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Intro to Digital Graphics

by: Dashawn Anderson DDS

Intro to Digital Graphics VC 114

Marketplace > Chemeketa Community College > Visual Arts > VC 114 > Intro to Digital Graphics
Dashawn Anderson DDS
Chemeketa Community College
GPA 3.87

Peter Hoelter

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About this Document

Peter Hoelter
Class Notes
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This 31 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dashawn Anderson DDS on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to VC 114 at Chemeketa Community College taught by Peter Hoelter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/219426/vc-114-chemeketa-community-college in Visual Arts at Chemeketa Community College.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
VC114 Week 09 1 of3 26 November 2008 k quot D C p wee a a l l Typography in InDesign Character Options Palette Menu Commands SmallAll Caps SuperSubscript Automatic igatures 0n0ff o Kerning Op ions Specify numerically Font Metrics preferred if available Optical use if Metrics are not available larguiqz mm uSA Paragraph Options 0 Key Options Left and Right Indent First Line Indent Space BeforeAfter Paragra Enabledisable Hyphenau39on 0 Drop ap I Size and number of characters 0 Paragraph Rules Allows you to apply horizontal rule lines above andor below a paragraph 3 mm o use select the Paragraph Palette Menu and select Paragraph Rules Command70p onrl Tabs 0 Type gt Tabs CommandShiftT 0 Provides textframe level control of tabs 6 Tabs TlTlT xT magi mm 3 pp pp p p pp pp p pl 9 0 Can create left center right or decimalaligned tabs 0 T pe gt Special Characters gt Other gt Right Tab Indent ShiftTab will create an automatic rightaligned tab Glyphs o Allows access to special characters many of which cannot be added using the keyboard 0 Includes accent characters fractions and others 0 Palette only shows Glyphs for the current font 0 Access Window gt Type amp Tables gt Glyphs Hidden Characters Toggles the display of hidden characters like soft and hard paragraph returns and tabs 0 Type gt Show Hidden Characters CommandOptionI 0 Useful for making your document text clean for formatting o This is especially helpful when working with files from other users 7 Demonstration Outline 7 VC 114 Week D9 2 Df 25 Navember ZEUS Chatactet and Patagtaph Styles Overvie styles allow you to create prede ned sets of character and paragraph settings and apply them simultaneously to text in a document Advantages Saye time when applying multiple formatting options to text Help maintain consistency across pages and documents in a publi to Changes made to a style are automatically applied to all text that use that style Help to de ne a document39s content structure which in turn helps in automating the creation of a Table of Content St les can haye keyboard shortcuts assigned to them which help speed their application paragraph Styles 7 Type gt Paragraph StyiesltCommandrF10 it WWWw i Can be applied to one or more paragraphs m Allows tor the application of both character and paragraph attr butes Can be based on other paragraph styles from which they inherit attributes Features the Next Style option which tells InDesign to automatically switch to a different m style when a paragraph return is typed character Styles T ype gt Character styles Commandrshl rFll Can be applied to one or more charact s Only allow application ot character attributes Can oyerride character attributes applied by a h style Daragrap Can be based on other Character styles from Whlch they lnhel lt attrlbutes We Creating New Styles 4 j Create a new blank style Open the Paragraph or character style palette and either click on the New style icon at the bottom of the palette or select New style from the palette submenu Give e tyle a a mi name then work your way though the opuon categories setting any character or paragraph attribute that you d ilke the style to apply Optlol ls lett unchanged are not ected by the style based on existing text content Format the text the way you want the style to appear select it or simply insert your cursor in the case ot Paragraph styles then click on the New style icon at Doubiercilck or rlghtrcilck on the new style in the palette to open the opuons dialog box Give the style a meaningful name and make your adiustmene to the Character and Paragraph attributes e Demonstration Outline 7 vc 114 Week 09 3 or 3 26 November 2008 Modifying Styles To change a Style simply doubleclick on the Style39s name in the Character or Paragraph palette Example New Paragraph Style dialog box awn 5le Name Paragraph an I myquot rim mm rum and 592tan Alignment l Lekjustlly 1 r u r We nationally 39Z Balance Ragged Llnes MartW T Ignore Optltal Marglri 7 DW5Ws Leltlrident oin FlrstL lrlelrldent 0125 in an no WWW WWW Righrlndent uin LastLirlelrldenl 0m 939 39 SpaceEefcre Din SpaceAfrer 012m azrkumgnuzws Allgn to End None N jPreview I Cancel l if oK l Applying Styles Paragraph Styles cursor anywhere in a paragraph to apply to just one paragraph or select multiple paragraphs by clickingrandrdragging within a text box You can also use the Selection tool and select an entire text frame This will apply the Paragraph Style to all paragraphs contained within the frame Select the Style you want to use from the Paragraph Styles palette Character Styles Select one or more characmrs on which to apply the Style You can also use the Selection tool and select an entire text frame This will apply the character Style to all text contained within the frame Select the Style you want to use from the character Styles palette Deleting a Style In the Style palette drag the Style you wish to delete to the trashcan icon located at the lower right of the palette Removing Styles from Text remove Paragraph Styles select the text then click on the Basic paragraph option in the Paragraph Styles palette To remove Character Styles select the text then click on the None option in the Character Styles to remove from individual characters or OptionShiftclick on the Paragraph Styles to remove for the entire paragraph palettes e Demonstratlon Outllrre e yc 114 week ma 1 am 13 October zuua week Z39ECH WE Layers How to o Create a New L yer Chck the create New Layer button rn the Layer parette CommandrshrftrN o showHrde a rayer crrck rn the eye corumn to showhrde a rayer o Rename a rayer f Doubrercrrck on the rayer name not the rayer rcon MM 0 Duprrcate a rayer mm Drag the iayer you wrsh to duphcate onto the create New Layer button rn the Layer parette or use Layer gt Duprrcate Layer o Derete a rayer rig s res Drag the iayer you wrsh to deiete on to the Deiete Layer button