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Week 1 Lecture Notes - Survey of Music History I

by: Amrita Gupta

Week 1 Lecture Notes - Survey of Music History I MUS 267

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > MUS 267 > Week 1 Lecture Notes Survey of Music History I
Amrita Gupta
GPA 3.22
Survey of Music History I
Professor Lori Kruckenberg

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About this Document

Survey of Music History I
Professor Lori Kruckenberg
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amrita Gupta on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 267 at University of Oregon taught by Professor Lori Kruckenberg in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Survey of Music History I in Music at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
MUSIC HISTORY 929 Purpose of Eaer Gregorian Chant To serve a group of leaderspolitical figures To unite a vast group of people around a common cause religion and its rites Roman Catholic church To lend prestige to political ambitions of ruling power and their desire to build an empire Music in Political Power A monument Backgroundtimeline o 395 separation of Eastern and Western Roman Empires 0 476 end of Roman Empire 0 Mid 5th century ca 752 Merovingian dynasty rise of Carolingians by beginning of 8th century 0 751911 Carolingian dynasty o 25 December 800 Charlemagne crowned emperor by Pope leader of Carolingians Carolingian Empire Named for Charlemagne Carolus Magnus Early advisorschiefsmayors of palace include Pepin the Elder Charles Martel Important emperorskings Pepin the Short d 768 Charlemagne d 814 Louis the Pious d 840 Later 9th century Luther Ludwig he German Charles the Fat Carolingians and the Church of Rome 0 Support one another I Church often under attack 0 Reciprocal benefits prestige military power authority literacy Goal unify and control empire 0 Language and literacy Latin is the language of the realm 0 Legal system law of the realm 0 Education system culture of learning and literacy 0 Common religionworship catholic church of Rome 9 unify liturgy and its mus1c Political Power of Chant Gregorian chant connected to political aspirations of many powerful leaders 0 An immense repertory of monophonic music found throughout the realm o Disseminated to unite many peoples o Repertory of ecclesiastical plainchant How to mandatedisseminate a large repertory across many peoples Trained singers Codify and standardize framework of liturgy genres texts of chants melodies of chants Development of music writingnotation Music theory to help describe the music how it should behave to help learn more quickly Divine office 8 parts and Mass 0 Genres antiphones responsories hymns etc o Texts of chants o Melodies of chants most difficult Notation 0 Early German neumes not intervallic o Aquitanian neumes heigened notation 0 Syllabic on avg one notesyllable o Melismatic on avg 4 notessyllable 0 Neumatic on avg 24 notessyllable MUSIC HISTORY 101 Gregorian Chant o Legendmyth of Pope Gregory the Great d 604 as creatorcomposer of huge repertory chant 0 Not aliveinvolved during Carolingian rule in 800s 0 Named for himbecame myth that he in uenced it Notker Balbulus 0 Gesta Karoli o Anecdotal life of Charlemagne 0 Liber hymnorum o Poetic texts on religious subjects for use in the monastic school and liturgical celebrations in the abbey 0 Smaller writings eg formulatires Notatio de Illustribus viris Martyrologism


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