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Tudor Stuart Britain

by: Constance Ernser

Tudor Stuart Britain HIST 395

Constance Ernser
Christopher Newport University
GPA 3.96

Laura Puaca

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About this Document

Laura Puaca
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Constance Ernser on Monday October 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 395 at Christopher Newport University taught by Laura Puaca in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/219465/hist-395-christopher-newport-university in History at Christopher Newport University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
HIST 322 B PUACA Spring 2008 Tquot 39 Guide for Peter 39 39 39 s The Wall Jumper Please review these questions and keep them in mind as you read The Wall Jumper Schneider s book is a work of ction that nevertheless highlights many signi cant similarities and differences between the people of the divided Berlin of the 1980s Through the use of individual tales and personal experiences his text calls into question many traditional notions about life on both sides of the Wall Please be prepared to discuss these questions during our class meeting on Wednesday April 23 1 In what ways do the legacies of the Third Reich and World War 11 continue to factor into the lives of Berliners on both sides ofthe Wall even in the 1980s 2 What similarities does Schneider cite between those living in the East and those in the West What differences are there Are residents of the West more alike or more different than their neighbors in the East 3 How does Schneider characterize the views of West Germans in regard to the longstanding division of their country What does this prompt them to do Is he critical of this 4 Who is Kabe and why does he jump the Wall from West to East 5 Why do the three East Berlin youths cross the border so frequently What threat does this pose to the East What is remarkable about how they defend themselves for their crimes 6 What arguments do some use to defend life in the East What aspects of it do they nd preferable to the West Why does Schneider mention the western liberal he runs into in the East p 6770 What signi cance does she have to his story 7 What shocking event do the narrator and his friend Robert witness while sitting in a bar in West Berlin How do their reactions differ What does this tell us about their upbringings political beliefs and perceptions of state power 8 In what ways are the narrator and Robert alike How are they different What speci c issues spark heated arguments between them What does this tell us about the division and its effects 9 What about life in the East does the narrator nd particularly offensive What questions lurk in his mind throughout his many visits How are these concerns representative of the entire book 10 What criticisms of the West are voiced by the narrator s girlfriend Lena Are they accurate Are they fair How does the narrator respond HIST 322 PUACA Spring 2008 Discussion Guide for Heinrich Boll s Billiards at H alt Past Nine Please review these questions and keep them in mind as you read Billiards at H alf Past Nine Boll s book is a Nobel Prize winning work that investigates the legacies of the Third Reich in the Federal Republic Through examining the experiences of the Faehmel family Boll highlights the suffering and injustices caused by the regime the lingering impact of the war on German society and the continuities that extend across the divide of 1945 Pay special attention to the many symbols that Boll uses in his work and what they might mean Please be prepared to discuss these questions during our class meeting on Wednesday February 6 1 Who is Robert Faehmel What experiences has he had How was his life changed during the Nazi regime What is it about billiards that is relevant to his character 2 Who is Heinrich Faehmel What experiences has he had How does his life intersect with those of his son and grandson 3 Who is Schrella What are his beliefs How is he treated What does he represent 4 Who is Nettlinger What role does he play in the life of Robert and Schrella What does he represent 5 What has happened to Johanna Faehmel What is she plotting What does she represent 6 How does Joseph Faehmel relate to his father and grandfather What significance is there in his work and his decisions 7 What experiences did the young Marianne Joseph Faehmel s girlfriend have during the war What does her tale illustrate 8 What types of symbols and allusions does Boll use in the story What meanings do they hold 9 What three periods of German history does the work address How are they different from one another Why are these periods so important to the story How are they remembered 10 Who is Otto Field of Fire Kosters p 235 What does he represent Why might Boll have felt compelled to include him in the story 11 What significance lies in the attendance of the Fighting Veterans parade by the politicians p 252253 What argument is Boll making 12 What thoughts does Robert have about the politics of the new West German state Is his critique p 273 fair 13 What isare the overarching themes of Boll s work How does the Zero Hour concept fit into the plot What response did you have to the story as a reader What might have been the response of many Germans reading this at the time HIST 322 PUACA spnngznna Ramng Gums furHannch Bull39s Mimi mHaILPaermz R H mm mam pm 39zkes place un Sepuember a 1958 Th2 Fazhlml Family Tm Char one HBV EH Jahanna KHD Camain Fnedrich Cade Bruna Faehma Faehmel b 557 Kllb KHb 5521902 E 1373 399 asylum 86243 d 516 El Verdm d 191621V3ldl l m 932 Johanna Hem CH ONE Rab Emquot Amati Faehme Faehme Faahmel Fuhmel OD Scmella SchraHa 190549 0 910 917 191742 b1915 335 19 943 d SZPD 1935 mumr in mm Marianne Jusnph Rum an Fazhmal Faehmel YE h 1 536 b 1989 n 1940 Nazl mclher med u mm


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