rn the Layer parette 5 3 m gs o Conyert the Background iayer rnto a true iayer 7 Doubrercrrck on the Background m the Layer big imam paiette then grye rt a name o Conyert the current seiectron rnto a iayer Layer gt New er yr y Commandrl Layer gt New gt Layer we cut Commandrshrftrl o Lrnk rayers together Commandrcrrck on the rayers you what to rrnk then crrck on the Lrnk Layers button o Create a Layer Group crr on the rcon m the Layer parette that rooks rrke a me rorder or serect New Group rrom the Layers parette submenu To add iayers to a group drag them onto the group39s iayer rn the Layer paiette To remove a rayer drag rt erther above or berow the group m the Layer parette Opacity amp Blending Modes o Opacrty amp FrH Opacity contrors the transrucentry or arr prxers on a serected rayer The opacrty or prxers murtrprres rr they are stacked on top oreach other Use the keypad keys 079 to Jump to drffererrt opacrtres 1 10 7 70 r onry changes the opacrty orrayer rmagery but not or the rayer errects o Brendrng Modes contrors how the current rayer rs apprred to rayers beneath rt use shrrtrand Shrftw mrnus to cycre through Brendrng Modes Layer Effects 0 Now you to appry dynamrc yrsuar effects to a rayer 0 These effects can be changed at any pornt rn the desrgn process 0 Effect can be copred and pasted onto other rayers o Murtrpre effects can be apprred to the same rayer at the same trme a Demanstratran outrrne a vc 114 Week ma 2 am 13 Octnber 2qu History Palette Overview 0 Wrndow gt Hrstorv AHovvs vou to seTectrveTv undo prevrous actrons vour hrstorv rs not saved when vou save and dose vour document DefauTt hfmt rs 20 steps but that hmrt can be Tncfeased m the Preferences 0 o o Snapshots photoshop offers Snapshots whrch create a copv of vour current rmage aHowrng vou to return to a prevrous state wrthout Tosrng the artwork and Taver propertres Snapshots are not saved when vou save and dose vour document T e u am Hlstory Brush amp Art Hlstory Brush o The Hrstorv Brush v aHows vou to parnt usrng a prevrous versron of vour rmage as Tong as rt39s strH rn the Hrstorv paTette o The Art Hrstorv Brush does the exact same thrng out wrth U39azyreswts o Undo Shortcuts mmandaZ ToggTes between current state and Tast actron 4 t p Transformations Use 0 Edrt gt Transform gt upriuns 0 Most transformatron can be accomphshed erther vrsuaHv or numerrcaHv 0 To accept a transformatron press the Return k v 0r chck the Checkmark rcon m the Optrons Bar 0 To canceT press the Esc ke 0r chck the CanceT rcon m the Optrons Bar Options 0 ScaTe Rotate Skew Drstort Rerspectrve Warp o Rotate 180090 CWQO CCW th HorrzontaTVertrcaT Free Transform Edrt gt Free Transform CommandaT nghtachck brmgs up other transform optrons o NumerrcaT transformatron usrng the Optrons bar gtlt 3w Wrdth and Herght Rotate Skew H and v Chck on the Lmks rcon to ock the proportrons of the transformaoon Use the rune dots at the eft of the Opuons Bar to dnange the pomt of orrgrn 0 Fun wrth the Warp optron Transforming Selections t gt Transform SeTectron 0 Changes JuSt the seTectron not the pweTs wrthrn the seTectron a Q m n a Dem onstratron outhne a vcm Week us 3 am 13 OctaherZEIEIE Editing Basms Moving a Tne move too a Operates on m a AutoSelect Layer rs checked men the urrent se ected ayer and V e current se ecuon or ayer wnrcneyer ayer you chck on pecomes copy and Paste a Copy Commandnc copres the current se ected prxers a Copy Merged Commandnshwftnc copres aH prxers from every yrsrpre ayer m me current se ecuon a Paste Commandnv pastes me copred prxers onto a new ayer a Layer gt New gt Layer we Copy Commandnl Brush Tool Powerfu exrpre too ror creatmg or modnyrng rmagery The Esrusn too can be custormzed m a m mte numper orways usmg me Esmsn pa ette vW39vdoW gt Esrusnes F5 mdudmg tne Eraser Heahng Home and Sponge too s usnes a e me pass for othertoo s snarpen Smudge Dodge Bum te ur a Brusnes Pa et Usefu snortcut Keys DECrEaSEmcrease me cnande tne Duamtv 2x cydetnraudntne marvde mades Shwftr master drameter rar a prusn ar pasure ar strengtn percentage neg ar uumk v type a va ar snrtee Eraser Tool a used to remove prxers from a document wnen you are Workmg on tne ck ayer or Wnen transparency rs ocked me Eraser too rep aces me prxers wrtn the Background co or a yr Lock Transparency rs orr tne prxers are erased eavmg empty space a other Eraser too s mdude tne Background Eraser and Magic Eraser 00 e Demanstratmn Outhne e vc 114 Week D3 13 October 2qu mm Clone Stamp Tool o o o o o o 0 Healing o o o crones prkers from one area of an rmage to another The crone Stamp s power rres more rn what rt can remove than what rt can add Source can come from anv open photoshop rmage Important Kevs S a Seect the done Stamp too Optron kev e Serects the souroe area tor cronrng Th CTohe Source paTette aHows vou to toggTe bet n up to ve rtterent source spots as werr as numerrcarw Specer a numb oto trons t Wm The Sampre optron rn the obtrons Bar rets vou quotWquot quot39 choose tro whrch avers vou can sampre om Cu nttayersamprest mthe mrrent aver nr CurrentampBepw sampre trom the s o1rrent aver and arr avers beneath rt AH Layers sampres trom werr arr ot the avers rn vour document cronrhg Hrhts Never tee trapped rrrto usrrrg Just one source porrrt Use as manv souroe porrrts as necessarv to create a reahstrc rmage Be caretur n t to crone background objecs that Have a drstrnct appearance repeatrng patterns are a teWta e srgn that cronrng has been done crone nma descrrpt areas ot a background over repeated patterns A softaedged brush rs cntrcar to oeatrng a done that brends rn wrth the rest ot an rmage It rs sornetrrnes herptur to done to a new emptv aver Thrs arrows vou to easrw brrng back parts ot an rmage that were mrstakenw dones or to move the new doned rmagerv ersewhere rn the oomposrtron Brus Copr es onw the texture of the source area to the target area not the cororrng or brrghtness d textu e rs apphed to the target area thrs rs WW rt sometrmes rooks odd when vou rst appw rt photoshop then uses ooror and brrghtness varues ot the surroundrng prkers to match the texture to re rrew surrourrdrrrgs vs the hearrng Brush tod 7 Se ects the souroe area for texture Technroues used wrth the cronrng toor arso work WeH wrth the Hearrng Brush Rerated toors Spot Hearng Brush Patch Too 7 Demonstratron outrrne e vc 114 Week m 1 mi 12 NDvemberZDDE week Wotking W h Text The Type Tool 0 Twe T pm I Chck and drag to create a textbox ofany ste Tlm Q T 5316 preferred me 0d a Vemca Path Tvpe Type Tool Hints characters thhm text areas can be tormatted mdependentw ot each other a For th e d path tools chck on the edge ot an object to convert a Once an object has been converted to a text area the stroke and M ot the object