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Advanced Mechanics II

by: Madyson Sporer

Advanced Mechanics II PHYS 381

Madyson Sporer

GPA 3.66

Johnny Holmes

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About this Document

Johnny Holmes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madyson Sporer on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 381 at Christian Brothers University taught by Johnny Holmes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/219453/phys-381-christian-brothers-university in Physics 2 at Christian Brothers University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
PHYS 381 SYLLABUS Fall 2009 7 Independent Study CATALOG DESCRIPTION PHYS 381 Advanced Mechanics II A continuation ofthe study of mechanics including accelerated reference frames Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics and generalized coordinates Prerequisite PHYS 380 and MATH 232 One semester three credits TEXT Mechanics by Symon is recommended but not required study guides and notes including homework problems are provided on the course web page INSTRUCTOR Dr Johnny B Holmes Professor of Physics of ce CW103 of ce phone 3213448 email jholmescbuedu home page httpwwwcbuedu39holmes course httpwwwcbuedujholmesP381introhtml PREREQUISITES BY TOPICS Newton s laws of motion conservation of energy conservation of linear momentum conservation ofangular momentum differential equations and vector calculus GOALS 1 To train the student to think about physical phenomena in mathematical terms 2 To deepen the student s understanding ofthe basic laws of Newtonian classical mechanics a using calculus and differential equations b using different coordinates 3 To become familiar with order of magnitude estimates of various physical parameters and phenomena 4 To increase the student s ability to apply scientific principles and methods by applying them to a particular area of investigation TOPICS I Moving Coordinate Systems 0 Moving Coordinate Systems The basics o Rotating Coordinate Systems 0 Effective Gravity o Foucault Pendulum o Larmor39s Theorym 0 Restricted Three Body Problem I Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Functions 0 Generalized Coordinates o Generalized Momentum Force and the Lagrangian o Constraints PHYS 380 Syllabus page 2 o lgnorable Coordinates and Constants of the Motion 0 Hamilton39s Equations 0 Electro Magnetic Forces and a Velocity Dependent Potential GRADING Grading will be based on both tests and homework On the test part there will be two tests and a nal Each ofthese three tests will count as 16 of the final grade For each regular test you may bring in one 812 x1 1 sheet of paper with writing on one side The questions for the tests will be taken mostly from the study questions on the study guide For the final you may bring in two 812 x1 1 sheets of paper with writing on one side each or one sheet with writing on both sides The questions for the final will come mostly from the previous tests On the homework part there will be 8 homework problems that will be graded and will count as 12 ofthe nal grade NOTE YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 65 ON YOUR HOMEWORK GRADE TO PASS THE COURSE Assuming you do have at least a 65 on your homework grade your final grade will be based on the following scale A 92100 B 8290 C 7080 D 6570 F 065 The homework will be assigned with a due date ofthe test date for the section which it covers Homework that is not turned in before the test on the due date will incur a 20 penalty and homework that has not been turned in two weeks from the due date will incur a 30 penalty Homework will not be accepted for credit after the last day of regular classes for the semester Each homework problem will normally be worth 10 points Your homework grade will be your total homework score divided by 80 and this fraction will be multiplied by 100 for your homework score which is half of your course grade Homework should be legible and easily followable Any equations used should be identified with words and intermediate mathematical steps should be included Answers should be shown to be reasonable by arguments based on examination of limiting cases and common sense whenever possible Homework will normally be returned at the next class and may be redone and resubmitted based on the comments or corrections but the resubmitted homework will be subject to the same grading timeframes as the original speci ed above unless othenNise speci ed at the time For example if you turn in a homework assignment on the due date and it is returned the next class with a 510 grade you may resubmit a corrected version the next week for a maximum of 810 ABSENCES Class absences will not be counted but homework due dates will be maintained regardless of class attendance Test absences will incur a 10 penalty with a good excuse or a 20 penalty without a good excuse and a makeup test will be given as soon as can be arranged lfyou know beforehand that you will miss a test you can contact me and arrange to take it early with no penalty but I need at least 24 hours notice to have the test ready


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