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Love and Romance

by: Shabree Bost

Love and Romance CDFR 4006

Shabree Bost
GPA 3.621
Families, Sexuality, and Gender
Dr. Kate Harcourt

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About this Document

3-14-16 notes
Families, Sexuality, and Gender
Dr. Kate Harcourt
Class Notes
CDFR, development, love, sex, Gender, Romance, sexuality
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Shabree Bost on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CDFR 4006 at a university taught by Dr. Kate Harcourt in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views.

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Date Created: 03/20/16
Love and Romance 31416 19505 0 women need to look as good to gain attention 0 conquest out of a women 19605 0 Women in the house 19905 0 Less on appeal to man 20005 0 Affordability to be picky 0 Emerging adults more exploring mass dating uid sexuality Love and marriage 0 Did not always go together 0 Women more likely to marry a man with the right attribute but no love 0 Abstinence more of a personal choice than expectation What hasn39t changed 0 Women still use passive techniques more so then men 0 Men report falling in love earlier in the relationship 0 What we are likely to choose a partner based on 0 Women spend more time than men thinkingtalking about emotional aspects of relationships 0 Opposites don39t always attract The science of love 0 Initial feelings have more to do with functions of the brain than romance quothighquot is the result of neurotransmitters chemicals When two people are attracted to each other brain ooded with neurotransmitters that mimic amphetamines Dopamine makes us feel good Norepinephrine pounding hearts and racing pulses PEA phenylethylamine excitement and euphoria Neurotransmitters D pituitary gland D releases hormones D sex glands in turn release even more hormones make love all night or talk all night 0 When this happens over a period of time interpreted as falling in love 0 BUT beware of infatuation confused with love Styles of love 0 Eros Romantic or passionate love ideal mate patient 0 Ludus Gameplaying love vs searching for a serious relationship 0 Storge Companionate or friendship love focused on deepening mutual commitment respect amp common goals 0 Manic Obsessive love characterized by an intense lovehate relationship CO 0000 Pragma Practical pragmatic style of love Involves rational assessment of a quotsuitablequot partner Agape Unselfish concern for loved one s needs Passionate wildly powerful emotion that is experienced as intense longing for the selected love object along with profound sexual arousal and confused feelings Physiological changes Can be painful if not reciprocated Happens quickly Heavy on the physical side Companionate deep tender mature affectionate attachment bonds shared between two people May or may not include feelings of physical arousal Grows gradually over time 0 Connection between love and sex 0 O O O 0 Love can be an important motivational factor of sexual activity ls sex better if we love our partners How we experience sex and the enjoyment we get from sex is highly personal Wide body of research does suggest that there is an association between sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction Couples who are most sexually satis ed report higher levels of love and commitment Romantic ideals o Negatives Unrealistic Unpopular Unattainable o Positives Unique 0 So what is love anyway 0 Theories Sexual Passion Romantic ldealization Affection Companionship Altruism Dependence Attachment Shared experiences 0 Love language quiz


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