are remove These can be reapphed atter conversTon usmg oo The paths ota text area can be mampuTated and aTtered Just hke anv other path usmg the DH eCt Se ect on too Character Palette a Wmdow gt Tvpe gt character CommandrT Tvpetace a WeTghtStvwe Note that IHustrauon does not support faux bon and faux mahc a ste T Use Commandrshwftrlt and Commandrshwft to decrease or Tncrease the font S Ze a Leadmg u pronounced Ledrmg The dstance from basehne to basehne between hnes ortvpe Can aTso use the Opuon key and the updown arrows to adjust a Kermng u The adth a Trackmg The sTmuTtaneous adjustment or space between three or more characters can aTso use the Opuon key and the Tettnght arrows to adjust a other optTons VerucaT scae IT and honzontaT scae I Basehne shm i RotatTon 3 TndTdeuaT characters onw AH caps smaH caps superscnpt subscnpt we the character paTette menu on or removaT or space between a par or adjacent characters Lquot e Demunstratmn Outhne e vc 114 Week D7 2 afs 12 Navember 2qu Paragraph Palette a Wmdow gt Tvpe gt paragraph Command OptTonaT a Honzonta Ahgnrnent Left Center RTght J sufy Last teft JustW Last Center JustTfy Last RTght Jusufy AH o Left and T a rst Tne In ent 8 MM a Space Before Paragraph a Space After paragraph a EnabTedeabTe rwphenatTon Converting Type to Artwork a Access Tvpe gt Create cuthnes CommandrShTFtrO Converts aH text Tn seTected Text boxes rvto ethaMe pa hs e no onger edtabTe as text a AH object ethTng tooTs can be used to m0d tv the new artwork a e c use Ts creatmg tvDe for ogosathTs feature removes the tvpe s dependencv on the svstem tOrvt Columns 0 Hustrator can aTter a Text box to dwsp av text Tn mu twp e rows and coTurnns a You can rhodT r coTurnn settmgs after thev39ve been apphed The resuTt S essentTaTW a set of new hrvked text boxes a To access se ect the Text box WTth the Se ect orv tooh Tvpe gt Area Tvpe OptTons Tab Ruler a Access Wmdo then se ect w gt Tvpe gt Tabs CommandrShTFtrT a Swrm ar to tabs Tn word processmg progra Text Wrap Overview AHows vou to wrap text dTrectw around both mported or drawn artwork Text Wrap HowTo a Make sure the object vou are Wrappmg text around is in front of the text area To bnng an object to the front seTect Object gt Arrange gt Brmg to Front Commandrshwft a Se ect t e Trnage or Object on thch vou Want to appW a text wrap then seTect Objec gt TextWrap gt Make Vou can spechy the arnount of offsetwhen you appw a wrap ThTs controTs hoW dose to an ObJeCt text can corne To reTease a text wrap at anv tTrne seTect Object gt Text Wrap gt ReTease Use th Object gt Text Wrap gt Text Wrap OptTons to numerwcaHv aTter the offset of the w ap a Text Wrap Tn IHustratorT s prettv basrceanesrgn prowdes a rnuch Targer arrav of wrap optworvs e Demunstratmn outhne e vc in Week m 3 at 5 12 Navemher 2qu Effects I ters amp Transparency Defined a Effects alter only appearance of an object not the underlylng path structure of that object fees are ynarnleln that they adlustthelr appearance ta rnateh the underlylnd path ifyau edlt the path the effect ls autarnatlcally updated a Filters alter not only the appearance ofan object but an object s path as Well a Yransparency allows you to control the opaqueness ofan oblect Effect and Filter Hints general Effects are rnore exlble than Ellters LAWqu Effects a nut perrnanently alter aftwuf m 39 e rs ly when Want to perrnanentty w m 3 alter an oblects ath q 5 a Vou can alter an Effect by doublehcllckll lg on the Effect ln the Appearance palette ShlftrFS u Only use the Fllters and Effects thatal e located ll l the tophha of these rnenus the ones labeled illustrator FlltersEffects I Th d artwork drawn ln illustrator but the appllcatlon of 7 WW thern almost always lnyolyes sorne rasterlzatlon of 7 rtworllt AV 39 u 39 t em if you can I If ynu are lrl CMVK made must Bf the raster Fllters Dermal be used 1 l transparency Hints a Use a sparency only where necessaryiwol39k to llrnlt use oflt a Transparency prlnts best dlrectly frorn illustrator a Exportll39lg an illustrator document Wlth transparency to an EPS le often resulB ln very large le slze a ifyou are uslng transpar a s ency to llghten a color try uslng a true tlnt of th t color lnstead of transparency A Problem with Effects ers and Yransparency a Prll ltel s and prograrns other than illustrator haye dlf culty vlerl lg and l ng sorne of the ylsual effects created by these features a Many of thern rnust be attened or rasterlzed before prlnun Rasterlzatlun ls the pracess afcanyertlnd a yedar lrnade lnta a bltrn ap es c he aches it can lead ta autput that ls at a lawer resalutlan than Expected Rasterlzed illustratar aftwufk ls rnueh pldder ln tenns afnle slze when sayed n a nunnl ustra e t e fdrrna a For the best prlntquallty select Eff cts gt nocument Raster Effects ettings and rna e sure the Resolutlon ls set to ngh 300 ppl Use the Flattener Preview palette Wlndow gt Elattener Prevlew to locate and prevlew transparency lssues lncludlng ones caused by Ellters and Effects 7 oemanstratlan outllne e vc 114 Week D7 4nf5 12 Nayemberzuua Impntting Attwntk Overview a Hustrator can mport and p ace a number of dwfferent Ne tormats a Use tne File gt Place optwon to msert an externa Me a IHustrator aHoWs you to posmon and swze but not edwt mported artwork e COPYPanequot mctwonaHy to add magery to an 1 E command The excepuon For some yector artwork you can use Husu39ator s Me gt o en command to open tne me m a new wmdow tnen copy and paste wt mto your Hush ahon Th s makes me mported wage a Hame Husu39ator object Just nke the objects you created m your ongmax document a Tne P ace command can a so be used to mport text documents Preferred Image Types a TIFF mages shou d be used wnen mportmg rasterbwtmap mages TM 5 tne preterred We tormat tor professwona pnnt pubhshmg a EPS Encapsu ated postscnpt We are used wnen mportmg comp eted vector artwork ewther from IHustrator or from ot er vector programs a JPEGs can be used tor casua pnntmg but are not recommended tor professwona use a atner types or grapmc We can be mported but are not generaHy used m professwona pnnt work Linked and Embedded Images a wnen mportmg artwork you can ewther link to tne Ne you are mportmg or you can embed tne mage mto your IHustrator document a Linked Images 7 A prewew mage S p aced m wustrator and the WW ongmax me 5 rererred to wnen pnntmg wnen me ongmax S edwted and updated the mage m wustrator 5 updated as We en p acmg an wage a Lmk cneckbox 5 presented Chck tms cneckbox to hnk to an mage mstead or embeddmg wt how mjdlt embeddmg due to ts ewamty a Embedded Images Botn a prewew Wage and tne ongmax me are brougntmto tne wustrator document wnen me ongmax S edted and updated the mage m wustrator 5 NOT automancauy updated