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AHS 102 Week 9 Notes Dr. Natalie Philllips

by: Sarah Gardner

AHS 102 Week 9 Notes Dr. Natalie Philllips AHS 102

Marketplace > Ball State University > Art History > AHS 102 > AHS 102 Week 9 Notes Dr Natalie Philllips
Sarah Gardner
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Ball State, Spring 2016, MWF, 12:00-12:50. Neoclassicm to the beginning of Romanticism.
History of Art Survey 2
Natalie E Phillips
Class Notes
Art History, Ball State
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Gardner on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AHS 102 at Ball State University taught by Natalie E Phillips in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 2 in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 03/20/16
AHS 102 Week 9 Notes Neoclassicm Cont.  Work to Know: Oath of the Tennis Court, Jaques Louis David o Background: Estates of the Realm = classes in France  1 class = clergy nd  2 class = nobility  3 class = commoners  All of the power and money in the 1 and 2 class o The commoners demanded that the first two estates to form a national assembly of elected officials o They got locked out of the government buildings  Met at a tennis court instead  Made a new constitution o Important figures  Nobility and clergy represented in the foreground in support of the third estate  Maximillian  Fire and brimstone preacher  Responsible for the Reign of Terror after the revolution (beheadings)  Joseph Martin Dauch  One of the people in the 3 estate who refused to vote o Curtains moving = winds of change  History o The execution of Louis XVI in 1791 o Marie Antoinette also executed  Political cartoon in newspaper of the beheadings by Jagues Louis David  Work to Know: English Government by Jaques Louis David o Political cartoon making fun of the condescending attitude of the English government post French Revolution  Work to Know: The Death of Marat by Jaques Louis David o Story  A woman called Charlotte Corday was in a relationship with Marat, but they were on opposing sides  She gave him a letter that she needed help  He had horrible skin condition, so sitting in the tub while reading it  Let her in, she stabbed (and killed) him o Analysis  Not a gruesome image, small stab wound  A dignified looking death  Holding the letter from Charlotte  Portrayed as a martyr for the revolution  The ethereal quality of Marat is similar to images of Christ (martyrdom)  The Empire Style o After the revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte came to power o Jaques Louis David was in support of Napoleon even though he was just as power hungry and Louis XVI o The Empire Style was dedicated to power and might of Napoleon  Work to Know: Coronation of Napoleon by Jaques Louis David o Empire Style o Detail, richness, and almost gaudy look very different than Jaques’ earlier works o Story  The Pope would crow the “Holy Roman Emperor”  Napoleon took the crown from the Pope and crowned himself and his wife Josephine  Symbolically taking away the power from the Church Neoclassical Architecture  Work to Know: La Madeleine by Pierre Vignon o Outside  Looks like classic Greek temple  Roman Corinthian columns  Actually a Christian temple  Seen as blasphemous to have a temple for pagan gods used as a Christian place of worship  Instead of Zues on the pediment, it’s Jesus and Mary Magdeline o Inside  Looks like a cathedral  Gold, paintings, etc mismatched with classical Greek architecture  Overall, somewhat unsuccessful blend styles  Work to Know: U.S. Capitol by Benjamin Latrobe o Federalist style (Neoclassical in the U.S.) o Propaganda  Wanted the new government to be seen as powerful and timeless  The classical period was seen as the greatest achievement of mankind o Design  Tobacco leaves on the Corinthian capitals instead of original leaves  Tobacco = center of American economy at the time  Corn of the capitals  Roman Eagle on the capitals  Work to Know: Monticello by Thomas Jefferson o Neoclassical (Federalist) features  Columns  Reflecting pool o American features  Brick walls  Shuttered windows o Contrast works well this time compared to La Madeleine Romanticism 1750 – 1850 mid 18 and 19 century  Romanticism o A reaction to Neoclassicm  The Gothik (the k is intentional) o Style in Romanticism  Dark, imaginative fantasy world  Morbid, focused on the unknown  Themes = human mind and imagination, not politics  Explores the darkest depths of the human psyche Romanticism in France  Theodore Gericault o Went to morgues and asylums to study o Those studies show strongly in his more famous works  Work to Know: Insane Woman by Theodore Gericault o Can tell she is crazy  Forrowed brow and intense eyes; staring into space; red rings  Hunched over  Wild brush strokes  Work to Know: Study of Truncated Limbs by Theodore Gericault o Still life of chopped limbs o Holy shit I can’t look o Gruesome, lots of blood  Work To Know: Severed Heads, Gericault  Work to Know: The Raft of the Medusa, Gericault o We will pick up with this one on Wednesday, no class on Monday


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