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Week 1 Class Notes

by: Kim Notetaker

Week 1 Class Notes PHYS 122

Kim Notetaker
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Class notes for week 1 of PHYS 122
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kim Notetaker on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 122 at University of Washington taught by TOLICH, NIKOLAI in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see ELECTROMAGNETISM in Physics at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
y I I t J I I I u g I I I l k 4X I ulk I a I I a I I I I 7 I g H I n If I I I i I I II a I 1 Q 2 a J I T x n y m f I L I L H I 0 I s I IJ I r 1 I III I s 1 II Ir I J J Z I I x A r I F 1 IJ I 1 I I I I F J i I I I I I F x a r If 7 If C I I I I f I If La I I a I m r I I I r 1 1 II I I I I m r J in y 7 at n r I I r i v z x If k i I F I J LI w a I a r B I I III I J l I V 7 n I III JlrlK I I I I f I I I r r f I I 1 I z K Wu I I I IL 3 x I L I i I HI isI f I 7 II I I z I Alf I u T I r I K HI 4 I I I I I z I Ir p I a I I J I II F vi j 1 I I I If a AK I J I I in I I a g I J I FE I a II I I I I z Jr JIII I I I a I I I III I A r III I I R w x I I K I t I n ILF IIIPII WEIJIFII IuII r I 7 1 I m g Id I III I I i W I rsrr HI II Irv 0 D iii 3 39 aid1gquot if zu gj i 7 C wart1155 a s23 i x i homegymquoti r r 3 If r 7 quot 39 n 3 F f a ML L 1 L M y 39 39 39 Ti7777 77 7 7 f 7 7 if a T 2fi7f777 5 PDiS f d Wv iVamp MiTWWMLEE 1 g u i 7 ME film 413 i7quotquot T 2i f 39 2 r39 v quot V 39 1 7 7 I i 1 L 7 r J L 7 I l 47 L Q 777 v 1 L FL r 4quot a a 4 V 39 l 39 WL f 5m77QH D r If PL X 0mgquot 39 I hymm 77D I l 351 quot74717 7quot 1L W 7 I I x g Lgegww Al 4 7 7 7 7 74 l I q 7 7 77 7 397 7777 I 7 I 7 V 1 39 7 7 1 1 7 7 7 I 7 7 7 If kgWMquot 7 74 a E177777 5quot rgf39 QF I 7 I I I 7 7 7 77 777 I 4 lg I J I I 7 7 7 I 1 Ll 7 777777777 fr 1 7 g g 3 Ix awi dytg 77 77 7 7 3 3 m xk lif 6 n B a r 3 11 L l M g M4 CW5 7 H y A WW f 7 K 7 7 7 V a 7 7 i 5 39 g 5 1 l Omit 1 MC g7ng ngzmg f I We V J T 391 l 7 7 1 7 q i fry rkx mwfammwc ZWHM q w i ng W f ewwwwii i ll quot U 39 i f939 5 g 39 I f f r mu quotW 156 U i l Ma n39MLi gt at lt f w m m quot quotquot quotT fJquotquot39A quot l 124AAL h M L gn l Ci gi 11 6f VJWg rm r m ii1mecmw aw r TEA u j w L 1 1 1 I 1 x L szjgiAw mii J Wigg mW 4fu t i v 39 w 3 395 9 3Lamp4q W 2wwgtL mr wi5 T Efigwx I 7 L n Y i L rm f L l i y E 9 J i f 2 15 3 71 5 f 03 i6 3957 i L 6 I E 7 7 i A 7 mrr 39 39A re j r 39 7 A 77 r A r if i x r I t x w u l w dl n e f i 1 i 1 U mf UMHMMJ 2 at 1 7 AS rziw 7 V k hidi 1 O i i If 5 w M quotu i i i i i mrq m gh i i L m i l LS V1FA3wFfjgys F f C i 1 1 7 7 iiirr f TtJ 77d7m in 1 szrv liiiria 39 9 it 77 F l SHIV 3 4 r7 3 39 T l v r w A 5 I i i i a i i 1 z m m h I 39 id I V I y I ll r V I EL W V 1 a 154 j 3 f if I I I I f M w I K Ii I t D r X 5 i a I H 339 A r K WU H i ver iwf f 7 v a tquot w r e e 24 FMS5 Ill a 50 554M 20 0amp0 er 4 l W 7 4 7 5070 30am Mg NMLL 39 PM PrMOlg 2 2l Chmgig when 2 Mal ak a 239 Wm quot 00539 4 m rods m Mob ad 17 v Lam op0C 05141 M MFA quot Opp WWIit COM10MB wt of Marga l dig fw mng a 39 MMf39lzl Log Mitcng VMW 3 e QMWWM C AEazs Q d 7 marks v 0 1sz 0cwa M fLe loaxfrlx eyj awarl 23 e dmm H 13 8 E how mmg e mmf lya39hfmfexw TD produce 12539 14653 a M Chm0 oleL quotNppto l e um WM anfgt e C1441 V009 1quot ha3b 17 5 25 5 57 q M c cb r WM 4 85 1 WM 17 WVQ 0 MJIJMM Wad minmm f paw P03 CW 1 r 7 397 71 39 a i 0 CrowM Nat j D MD at I r If IaIW 0W 439 Ar am bc 61F ELL 1 7 2 wwdc quotWWW 305a Chmyrs in C r g WV L LWjL f G1 MW d4de Cuu bvwbs L W x non Hubzl 2 chwnYL an b4 1 aUi39b I2 1 j 67 aharw 43367450 N711 L j r Par c bs 1 1r 1 1 0 mpavlaem Fm 339 I N 1 smwm 794m 395 N 2 O Lo 32 aw 5183 Ni 950 NJ W 30 cm Wm 101w Ma Salon e Whoa I MPD MS 1ST fM Padic wm OJquot Wm W mmk 64M WWIwun 464 617 am SW QDFE E PfDPoSC xivMLM wwx 5MHL 7 Meme54 s quotin1mm l a i 4 Pdia 1olL goat 39 b 3 lid 2 0d 0m N ng Dwr Dr 7 MW meg 7 Wm M w w a Mr 2 p 39 KI 39 K quot 39 67 Wan 80571 1341 W5 WWI 55 43 Fm rm WMMM NWM L Ma Wf t afr wow mm mm lbw saw 7Sme Univ of Wk ItLi dUW WW I me Pouss mmWW hrmh M I 39 M Cm HWMCMMH Wm m WQWMMZ Proass INDWIDWJ W M WW 1 mhxm ML 3 MVimW39 PM Mg 1quot I imamism U jpri Ef e55 occqu wow Min mm innHAL Pasf H Z ManiacP ovuf ff bw 141 obi01 2 RadianMka TWTIIU L will Mquot L745 1764770 H554 Homolow T SiMitPJLur 39oj S M JP 90103 awEL aw Magome a M owl9 5WW MM bid51


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