a Lmked and Embedded mages are managed usmg tne Lmks pa ette Wmdow gt Lmks Images tnat are embedded m the wustrator document are marked thh a smaH grapmc con to me ngntordne name see roodes Ufm tne screensnot above 7 Demunstratmn Outhne r VC 114 Week Exporting Using Fi Using Fi I 07 5 of 5 12 November 2008 from Illustrator le gt Save As Save As allows you to save your document in a few select file formats that can be reopened and edited with Illustrator Available formats Illustrator CS3 ai also allows for saving as previous versions Adobe PDF pdf Illustrator EPS eps SVG svg not used very much in print publishing Use the Illustrator EPS file format when you intend to edit your file in Illustrator at a later time and also want to use the file in another program le gt Export Export allows you to save your document in a large number of different raster and vector formats These formats do NOT allow for easy editing in Illustrator While Illustrator will be able to open and view these formats most Illustrator specific features Swatches Effects Transparency Guides Layers will have been removed during export Some of the formats Illustrator can export to Illustrator Legacy ai older versions of Illustrator Adobe Flash swf PNG png JPEG Jpg Photoshop pdf can include layers and type TIFF tiff BMP bmp AutoCAD Drawing dwg and AutoCAD Interchange File dxf Targa tga File Hints In general save your documents as native Illustrator CS3 ai les and always retain them even after you re done with a project When you are ready to export use the Save As command and save the document as an Illustrator EPS eps file This format can be used in any program that support EPS images and preserves the most information from the original Illustrator This also makes a copy of your document your original artwork is still a native Illustrator file When sending files to a printer or even Kinko s it s often a good idea to include a PDF version of your file for proofing reasons Make sure your printer or client doesn t mistake this for the final file format Do note however that some printers prefer PDFs over native files If you are sending a completed file to the printer consider making a For press only version of your file by converting all of your text to outlines This removes the file s dependency on your original font files and ensures that they will look correct when printed Demonstration Outline vc114 Week 07 lof4 10 November 2005 Working with Layers Toplevel Layers Sublayers and Object Layers o Layers that are visible in the Layers palette without toggling a triangle are called Top level Layers 0 called Su These sublayers can be reyealed by toggllng the l lavlgatlol l trlarlgle W the Layer palette Sublayers can reslde under other sublayers objects in an Illustrator document reside on their own subla er either directly beneath a toprlevel layer or a sublayer Tltles ot object layers are bracketed by ltgt syrn ols ltGroupgt ltpathgt ltMeshgt etc Tltles can be changed to more rneanlngtul narnes by doublercllckll lg on them ln the Layers palette Layers that live under a Toprlevel Layer are blayers o 2 Object Selection using Layers o T e circle icon near the rightrside ofa Layer is p l e lul l 1l l a cle called the Target cur o Clicking the Target icon selects all objects contained in the layer including sublayers and object layers o Depress the Shift key while clicking the Target icon to select object on noncontiguous layers The shltt key can also be used to Deselect a layer39s content slrnply cllck on a Target clrcle ot a layer that already has at least one of lts Objects selected to deselect that entlre layer 0 If an object on a layer is selected the Selection square is displayed to the farrright of that layer The color of the square l the same at the layer39s hlghllght color o The Selecuon square can be used to move an object from one layer to another Drag the Selectlon square from lts current layer to the destlnatlon layer Thls type of movement affects the posltlonlng order of an Object moylng lt torwards or backwards dependlng on the relatlye locatlon ot the two layers Other Layer Options roupingUngrouping objects A collectlon of objects that haye been Grouped can be rnanlpulated together s ltlt were a slngle object Objects wlthln a Group can be altered uslng the Dlrect Selectlorl tool o Locking Layers and sublayers items can be locked uslng the Layers palette or by selectlng Object gt Lock gt Selectlol lCommarl 2 o Hiding Layers Use CommandrB to qulckly hlde the current selectlon o Layer Options Doublercllck on a Layer to dlsplay the optlons a Demonstratlon outllne a vc 114 Week D7 2 ct 4 1n Navember 2qu Stroke Fl amp Gradients stroke Options coloration Color lt or None Use the gtlt key to toggle between worklng wlth quotWquot X the stroke ornll otan object mm apt The Swatches palette can he used to solld colors mum Fl 0 k 7 or patterns to a stroke ml can they e have speclal nlls applled to thern Cap type buttons to the nght of Welght l 0 Align stroke Center lnslde s Outslde Dashed ptlon 7 5 lg E 3 AH Allows you to create dashed llnes by entenng ln dashgap palr values up to three palrs object gt Expand rnenu optlon Comarm an object s stroke by outhnlng lt wlth a I Mquot 4 new patheone Who s stroke ls set to None and Malt l39 l Who s ll ls the sarne as the preylous stroke l V Eldllian l p tons Coloration optlons Color lt Gradlerlt gt or None Use the Swatches palette to apply solld colors gradlents or patterns to an object s ll Gradient options ypes Radlal or Lll39leal39 d a color to a gradlent slrnply drag lt trorn the Swatches palette onto a locatlol l along the sample gradlerlt W the Gradlerlt palette To rno lty t e color otan eXlStH lg stopper polnt select the color polnt then drag a new color cm the Swatches palette onto lt or adjust lt ln a e Allows for the dulck appllcatlon otgradlents Good for changlng the locaton start and end polrlE and angle of a gradlent ect Allows you to create gradlents that span multiple objects Slrnply select the objects you wlsh to span then drag over then wlth the gradlent tool Allows for the creatlon otyery cornplek gradlent pattern you can alter the color otlndlyldual Mesh patches by dragglng colors trorn the Swatches palette nght onto a patch 7 Dernanstrdtlan outllne e vc 114 Week U7 3 or 4 1n Novernper 2qu Pathfinder overview a News vou to use mu tip e Objects to create i W3 new objects and do so in a precise rnanner mums a Tne resuit rs caHed a Compound shape E 1 7 a a ann ottne ten drtterent patnnnder Options at produces a drtterent resuitewnrcn one vou E E Ddgt1 E IE use depends on tne desrred resuit a paiette can be accessed bv ertner tne Wrndow gt patnnnder rnenu rtern or bv pressrng CommandrshiftrFQ shape Modes a snape rnodes cnange Just tne appearance or an objectenot tne under vmg path structure I mpnund shape is Expanded are the paths shared comprnes tne abjects usrno tne frnnt nbject s stroke and mi a Subtract Remnves tne frnnt abjects fmm tne backrmnst abject a Intersec Drspiavs oniv tne area Wnere aH abjects ovenap a Exclude Drspiavs oniv tne area Wnere aH abjects to NOT ovenap To revert to tne ongrnai objects seiect Reiease Compound snape trorn tne patn nder paiette subrnenu Tne Expand butto 1 converts tne cornpound snape rnto a srnoie patn This rern oves tne rndrvrduai ubjects creatrno a single new object and rs not reversrpie usrno R2 ease TD expand n abject Wnen creatrno tne rnrtrai cornpound snape press tne Optmn kev Wnen chckmg on a snape Mode putton Path nders AH patn nders create new drstrnct objects unhke snape Mode Tne Undo oornrnand rs tne onw wav to return to tne ongrnai objects Divide Overiapprno areas pecorne separate nunwver appmg abjects a Trim The frnnt abject snapes rernarn wnrie packdround abject snapes are tnrnrned nffmnt abjects AH strokes are rern oved Merge iterns thhe sarne W are merged wnrie strokes are removed Snnriar to Add wrtn Expand snape Mode mp Srrndar to intersect under snape Mode put rernoves tne stroke and rs not reversrpie except pv usrno Undn uuine Converts abject mm strokes and segmenting tne abject srrnriar to tne Drvrde cornrnand wrtn tne stroke Dmr cnandrnd to tne nu why a Minu ck The pack abject rs suptracted frum tne frunt abjects r Dernonstratron Outhne r vcm Week m m Navemher 2qu Compound Paths Overview compound paths are two or more Objects that have been combmed mto one object Thts proces ts reverstbte atany Ume restormg the ongtnat tndwtduat objects a where the front object overtaps the back object a hote m the artwork ts created a Letter and nurnbers that contam trapped whtte sp e cornpound paths thtnk the tetters o and up when these are converted to paths they can be attered Just hke any other object thh a cornpound ath te how the star object shows through the ctrcte cutout m the targer btack ctrcte The top object contams a Compound path creating Compound Paths by arrangtng the objects mto the order thatth produce the destred effect wtth the cutout trnage m frontofthe contatner trnage a Setect both obJeCB ustng the Setectton toot then setectobJect gt Compound path gt Make or press Commandsa Releasing Compound Paths a retease a cornpound path setect the cornpound path ustng the Setectton toot then setect Object gt Compound path gt Retease or press c mmandropuonrsht r r oemanstrattan outhne r VC114H Week 01 1 OF 1 01 October 2008 week one Vector and Raster Artwork Overview Artwork Artwork Dwe rbased Separate or rectangu arp1xe5 prmt arger at any sxze We the arge SmaH regard ess of mze the mto into Extreme Zoom Comparison of Raster and Vector Artwork Raster Artwork Vector Artwork Zoomed to 1600 Zoomed to 1600 7 Demonstrauon Oumne 7 VC114 Week 02 1 OFZ 08 October 2008 Transparency amp Opacity Definitions 0 Transparent Pixel A pixel that allows artwork behind it to be visible When a pixel is 100 transparent you can completely see the pixel behind it o Opaque Pixel A pixel that completely obscures any pixels behind it When a pixel is 100 opaque all pixels behind it are hidden from view 0 Empty Space Areas of a layered image where no pixels exist Photoshop displays a graycheckered pattern behind an image to help indicate where empty space is These areas will be converted to white pixels when saved in a format that does not support transparency or when the image is saved without layers Measurement 0 Opacity of a pixel is measured using percentages 100 is a completely opaque pixel 50 is a semitransparent or partiallyopaque pixel 0 is a completely transparent pixel o The graycheckered pattern background shows through pixels with an opacity of less that 100 and is fully visible in areas where no pixels are present aka Empty Space 0 Opacity is available as an option in most tools and when using layers 0 Allows for professional compositing and editing of images 0 Provides 256 levels of transparency per pixel However Photoshop uses percentages as a measurement of opacity 0 Always try to preserve transparency when possible Allows for flexibility in editing an image Selections Edge Type Antialiased vs Hard ed e Try to use antialiased edges when possible for best resul Applies to edges that are not perfectly horizontal or vertical Antlrallased edge Hard edge Tools Rectangular M and Elliptical Marquee ShiftM Tools You can specify eithera fixed size or a fixed aspect ratio via the Option palette Single Row and Single Column Marquee Lasso L Polygonal Lasso ShiftL Magnetic Lasso ShiftL twice Quick Selection W amp Magic Wand ShiftW Tools 0 00000 7 Demonstratlon Dutllne 7 vc m Week U2 2 an momensz Selectlun mm 0 Ta canstram the Dravamans anne marquee eaaxs nam dawn the SW key AddSuhtramKntersedmn Humans p e stheshmkmt anon Dvess We amian key w subtvan fvomthe zuvvent se emon pyess We shm and 0mm kays to se eztthe Intevsemon sane zuvvent 11 a Press the Ovtmn kEV a tempurar v enanqe the Lassa am a the paquanax Lassa tau and wserversa 0 Ta mave a sexeenan sexemne Marquee aa M mave the mause averthe edge af a sexecz then chck and drag k a 15 new acatmn Tne aunsey km zhangeto a smau neuek anew knn a se emon W a Cammandrchck an the mn af a aver ar channe a sexes the apaque P Xe s anthat 5 er a The De ete kEV remaves anv cantent m a sexeenan wnen the se emon s an a wake the pnkews bemmetvansvavent nen the se emon s an the Batkgvuund an wnen tvanSDaventY ns uzked the p xe aye zu uved k Rh We Batkgvound zu uv VD a Inve the Se ectmn Cammandrsm rl a Rese e ase edmn Cammandrsm rD a dethe mamhmqants eectmn mdmatar CammandrH scum Menu thlunl a Mam gt aanuen Smaath Expand Cantract Feather Ca arRan e Re neEdqe CammandrovtmnrR Transfarm Se ectmn Save Se ectmn and Laad Se ectmn Qulck Malk Made a Qumk Mask turns the current sexeenan mm an edxtah e set af wexs kews ovev a d knn Dmk aye nut se ened FuHY39wsua pkews aye zuvvenuy se ened 0 Must Damtmq and sexeenan caaxs are ava ah e In em the mask anus es zyasen Mawuee Lasso at a Dwiv avs the true sexeenan nc uqu semnenanspanene sexeenans tandem sexeenan mades Pevzentage a Yau ean enanqe Same anne Humans far Qumk Mask usmq the Channe Pa ette submenu and 52 ectmq Qumk Mask Ovtmns Demanintmn Ontth e vc 114 Week m 1 am 2 October 2qu Walking with Cnlnt RGB Color Numbers Explained a Values are between o and 255 a 255 255 255 l whlte o o 0 l5 black a Color numbers that are the same are neutral colors 105 105 105 a 00 255 l Blue 255 255 0 l5 Yellow Blue s opposmg color Photoshop Color Picker Color and Swatch Palettes Info Palette Dlsplavs numerlcal