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Week Six Notes

by: Nicole Tierney

Week Six Notes ART_GNRL 1020

Nicole Tierney
Appreciation of Art
Bonnie Kerridge

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About this Document

These are notes from 9/28 and 9/30 over the second half of Chapter 6 (Light and Color) and Chapter 7 (Other Formal Elements)
Appreciation of Art
Bonnie Kerridge
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Tierney on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART_GNRL 1020 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Bonnie Kerridge in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Appreciation of Art in Art at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge 28 September 2015 Chapter 6 Light and Color Color v Transient Rainbow Cai GuoQiang 2002 0 Celebration of transfer of Museum of Modern Art to Queens 0 Used gunpowder eeting transitory momentary qualities of life 0 Designed to heal after 911 I Goddess NuWa sealedhealed the sky 0 Stones of color thrown across the heavens 0 Circular symbol PI universe The Allegory 0f 99 Wolves Cai GuoQiang Color wheel 0 Primary colors red yellow blue 1 0 Secondary colors orange green violet 2 0 Intermediate mix of the primary and secondary colors 3 Spectrum band of colors resulting from sunlight passing through a prism Color a direct function of light Hue primary or secondary color Tint add white to a hue Shade add black to a hue Re ected pigment 0 Mixing hues I Subtractive process combing all hues black or the total absorption of all 0 O 90 90 O O O O O O 90 90 90 90 90 9 colors I Resulting colors are duller I Absorption of white 0 Mixing lights I Addictive process combining all hues white or total refraction I Resulting colors are brighter bolder 393 How we describe color 0 Hue red blue yellow etc I 12 hues in the color wheel 0 Value pale blue dark green etc 0 Saturation brightnessdullness of a color 393 The Creation of Adam Michelangelo 15081512 0 Colors were dulled by centuries of dust smoke grease O The restoration of the frescos of the Sistine Chapel 0 Restored the original palette I Palette range of colors 0 Colors were found to be more saturated I Bright amp intense ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge 393 Color is a key element of art and as such color and the optical effects of color relationships have become elements to explore O Analogous areas of color closely related color group I Warm colors red orange yellow I Cool colors green blue violet I October in the Catskills Gifford 1880 I Creates depth using atmospheric perspective I Creates a sense of spiritual optimism using warm colors I Fallen Jane Hammond 20042011 0 Con ict in Iraq 0 Reminiscent of Vietnam Memorial 0 Complementary areas of color opposites on the color wheel I Redgreen orangeblue yellowviolet I Effect of simultaneous contrast make the other brighter 0 Afterimage I Mercenaries III Leon Golub 1980 0 Worked to create a sense of the tactile tension of events 0 Visually feeling the explosiveness of the image 0 Harshly painted to talk about the untalkable 0 Pointillism the human eye mixes the colors optically complementary or contrasting colors used for intensity 0 Georges Seurat tiny dots to create the full image I A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 18841886 I Le Chahut The CanCan 18891890 0 Chuck Close portraits I Stanley 19801981 Restricted palette Polychromatic palette multiple hues O F ilas for Sale Charles Searles 1972 I Many different colors sense of movement 0 256 Farben 256 Colors Gerhard Richter 19741984 Monochromatic palette single hue Local color the color of the object is the color we know it as 0 Banana yellow firetruck red tree green and brown water blue 0 Summer Landscape Stuart Davis 1930 v Arbitrary color artist s personal impression not normal coloring O The Terrace of Vernon Pierre Bonnard 19201939 v Perceptual color many different colors based on the way the light re ected on the objects 0 Grainstack Sunset Vincent Van Gogh 1891 393 The Night Cafe Vincent van Gogh 1888 0 Red amp green show terrible passions of humanity everywhere there is a clash amp contrast 0 O 90 90 O O 90 90 ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge 393 Black Lines Wassily Kandinsky 1913 0 Explosive color 393 Cai GuoQuang 0 Born in 1957 in China Involved in history Architect more so Did work on the 2008 Beijing Olympics The Mark of 921 T aichung Taiwan 2000 Borrowing Your Enemy 5 Arrow 1998 I The idea of using the strength of one s opponents to empower oneself I The arrows symbolizes wound and pain but it is uplifted and the feathers enable it to take ight 0 Tiger hunting art OOOOO ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge 30 September 2015 Chapter 7 Other Formal Elements 393 Texture surface quality visual indications of a tactile sensation 0 Actual texture I Pieta Michelangelo 1501 0 Cold smooth permanent pure beyond human I Long Robert Ryman 0 Thickly applied paint edges toward sculpture I View from Primrose Hill Frank Auerbach 1962 0 Thick and gooey I Mujer Pegada Series No 2 Manual Neri 19851986 0 Visual texture I Forest and Dove Max Ernst 1927 0 Illusion of a tactile quality I Seems to possess surface texture 0 Inventor of frottage surface rubbings I Europe After the Rain Max Ernst 1940 0 High surrealism I Erosion and Strip Farms William A Gamett 1951 0 Photograph unites visualactual textures 0 Strip farms across the eroding landscape 0 Patterns of light and shadow reveal real surface texture 393 Pattern O Kente prestige cloth 0 Lindisfarme Gospels I Patterned textiles subtly repetitive designs 0 Night Shade Miriam Schapiro 1986 I Has strength inside the pattern feminist I Homage to women 393 Time 0 Virgin of Guadalupe Isidro Escamilla 1864 I Temporal narrative of the miracle of the roses 0 The Meeting of Saint Anthony and Saint Paul Sassetta 1440 O This is Me This is You Roni Horn 19972000 393 Motion 0 Human sculptures I David the three showing motion in a 3D sculpture 0 Michelangelo Renaissance 0 Gianlorenzo Bemini 1623 O Waterlilies Morning Willows Claude Monet 19161926 ART GNRL 1020 Bonnie Kerridge CO I Large scale work to be viewed from different vantage points designed to be viewed from around the room I No focal point no unified perspective Dri 2 Bridget Riley 1966 I Optical illusion painting I Visual depiction of heat rising from land I Shattered the topographical structure and set up violent color vibrations Jackson Pollock I Action painting I Drips amp sweeps of paint chart the movement I Abstract expressionist put himself into the painting Still Life Grace Ndiritu Detached Building Room for St John of the Cross Bill Viola 1983


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