supporting this 0 New Granada in 1780s Peaceful negotiation A deal between revolutionaries and empire to cancel these fiscal policies 0 Peru a larger rebellion here Native Americans and mestisto class gain together I Tupac Amaru 11 Peru leader during Revolution Leads rebels to break into armories and official houses He is inspired by his own heritage among the Incan empire It s more about reestablishing the Incan Empire 0 French Revolution democratic revolutionist in Britain siding with the French 0 Ancien Regime The gov before the revolution Begin to have enlightenment ideas with people like the founding fathers sparking this These French enlightenment people criticize this Ancien Regime Mid 18th C They tie it to debt warfare and bad crop production impacting hunger There s also concern about heavy taxes not placed upon the aristocracy and limited social mobility to rise in society by what you do And in general they look at what s going on in France as a whole like Versailles I Louis XVI under pressure from the lower society he calls Estates General I Marie Antoinette the wife 0 Estates General a representative body Significant because it had not happened since 1614 It s now 1740 They were to decide how to reform government Things don t advance during the meeting I 1St Estate clergy I 2nd estate nobility I 3rd estate everyone else They disband the Estates General I Tennis Court Oath where the 3rd estate goes They collect themselves together and pledge to write a new constitution for France and abolish absolute monarchy They attack Bastille a large prison where those who opposed the king were held July 14 O A Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen The National Assembly abolishes the Ancien Regime Guarantees liberties to all citizens and restrains power of the gov Women look at this doc and wonder where they re at Recall Abigail Adams from the colonies De Gorge writes her own doc for women All in all there s a shift in gov and control then things spiral out of control 0 Reign of Terror 1793 the king and queen are executed by a guillotine The gov begins to fracture I Robespierre he comes to power amidst a group of radicals They take control and purge enemies who opposed him So there s mass executions Continues for a while and stability doesn t come to France until the 1800s France goes to war with a number of nations around them Napoleon Bonaparte rises out of this and comes to France and takes control of the gov 17991800 0 Haitian Revolution out of this French revolution impacting French and American south A small island of San Dominic that s primarily sugar structure based around slavery In 1791 there s a revolution by the slaves The entire island falls to this rebellion O Toussaint L Ouverture led by him A slave but very educated As this revolution occurs he issues a statement to the French National Assembly for citizenships of people of color Sites the rights of man and citizens the French just came out Brings about a successful revolution and they control the island They are able to hold of the English and then the French 0 European Reaction 0 American Reaction support Draws on their revolution and because some of them had fought for them during their revolution They establish trade relations and supply them 0 Legacy of the American Revolution new rights for social groups and impacts foreign affairs It inspires other revolution A legacy of What happens in the United States


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