data about color x t Use of thls palette lS crltlcal wheh pertormmg v u m color COl l eCthl lS E I Mr Hr Eyedropper Tool l 7 on l w Selects a color and makes lt the current V H foreground color xx 237 22x a 222 a 222 o l 3 2w quot 3 2w Polrlt Sample 3x3 Average um um 22m 5X5 Average zznmlmmlxewzwl mt m quotto mama Color Sampler Tool shlftrI our ujtmr omnatmumr Creates statlc color sample Doll ltS ll l vour mmm m document a The lhto palette contll luouslv dlsplavs the color values of all sample polhts a Cah also be created by shlftrcllcklng wlth the Evedropper tool Key Ateas of a Phntng Iaph Highlight The llghtest area of ah lmage that vou kl lOW lS heutral m color and stlll has some detall a Re ectlons or llght sources are hot consldered hlghllght areas because thev lack detall shadow The darkest slgmhcaht area ot ah lmage that l presumed to be heutral Midtones a Evervthlng lnrbetween the hlghllght ahd the shadow Neutrals a Areas that are known to the VleWel to be neutral ll l appearance Knuwn Colors a A color that the vlewer has experlel lced m real llte ahd knows how t should look e 9 we know cohc e l most tteh heutral m color stop llghts are red vellow ahd greeh sklrl tohes are well know to vlewers r Demonstratth outlme r vc 114 Week 04 2 on 20 october 2005 Histograms De ned o Displays the distribution of color or other data across an im ge39s color spectrum Most digital cameras have an optio o isplay an image39s Histogram at the time of shooting Key Type o o Histograms also help you see an image V V tonal range also known as the key type L w K y images have detail concentrated in the shadows aka Underexpose High Key images have detail concentrated in the highlighis aka overexposed o tm Luel l ZzAn o A properly exposed image has pixel distributed across the entire range of tons Viewing Histograms o an always see an image39s Histogram by using the Histogram palette Window gt Histogram o Both Levels and Curves also display histograms within their dialog boxes Image Adjustment Methods Image gt Adjustme t o A just enis are applied directly to a layer altering the pixels on that la Image gt Adjustments me This method is convenient but is not as powerful compared to Adjustment Layers see below u 1 yer using the 3mm Q u o Adjustment Layers The Most Fle le Choice De Ined A layer that contains an editable image adjustment Allow for nondestructive ed mg on an ima by l murmur o amt mm Nonrdestl uctlye edltlhg means that as you edlt or 3 or ID W rd lh l g l lhg W products llke Adobe tlghtroorh and Apple39 Ap re ooth rh e extenSlve use o a destructlye edltlhg o Alters all layers beneath the Adjustment Layer Dos not actually alter the pixels beneath it until it is merged CommandE with the layer below it Allows for quick and multiple changes to an image adjustment Doublercllck oh the layer lcoh to orlhg up the layer ootlo Can be modified using standard layer controls Opaclty Blehdlhg Mode AdJUStment Layers are 0 o o s e c stackable and ther changes arrect layers beneath them 7 Demonstratlorl outllrre 7 VC 114 Week 04 3 of 4 20 October 2008 Image Adjustments Basic Adjustments o Invert CommandI Equalize Threshold Posterize Color Balance CommandB Variations Desaturate CommandShiftU Powerful Adjustments 0 Black amp White ShadowHighlight Channel Mixer HueSaturation Allows for broad color changes to an ima e 0 Can be applied either to the entire image or to specific color ranges 0 Options Hue shifts colors to other parts of the color spectrum Saturation Controls the intensity of the colors Brightness Controls the overall brightness of the image 0 in s Select Colorize to add color to a grayscale imag To isolam a color range select the color from the pulldown menu Work with the Hue and Saturation options first to obtain the desired look only turning m Brightness when necessary Levels Allows for basic control over an image39s color dynamic range 0 Can either control all channels or individual channels 0 Only allows for three points of adjustment per channel Highlight Midtones and Shadow 0 With Input Levels you can s ecify Which pixels should move toward being black left slider push more towards o Which pixels should move toward being white right slider push more towards 255 Wh the midtone colors should fall move left to make lighter right for darker 0 With Output Levels you can s e 39 p cify A minimum black value for pixels left slider A maximum white value for pixels right slider 0 Using Image Histograms in Levels Levels Levels 7 Channel nca 7 channel m is 7 lnputLeVelsl limo ll255 l InputLevels39l limo 255 l m lll llllllllv T 75 OutputLevel lo 1255 outputLeve l0 llll 7 7 7 Preview Uncorrected Histogram Corrected Histogram Image data is not distributed evenly across the full Image data is more evenly spread out across the full dynamic range Image most likely appears flat dynamic range allowing for better contrastand dep 7 Demonstration Outline 7 C 114 Week 04 4of 4 20 October 2008 Curves Overview 0 Similar to Levels but much more powerful o Curves are the most important color correction tool in Photoshop 0 Can either control all channels or each channel individua ly o Allows for multiple points of adjustment per channel including quartertones and threequartertones Levels allows for only three poinis Dialog Box Curves Preset None OK 7 channel Rca t Cancel t m OutDur mm 7 7 lg fl Show CllpPIng E Curve Display Options Hints and Tricks 0 o 0 remove a point on the curve simply drag it ouiside of the grid area Sideways movement along the top and bottom sides act in the same manner as Input Levels from the Levels control box n vement along the left and right sides act in the same manner as Output Levels from the Levels control box mmandZ amp Command3 to navigate quickly through the different image Channels Hold down the Option key to change the Cancel button into a Reset button allowing you to clear your changes without exiting the dialog box Click around an image to get a read of a color39s location on the curve Commandclick on a color in the image to add a curve anchor point for that specific color The steeper the curve the more contrast an image will have Making a curve steep in an area of interest brings out the detail in that area The Curve Display Options contains some important setti including grid size and handle directions Show Amount o ngs setting 7 Demonstration Outline 7 VC 114 Week 08 1 of 3 19 November 2008 week Introduction to Adobe InDesign History 0 Aldus PageMaker QuarkXPress amp Adobe InDesign Overview o The Document Page and the Pasteboard Area 0 Tools Flyout panels Keyboard shortcuts Hover tool tips Menus Graphlc Content Frame 0 Palettes now called Panels Docking of palettes Use the Tab key to showhide all tools