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Psychology of Human Relations

by: Elyse Konopelski Sr.

Psychology of Human Relations PSY 101

Marketplace > Chemeketa Community College > Psychlogy > PSY 101 > Psychology of Human Relations
Elyse Konopelski Sr.
Chemeketa Community College
GPA 3.88

Samuel Pierce

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About this Document

Samuel Pierce
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elyse Konopelski Sr. on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 101 at Chemeketa Community College taught by Samuel Pierce in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/219429/psy-101-chemeketa-community-college in Psychlogy at Chemeketa Community College.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Edwards 2006 Adapted from Walker 2006 A photo clip art copyright of Microsoft Office Online oThe importance of awareness o Knowing yourself is more important than knowing others oAccepting self accepting others oRelationships provide opportunities for feedback oBeing an unknown in excess person to others can lead to maladjustment Sidney Jourard 1976 oDiscussi onj What are people can learn more about themselves What are the proscons of self discovery All ph dip art sumigltfof Mi6ro 0f lt 0 li39n oEvolution process of relationships getting acquainted becoming friends developing intimacy Crucial to relationship building oExpectations of reciprocity give and take oEncourages self awareness amp deeper relationships A photo clip art copyright of Microsolt Of ce Online SGIIIIISGIIISIII B oDiscussion What are benefits of self disclosure What is it like to try to get to know someone that is unwilling to selfdisclose How much selfdisclosure is enough Too much yti V 7 I 0 Do you know 0 Importance of It In yourself relationships Why disclose 0 Defining Yourself 0 Knowing Yourself 0 Who do we dIsclose Getting Acquainted t0 College survey Developing Intimacy o 47 to romantic Pa ner Ifyau want to risearose 36 to friend mysegjust demonstrate 14 to family member your goodwill yourcwill to o 3 to office mate ampOVWUWWW for good and not for my destruction quotSidney Berscheld et al 1989 Jaurard 1975 7 AA oTool for evaluation of selfawareness and how others perceive us oSize of windowpane represents how much is known to self or others Our Johari Window may change based on experiences and relationships oDiscussi onx Is there an ieal winow Explain What can be learned from rawing our own window What types of experiences or relationships might change our winow a 199991888 oDiscussion Results from having fewer How can people avoid than desired or loneliness unsatisfactory 7 I tionshi S What are consequences of re a p feeling lonely long term Not the same as being Are we programmed as alone social beings who crave togetherness oLife factors age marital relationship status may impact loneliness All photo clip art copyright of Microsoft Office Online WET1ave a strong need for relationships oRelationships can provide security Our early and ongoing experiences and relationships can provide us with expectations for future relationships ODISCUSSIOI I oMRT M utual Reward Theory Wh at states the relationship between few 911 others all people is enhanced when there emOtlonal is a satisfactory balance of What are pros of reward between themquot O39Neil amp unhealthy relationships Chapman 2008 What are proscons of All photo clip art copyright of Microsoft Office Online The Fear III Getting Bllllailll llfHSIWIIESS oInvolves feelings cognitions thoughts and physical reactions for many oShyness may inhibit us from allowing others to get to know us oShyness can be overcome orreduced o Mutual confidence is the foundation of all satisfactory relationships Napoleon Hill All photo clip art copyright of Microsoft Office Online oDiscussion How can we reality testquot our fears of meeting new people What are some good first steps that have worked for you when trying to get to know someone better or meet someone new oPerceptual oDiscussion awareness may What are some ways prevent to selfcheck whether misunderstandings or not we re perceiving someone correctly Relatonshp goal A y mutual understanding and acceptance of others A photo clip art copyright of Microsoft Office Online oDiscussion oPerceptions are often What are some Potel tia39 based on past experiences c seqquot quotces f mak39m a b d assumption of a new 39asesl Stereotypes an situation based on a PreJUdlces previous experience oFirst impressions are How can we avoid the extremely influential temptat39O 0f Juc39g39ng a book by it s cover oOur responses to people are influenced by our impressions of them All photo clip art copyright of Microsoft Office Online can I calla x a r ii if quot Discussionv Whether you realize It How you 0 not YOU are SGHdlng others using impression a message about management yourself with each Why doyou suppose interaction with others impreSSipon oImpression management impacts how others perceive us A photo clip art copyright of Microsoit Of ce Online r Z w v 3 1 L 5 r 7 gt1 oDiscussion 39It 5 quot119 quot tant to take What resources are responsibility for available in yoyur deve p39n9 new community Or campus to relat39onsmps improve socliiail skills for oPractice or seek develop new opportunities to learn relationshim communication and other If Unfamiliar With any or social skills to improve just a few could your relationships someone go about finding out more Whrat H organizations might be a good resources quot1 quotAIprhotoucliri art dpyrightiaor 39MicrosobefficeDnline V 4 914


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