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AMH 2097 Notes Week 9/21 - 9/25

by: Derick Grandoit

AMH 2097 Notes Week 9/21 - 9/25 amh 2097

Marketplace > Florida State University > History > amh 2097 > AMH 2097 Notes Week 9 21 9 25
Derick Grandoit
GPA 3.75
American History race and ethnicity
Pam Robbins

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About this Document

These notes should help you tremondously .. very detailed separated everything in bullet points to emphasize necessary lecture points
American History race and ethnicity
Pam Robbins
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Derick Grandoit on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to amh 2097 at Florida State University taught by Pam Robbins in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see American History race and ethnicity in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Fall 16 AMH 2097 921 925 Week 5 Type the company address AMH 2097 Monday September 21 I Andrew Jackson 0 Andrew Jackson was elected in 1829 I Cherokee 0 In the American Revolution the Cherokees picked the British side causing much controversy following the war 0 They feared people would crotch on their land continuously 0 By 1805 the Cherokee had lost over half of their land and their population had dwindled to less than 12000 0 Following the American Revolution America had developed concept of civilization in which they encouraged the Indians to live and Anglo American lifestyle I Taught them how to plant dress etc I The purpose was to make them the political and civil equal of the Americans 0 John Ridge I A white male that grew in Cherokee community I The United States agreed to send him to school in American society I Had a fragile health later married and American girl I Received severe backlash for marriage I Realized that Indians and Americans could never co exist I Became a lawyer I Taken a seat in the Cherokee council 0 John Ross I Another male from Cherokee family however he is sort of a dual citizen I Was familiar with white society through out his life I Around this time Americans were closing in on Cherokee land as they were completely surrounded by whites around the map I Eventually received a seat in Cherokee council I Gained a reputation foe integrity I Authored the Cherokee constitution I Created and executive legislative judicial branch I Set up a strong government I Drew the borders and rights of the Cherokee and their land I Georgia did not receive the constitution well I After the passing of the Indian Removal Act I Ross set up new laws that persuaded the Natives to not give land to the whites I Eventually the Supreme Court made a decision that aided the natives and gave them protection 0 However Andrew Jackson openly defied the order and allowed Georgia to do what they pleased I Eventually came to be looked as a dictator by the people 0 Sequoyah I Wanted Cherokees to adapt and common reading and writing literary system like white society had I Revolutionized the Cherokee society as he created they literary system 0 Andrew Jackson I Made a fundamental shift in American society I Formed the racist attitude toward the native Indians I Once in power he felt his first act in office was to move the Indians 0 Indian Removal Act 0 The government voted against Jackson proposed bill O Eventually it passed I Following this Georgia told its citizens the land was their own 0 Passed laws giving them sovereignty over the natives and the Cherokee land became the state of Georgia 0 Supreme Court Decision 0 Supreme Court made a decision that gave the Natives protection 0 The only president to openly defy a Supreme court decision Monday September 23 0 Irish and German Immigrants and American Nativism 0 As the population grew in Europe food population could not withstand the population 0 In the 18th century Europe began developing train railways and other technologies to transfer food and supplies across the continent Traditional elites dominated society 0 Rural European families I Men would leave seasonally to work in factories I Women would be left to tend to crops I People began to marry younger 0 Population grew 0 0 Population began to participate in birth control 0 Due to the increase in population citizens began looking at migration 0 Between 18201850 over 5 million left Europe for United States 0 The Famine 18451851 O Caused many Irish to leave Europe and come to America Potato Famine I In 1845 crop blights destroyed potatoes in Europe I In 1846 droughts and excessive rain caused more crop failures I Caused factory production to increase and crop prices to increase I Food shortage lead to high prices lead to poverty lead to more economical problems I Food supply could not keep pace with population Out of 8 million over 1 million starved to death during potato famine I About a quarter of Ireland migrated from Ireland The Migration I The people migrated at any time of the year instead of spring I They did not plan I Had no jobs waiting for them I Migrants included very young and very old persons I Migrants were not extremely poor however they were not the most wealthy I Traveled to cheapest port usually Boston By 1870 I Ireland had lowest marriage rate in world I Inheritance was given when parents died I Ireland had highest age for first marriage Bridget s Irish women workers I Stereotypical Irish women I Seen as dumb clumsy man crazy I Often characters in stories and plays in United States I Worked in domestic service I Choose it due to 0 Safety I Safer than factory and industrial work 0 Clothing and housing was provided for them 0 Paid in cash I Could build dowry for themselves to marriage I Could send for family in Ireland I Donate to church I Could use money for leisure 0 Through their letters back I Irish found I Work was rigorous Women or dangerous men I However they was an opportunity to make a living Gottfried Duden Germens 0 Many of Germans who cam to United States were in uenced by Gottfried Duden I Gottfried Duden 0 A lawyer who came to modern day Missouri I Wrote back to Germany about experiences 0 Portrayed the United States as a Utopia I Because of this many German immigrants did not settle in port cities however in Western United States 0 In cities Germans formed social clubs trade unions political organizations and sports clubs I Stayed to themselves 0 Eventually wanted to declare Missouri a German state 0 Germans wanted religious division I Judaism 0 Practiced reform Judaism 0 OG Jews were segregated in Germany 0 Reform Judaism was a new practice that aided Germans to come into regular German society 0 Rejected Jewish dietary laws I In the United Stated Germans united through different religions not nationality I By 1880 90 of Jewish were reformed in United States 0 Anti Catholic sentiment I American Protestant feared new religion brought on by immigrants I This attitude lead to nativist organizations and prejudice and violence towards priests and nuns 0 Know Nothing Party 0 Developed out of secret society 0 Explicitly anti Catholic Irish German party 0 Elected governors from members of Congress I Voiced the Americas fear that the Irish and German would take over America 0 Blamed Irish for crime and disease in America I Attacked Irish and Germans with the use of propaganda I Feared immigrants would take jobs away from population I Believed the Catholic church used immigrants as a part of a plot to take control of United States I Immigrant political involvement increased 0 Wanted to ban immigrants form voting until 21 years of citizenship I Wanted to ban immigrants from all positions in public office I Gained national support 0 However slavery would lead to the end of the party Friday September 25 0 Democrats and Urban Politics 0 In 1855 the Know Nothing Party had taken control of local politics in Chicago I They wanted to restrict alcohol consumption I Mexican Urged civil obedience 0 Mexican American War 0 After 1837 Natives and Americans began settling in the Great Plains and further out west In 1844 James K Polk ran on the platform of manifest destiny In 1836 Texas became independent of Mexico In 1845 they accepted slavery Mexico became a newly independent state from Spain Mexico and United States had disputes over Mexico Northern land OOOOO


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