and palettes o The Control Palette Introducing Content Frames 0 Text Graphic or Unassigned Frames 0 Coloring Fill amp Strokes vs Coloring Text Text Content Frame Navigation 0 Navigator Palette 0 Hand Tool H Press the Spacebar to temporarily switch to it 0 Zoom Tool 2 CommandSpace toggles to the Zoom In tool CommandOptionSpace toggles to the Zoom Out tool 0 Zoom Shortcuts Zoom In Command Zoom Out Command Fit Page in Window Command0 Fit Spread in Window CommandOptionO Unassigned Content Frame Views 0 Normal amp Preview Views Press the W key to toggle between the two views 0 Rulers CommandR showshides rulers 0 Guides Command showshides all guides CommandOption locksunlocks all guides Introducing Column Guides o Grids Command39 showshides all grids CommandShift39 enablesdisables Snap to Grid functionality Grid preferences can be set under InDesign gt Preferences gt Grid CommandK then select Grids Demonstration Outline VC 114 Week 08 2 of 3 19 November 2008 InDesign Document Setup Creating a New Document 0 Select File gt New gt Document CommandN 0 While all of these options can be changed at a later time it39s best to get them right from the onset New Document DotumerltPreser Default Numbei of Pages H M Fanrlg Page 5 Master Text Frame l Fewel apnons l Orientation El Columns Number Marglns Top Bottom lnside Ourslde Bleed a m a m u lrl u lrl E slug 0 m u m o m o m 7 Select Options Explained Facing Pages checkbox Allows for the creation of tworpage spreads It s important to set this settinginot every layout has a spread 0 Master Text Frame checkbox Creams a default text frame on the Master Page that is the size of the page minus the default margins Keep this unchecked unless you know you use it 0 Columns Establishes default column guides for the initial Master Page These can be altered or ignored as you design our document 0 Margins Creams default margin guides on every page 0 Bleed Creams a bleed area for the entire document The Bleed is the area of a document that is printed when output but is oved by a cutter when the document goes through finishlng quot9 Creams a slug area for the entire document slugs are used in the print world m present information needed for print production eg design irm name run dates creation version em Changing Document Options at a Later Time File gt Document Setup for page numbers amp size slug and bleed 0 Layout gt Margins amp Columns for margin sizes amp column guides 7 Demonstratlon Outllne 7 yc 114 Week ma 3 am 19 November zuua Working with Pages Pages Palette o Allows you to modify the page layout of a ment num er of pages arrangement etc W 0 Many page functions are only available here Me U 0 You can also find some page options lurking in o By default the top section displays the doc ment Master P displays the document pages 0 To selectand edit the conmnts a p ge doublerclick on its ioon in the Pages palette To move a page drag its icon no the trashcan icon in the paletm Introducing Master Pages asmr Pages are pages thatcontain elements 0 A document can have multiple Masmr Pages A a all 0 Masmr Page can include smart r items such as Wm j dams Use the Type gt lnsert Spedal Cha menu item 0 Masmr Pages can be selectively applied to individual pages e on an individual page by selecting Override All Master Page s u menu s are iiiy editable though changes made to the item on apply to the page on which you are editing Editing Master Pages Doublerclick on the Master Page ioon or select it from the poprup list t of the document window then make your edit All changes are immediamly visible on pages that use the Master Page asmr Page items that have been overridden on individual pages are NOT changed when edited on the Masmr Page Applying Master Pages 0 Drag the Master Page ioon in the Pages palette on tip of the document 39 ase The letter of the Master Page should now appear 0 m o u m 0 To apply to multiple pages at once select Apple Master to Pages from the Pages palette submenu ou can enter a range o page numbers 13a57a 9 select a Masmr Page from the pulldown menu then 39ck 0K Removing a Master Page 0 rag the None page under Master Pages on top of the document page icon and release The page should no longer have a Master Page letter in the document page icon it should be blank 7 Demonstration outline a vc in Week no 1 af 3 o Nayemher zooa wee k SEX Paths Points Selections St the Pen Toel Path Basics About B zier Curves o Deyeioped by Pierre Bezier in the 1970 s for CADCAM operations They are the basis forAdobe s PostScript page descripoon iangoage PDStSEript is the basis DfAdube s Purtabie Document Funnel PDF which in turn is the basis DfaH imagery in Hustratnr Components o A path is rnade up of one or more straight or curved segrnents o The beginning and end ofeach s grnent is marked by anchor points which Work Mke pins hoiding Wire in piace or Mke the DOWB on a connectrmerdots chiidren39s actiyity Vou change the sha e ofa path by ediong is anchor points Vou can controi curve by dragging the direction points at the end of direction lines that appear at anchor points Diremnn point Diremnn tine Anmanmnt stiaioht seonient Curved Segment o Paths can have two kinds of anchor pointsecorner points and smooth points At a corner paint a path aoroptiy dnanoes di At a smooth o t ath segments are connected as a mntinuuus curve Vuu can draw a path using any mm oination nfcnmer and SN ooth points rection V 1 r Corner Paint Sm ooth Paint Open Closed amp Endpoints o A p e o For open paths the startand end anchor points are caiied endpoints o Object Hs Work best With ciosed 5 since iiiostrator does not ob have to guess how the obiect shooid iook between endpoints e Demonstration ootiine e vc 114 Week no 2 at 3 ma Nayernber zuua Selection Basics Appearance a Sohd anchor pornts are setected HOHOW anchor pornts are not setected Tools a Setectron R v sohd arrow Transform the object as a whole can be used to seiect rnumpie objects by chckmgrandrdraggmg on the Artboard Use the Shift key to add or remove other ObJeCB from your seiectron a Drrect Setectron z A HoHoW arrow Transforms individual anchor points aiter handies iength posmon etc when the cursor hovers over an anchor pornt the cursor changes to indude s E 3 m aquot a 639 1 1 e oye anchor p WE orn your seiectton Use the Option key to setect aH anchor pornts rn an object Just We the Group seiecuon toot see beiow when Working wrth Drrectron Lines the obtron key aHoWs tor the setectron of Just one drrecuon porntrndependentty ot the other a Group Setectron t ocated under the Drrect Setectron toot AutomaucaHy setects aH anchors rn an object migu rim r r r Y AHoWs you to setect objecB wrth the sarne H a man a ran stro e wetght o opactty The Magrc Wand patette