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Week Four Notes

by: Sydney Purpora

Week Four Notes History 125

Sydney Purpora
GPA 3.62
World History Since 1500
Louisa Rice

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About this Document

World History Since 1500
Louisa Rice
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney Purpora on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 125 at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire taught by Louisa Rice in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see World History Since 1500 in History at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
History 125 Week Four Notes Political Organization and Building New Worlds 0 ElizabethI 15331603 0 Protestant 0 English Civil War 0 Wealthy social group I Not traditional 0 Most Puritans left 0 Those who stayed dominated the lower house of parliament I House of Commons 0 Fight over the King s right to govern I Puritan vs those loyal to the king 0 Civil war 16421649 I Kills King 0 Glorious Revolution I No blood is spilled I Will find a King and Queen 0 They have to consult with the people and not do things alone I Absolutism 0 France Spain Germany Russia 0 Extraordinary concentration of power 0 Louis XIV as embodiment 16431715 I I am the state 0 Versailles Palace as a symbol I The sun king 0 Peter the Great 16821725 0 Energetic and ruthless O Westernization I remove beards or get taxed 0 Meritocracy O Intermarriage with Western royalty Tremendous expansion of Russia 0 Class Discussion 0 What are the similarities and differences in the experience of these native peoples Siberia North America South Africa 0 Siberia and North America Europeans initially looking to trade for fur O Siberia had a form of defense I NeoEuropeans those of European decent make up a large portion of the population while the natives are almost all wiped out 0 Trade is key 0 Farming land 0 Disease 0 None have large settled societies I Some still nomadic Silver Potosi 0 Former Inca Empire 0 Mita 0 Population of natives in this area grew a huge amount in a short period of time North American Labor System Plantation system Disease of Native Americans caused problems for using them as labor source Initially indentured European servants O O O O Enslaved Africans by the 17th century Science vs Faith Racial classificationsocial system in Spanish America 0 Mestizo Native American and Spanish I Dona Marina Malinche mother of the first Mestizo in Mexico Cultural Mixing 0 Christianity claims exclusivity O Syncretism mixing of religions and cultures to create a new one I Voodoo in Haiti Kongolese Saint Anthony 0 16481706 Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita I Claims she was possessed by Saint Anthony at the end of her life 1704 China and the West 0 Trade carried out under tribute system 0 China believes it does not need anything from outsiders I Except silver trade with Europe Chinese Rights Controversy 0 The pope states that China can t mix their traditions with Christianity Why Europe for the enlightenment 0 Islam could have done it I But they were narrowing their view 0 Europe I Broadening their view Enlightenment Life will be better if we follow a certain system 0 New political theory I John Locke I No government should be able to take away life liberty and property 0 Social distress and attempt to overcome I Inalienable natural rights 0 Scientific revolution s heritage I Philosophes goal social reform


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