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Web Design 1

by: Dashawn Anderson DDS

Web Design 1 VC 237

Dashawn Anderson DDS
Chemeketa Community College
GPA 3.87

Peter Hoelter

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About this Document

Peter Hoelter
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dashawn Anderson DDS on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to VC 237 at Chemeketa Community College taught by Peter Hoelter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/219427/vc-237-chemeketa-community-college in Visual Arts at Chemeketa Community College.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
VC 237 Week week 02 1 of 4 06 October 2008 File Naming and Structure Ove rvie O 0 w File naming conventions for Web publishing are much more restrictive than in other types of media It s critical that HTML les be able to locate other HTML files in a predictable and clear manner File linking relies on the assumption that HTML graphic and other files remain in the same location they were in when the link was created While incorrectly named or located files may work on your local computer you will run into problems when they are moved to a different machine or uploaded to a Web server File Naming Rules and Conventions 0 Do not use spaces use an underscore instead Good aboutichemeketaicommun ityicol lege html Bad about Chemeketa community col egehtm Do not use special characters Characters to avoid amp ltgt The character is reserved for separating folder names in links Good winterispringhtml Bad winterampspringl html IBad winterspringhtml Always use the correct suffix Good aboutushtml Good managementiteam J39 pg Bad homeipage Always use lowercase letters Good aboutourserv ices htm Bad AboutOurServices html Name the first page of your site Index html This name has a special meaning when posted to a Web server It tells a Web server to display that page if no page is specified Also works for individual directories not just for the home page 39 indexhtm homeipage html Give your files meaningful names Giving your files meaningful names will ease creating links between files Meaningful names also help users navigate your site Don39t simply call your pages pagel html pageZhtml etc Good ouriservices html Bad pagel html When you have a numbered list of files zeropad the file names By adding a zero before the lst though 9th files you ensure that the list will always alphabetize correctly Good 01gif 02gif O3gif Bad 1gir 2gif 3gif Demonstration Outline sltap ClF hzo ardahlta lntertndndd rorrnat lmddt crdahlts lntdmrdnde rormdt lmdde W Li on Valuer HTML natument HTMLDntu HTMLDatu Ad kt hoe mm M Adah Photoshua nlt Sample structure Explanation For a project tltled Pr oJ ect One ln the example aboye there are two prlrnary dlrectorles Contalns the nal html and lrnages htrnl gltd Jpg liles Thls ls t e Local Root Folder tor thls project Source Fl les Contalns all of the worklng tlles photoshop raw scans logos It39s OK to haye subrfoldel39s ln thls case lnages and products wlthln thls tolder These subrfolders help keep the les ln your slte organlzed and easy to locate Note Folders are otten called dlrectorles prlrnarlly ln wlndows and UNlXLlnux The two terms are lnterchangeable 7 Demonstratlon ouulne 7 VC 237 Week 02 3 of 4 06 October 2008 Dreamweaver Site Management About Sites 0 Dreamweaver provides Sites to help you manage your Web site files links colors styles and other characteristics 0 You might be tempted to begin working in Dreamweaver without defining a Site DON39T DO IT Not using a Dreamweaver Site will come back to haunt you later in the development process Throughout the course we39ll refer to these site management tools and the Site window as a Dreamweaver Site 0 0 Local Root Folder A folder that contains all of the files to be published on the Web site Will allow you to mirror the structure of the Web server on your local machine Ensures that your sim will work when it is posted to the Web server 0 Required folder name for this class ntnl o A is often used as a notation for the toplevel or root of a web site Creating a Dreamweaver Site 0 Sites allow Dreamweaver to keep track of the files in your web project You will not be able to use Point to File to create links without using a Site 0 0 Sites are stored within Dreamweaver not with your HTML files When you move from one computer to the next you39ll need to recreate the Site on the new computer 0 The program will occasionally display error messages if you do not use the Site feature 0 Example Dreamweaver Site Window Flies Lutalvrzw 9 G sin vVIZNllnddyvswlslamlDh Vocal micrlnavh39ml mil lz39NLfllt l tnmmurl folder l in flour i U fa39dcv 1 mlnrsjluntss iK srii mlmsglecntss JKE SSW tclnlsjcdss ikii ESSfllt iaullts mi rsrii wines in tssriie siylcsu m ESSfllz m incl ccmscshtml 55 lLflle EDndJulfmml 5m lT JLl39llt mania EJKK FNLl39lle momma Mi llLl llc rcicrclusmml saw lTlLfllc sllnusml mi hTMLl39ll i kill alum iigniiurmnlir mks Porril vrebj umvvutui nl mi wr ii 7 Mlilngjmllpn 9m Pfollc wmvjnd tml par E7lt rnr Tlln ta 7 Demonstration Outline 7 yc 237 Week Hz 4 WA us octaher zude Dreamweaver Site Setup o To create a site in Drearnweayer selectsite gt New site and select the Advanced tab Don39t use the Basic leard methodiblah Moving ed The name at the praieet you are Wnrklrlg an This is far Dreamweaversuse DHW The fulder an your ideal compute antainind the and image tiles used in the site Click an the icon tn the right at the text box to browse a locate your radttalder Default in ages fulder Allows you to tell Dreamweayer which fulder to use fur irnades Select Daeurnent unless you knnwthe exact Web address and directurv location at your site Allaws fur SltErWldE link checking in Dreamweayer not applicable at this stage Local Info opuons explain Site name taeal radttalder HTML fulder nd Llnksrelatlvetu Hrrp address arnind duiu iiii ns It s OK ri Speeds up certain Dreamweayer tunetia ta leaye this DUEan checked Fnable cache Don t worry about the options below Remote into at this pointinone of them are as critical as the top two All of the les thatare located in your appearin the Drearnweayer Site wind Files and Folders is Great in Dreamweaver File acuons like rnoying renarning and deleting performed in the DrearnweayerSite window are mirrored on the les thernselyes All links are updated when you move les Local Root Folder should now ow Site Hints Always begin your Drearnweayer Work by creating a This will help ng you reatiye aspects nste ssues when you add le to root tolder Side of Drearnwea Site w autornatically updates and displays the new le Pressing FE will always open the last viewed Site window Site for your site focus on the ver the s a Demanstratlan Outline 7


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