aHoWs tor nertunmg ot the wand setectron rnethod 2 Q q g Etmkeaar ratarme 2n Sirakewaigm ra we 59 a Lasso e r Q am rarer e rat Lasso anchor porns ofjust part of an object 7 WW W Select Menu a AH CommandrA a Desetect Cornrnan a Resetect Cornrnan Inverse a The Same ron Ltke the Magrc Wand toot the Same optron aHoWs you to setect rnumpte object based on the properues ot the current setected objects htftrA drS do s tor our k rnoyernent between objecB and tor the setecuon of objects that are obscured by other objects AHoWs you to save the current setectron Setecuons are saved wrth your docurnent r Demunstratmn outhne r vc 114 Week no 3 at 3 Pen Tool Usage a PenT o P Rules to Remember about B zier Curves a Imp ma Navember 2qu o i Chck and reiease Straightiine curvediine Convert direction point ShiftrC Converts etw en a corner point and a smooth e poin This behawor is different man me Direct Seiection t tooi ort The r r the anc or points the smoother the curve wiii be and the quicker and more reiiabw the image wiii print The iength or the ha dies anticipa quot the cur e thatwiii roiiow The iength of the handies are approXimatew one third of the iength of the curve if it were straightened piace anchor points on either side of an arch not in between Adiust a curve s height and angie by dragging the direction points or grab the curve itseif to adjust Just its height 0 bject Drawing Tools Drawing Tips Rectangie M ounded Rectangie EHips Fiare 7 Do natuss Line Segment Arc Spirai Rectanguiar Grid and poiar Grid AH shapes can be edited after thev are shift constrains an object s proportion v0 Line Segment tooi to draw iines that are paraiiei an 450 angie to the Artboard hoiding down the Option drawn around the point of Space barsdrag aiiows vou to repo Clickrandrrelease on the Artboard to create a shape numericaiw Arrow increases points on a star sides on a powgon and coiis rai The Down Arrow removes points from a star sides from a drawn s whiie u draw and forces the perpendicuiar or at kev whiie drawing causes the obiect to be origin sition vour obiect whiie drawing 3 Option increases the angie of points on a star an e and outside radius of a star or e increases and decreases the decav or a spirai r Demonstration outiine r vc 114 ll Week in 1 ot 1 ma December 2on3 Working with Links Pm ight 8 l emailing Managing Image Links in InDesign The Links Palette 39 a Window gt Links CommandsshlftsD L k a The Links palette displays a list of all images WW 0 contalned in the current document V A 1 o The palette display both images that are i Wm 1 linked to and images that are embedded teamammal a All placed imagery in InDesign is linked l 1 i by default o nit Linking to an image is always preferred over em bedding an im age This allows you to update an image outside of inDesign without haying to replace it into your layout a The Links palette also displays the page number where that instance of a graphic is used click on the so To Link icoh toiump to that image within the dumment Updating Links a The Links palette displays a yellow caution icon when a linked image has been updated outside orinbesign a To update the link select it from the Links palette then select Update Link from the palette submenu or click on the p ate Lil lkl on aa in the bottom or the palette The cautio con should disappear when you open a document inDesign will check the document links and ask you iryou want to update any links that are outsofsdate Fixing Broken Links a A red stop icon indicates that inDesign cannot nd the linked graphic a The linked graphic is required for the image to print at a high resolution o To find the missing image select it from the Links palette then select kelink from the alette submenu or click on the kelink lCOl l om in the bottom of the palette Navlgate to and select the correct linked image The red stop icon should disappear a when you open a document inDesign will check the document links and ask you iryou want to find any mlssing images when you point inDesign to one missing le all other missing leslucated in that directory are automatically XEd Embedding Images a There are certain rare circumstances thatyou might consider embedding n image in lnDesign Embedding break the link to the original le making it simpler to distribute a document 1 do this with the lab resource les occasionally a An embedded image is displayed with this icon E in the Links palette o To embed an image open the Llnks palette select the lrnage you wish to embed and select Embed File from the palette submenu r Demonstration Outline 7 VC 114 Week 10 2 of 2 03 December 2008 Preflig ht Preparing Your Document for Output fella o Preflight is the process of ensuring that all of the components of an publication are ready and present for printing 0 This process includes Collecting and presenting general information about a publication Making sure fonts are present Making sure linked images are present up to date amp in the right color space Reporting on Ink and Color usage A w DEmhe ce alnmmnlcle mm annmemavag 1 m mam Cancel Report 7 ckage especially for Spot colors 0 Two errors to be especially concerned with Missing fonts Missing or outofdate images 0 File gt Preflight CommandOptionShiftF Package Overview 0 Package collects all of the files including fonts and images necessary for printing a publication and places them in a new folder 0 When you package a publication the following files are placed in a new folder all are optional A copy of the InDesign publication All linked graphics All document fonts 0 When you initiate the creation of a Package InDesign automatically runs a Preflight check of the current publication 0 To package a publication File gt Package Command Option Shift P o It is a good idea to include a PDF version of your document with the native InDesign files This acts as a handy reference for printers telling them how the document appeared on your computer PDF Creation PDF Creation in InDesign o PDFs contain everything a document needs to print accurately images fonts layout and color settings all in a format that can be viewed on a computer with the free Acrobat Reader application 0 File gt Adobe PDF Presets gt select a preset or File gt Export PDF Presets Defined Best for laser or ink jet printing Does not convert images to a H39gh Qual39ty Prmt different color space Perfect for use with VC printers Use to create PDFs suitable for commercial printing Images are Press Qual39ty converted to CMYK Also good for use with VC printers Used for posting onto the Internet Converts images into the sRGB color space Images are downsampled to a low resolution Smallest File Size Demonstration Outline


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